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15 Best Modern Office Chair in Canada of 2024
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15 Best Modern Office Chair in Canada of 2024

|Apr 5, 2021

You are not going to regret coming here in your search for the best modern ergonomic chair in Canada. Whether you work from home or in a traditional office, your desk needs a chair. You cannot just buy any ergonomic chair since you must do your research first. The number of hours you spend sitting in your chair adds up and can cause complications you do not want later. This is just one reason to invest in the best contemporary office chair in Canada. 

A good office chair is ideal for creating balance in functionality and form. Working in comfort and style is the aim of every office worker. Two determining factors in any purchase are the quality of the chair and the budget, as everyone wants the best value for their money. Hopefully, you can settle on one of the 15 chairs provided, as they are phenomenal options. 

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Pros and Cons of an Office Chair

Pros of an Office Chair

There is no better combination than an office desk and a chair. Office chairs are great smart office accessories in the workspace. Would the space even be the same without one? Here are a few advantages you can consider before getting one:

  • An ergonomic office chair is designed to offer support that can improve your mood, attitude, performance, and productivity greatly. 
  • The office chair reduces the possibility of minor to severe neck and back pains you can experience from using a less than appropriate old chair. 
  • Having a comfortable seating position is important as it helps in concentrating on the duties and responsibilities that are assigned to you. 
  • An office chair offers the right, professional aesthetic to your standard office setup or your essential home office setup
  • A good ergonomic chair can reduce pressure on your hips, legs, back, and neck. 
  • Investing in a good office chair can result in better employee engagement and reduce workplace injuries.

Pros and Cons of an Office Chair

Cons of an Office Chair

In all fairness, nothing is without its disadvantages and office chairs are no exception. Here are a few drawbacks you should consider before buying an office chair online:

  • Chronic and severe pains, such as back pains, which are often due to the sedentary lifestyle that involves sitting on for extended periods. 
  • To facilitate and utilize the office to its fullest potential you are going to need the space to comfortably move around. A chair without the right form factor can throw this off.

Luckily, you do not have to worry about breaking the bank to get your hands on the top modern desk chair in Canada. Here is a look at 15 of the best options.  

15 Best Modern Office Chairs in Canada

1. Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

When looking for a modern office chair in Canada, it is hard to go wrong with the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro. With its incredibly flexible seating pad and reclining function, you are guaranteed to feel comfortable and even floating as you work.

There are a host of adjustability features including lumbar support, seat height, tilt tension, armrest adjustment, etc. It uses a series of sturdy materials, which means that you do not have to worry about longevity when you purchase this modern desk chair in Canada. 

2. Autonomous ErgoChair Plus

Autonomous Kinn Chair

The undisputed best modern ergonomic chair in Canada is the Autonomous ErgoChair Plus. It not only supports your sitting posture, but the design of this chair actively corrects it. The sturdy fish bone spine and magnetic back support make the chair feel as if it wraps around you as you work and move.

The mesh back design keeps you cool, as you do not want to be sweating through your work outfit and losing out on productivity because of discomfort. The Autonomous ErgoChair Plus proves that a modern desk chair in Canada does not need to be overly padded with a leather design to support you well. 

3. Lincoln Round Office Chair

Lincoln Round Office Chair

This modern office chair in Canada is what you can call handsome, with rich genuine leather faux. It is a club-style seating chair, and it was created with black nickel-plate finishes by Blake Tovin of Tovin Design. The chair is a true beauty that fits in your workspace with ease, while offering a stylish feel.

The Lincoln Round Office Chair embraces a modern barrel back style, with trimmed cushion seats and a straightforward adjustable height feature, using the gas-lift mechanism to support the sit-stand lifestyle you have been considering.

4. Aeron Posturefit Office Chair

Aeron Posturefit Office Chair

This modern ergonomic office chair in Canada has one of the most original ergonomic designs and is particularly easy to recognize among all the chairs on the market today. The Aeron adjusts precisely and naturally to fit people of all sizes, and it improves your posture as you work throughout the day. Having a textural material and transparent mesh back allows you to stay cool and ventilated all day. It is extremely comfortable, form-fitting, and weight distributing.

This is one of the best modern ergonomic chairs in Canada. Its adjustable tilt allows the user to move around effortlessly whether reclining or forward-leaning. The office chair has a high and wide enough backrest that contours to take the pressure off your back and give natural support. The seat design allows for proper blood circulation, so you are focused, alert, and reap the benefits it offers. 

5. Gesture Work Chair

The Gesture work chair was created to mimic the movement of the human body and designed for smooth interaction between technology and the user. This modern gem can easily adapt to the ever-changing work world, whether you are at home or in the traditional office working with a laptop, tablet, or whatever new workplace equipment present.

The Gesture Work chair uses new technologies to adjust to whichever of the nine common postures you use, and it provides support that is next level. That’s why it is considered as a modern office chair in Canada.

6. Rochelle Contemporary Adjustable Height Swivel Executive Chair

Rochelle Contemporary Adjustable Height Swivel Executive Chair

If you are looking for something to pick up your workplace and scream stylish, this plush ergonomic workday sidekick is what you require. It is created with a soft-to-touch fabric that is available in many color options, such as black, blue, beige, etc. There are tilt tension and height adjustment, which allows the Rochelle Contemporary Adjustable Height Swivel Executive Chair to work in any modern office space. 

Its mid-back design offers support to the mid to upper back area, while alleviating the tension from the shoulders and neck. The height-adjustable lever allows you to raise or lower your chair to fit any position you desire. Without strain, the 360-degree swivel function and waterfall seat ensure you can reach a lot of work surfaces and reduce pressure on your legs. 

7. Langfjall


The Langfjall is another modern office chair in Canada that offers a style and appearance that makes it look like an expensive chair, but it is very budget friendly. The streamlined design offers five muted tones with a customizable frame. You can choose from black, blue, beige, pink or white. The tilt and height-adjusting mechanism here is built to last for years of up and down motion. 

The safety casters have built-in brakes that are sensitive to pressure allows the chair to stay in place when you stand up. It can release automatically when you are ready to sit down again. If you suffer from chronic back pain, the Langfjall provides lumbar support and relief. Thankfully, its adjustable height and fold conforming seat make it easy to find a seating position you are comfortable with.  

8. Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair

The Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair has a high back feature with a 2” thick foam upholstered cushion to add a plush touch. This complements its strong aluminum base. It is available in about 12 one-of-a-kind leather upholstered fabric options and a variety of gorgeous colors. It is a good option for your modern ergonomic office chair in Canada. Designed to be lightweight and easy to move, its curved aluminum side ribs, base with casters, and tilt-swivel mechanism make it strong and durable, while also easy to maneuver. While the pneumatic feature is optional, it increases the ease of adjusting the chair and the motion suits a range of body types and seating applications. 

9. ReGeneration Office Chair

This modern office chair in Canada has a straightforward design that is flexible, sustainable, durable, and responds well to your body movement. The slim profile back features a contouring frame that can support the natural curvature of the back. An optional lumbar support adjustable feature is available for a more tailored experience. 

The ReGeneration Office Chair is designed for 270-degree seating, with seat flexing edge and depth adjustment, as well as arms that are positioned for leg clearance. The contoured arm pads are there to offer consistent lumbar support whenever you are side sitting. Additional features include dynamic suspension control with weight compensation, synchronized recline, and flexors that respond to multidirectional movement. 

10. Skape Low-back Chair

Skape Low-back Chair

The Skape chair brings together the practicality of an office swivel chair with the tremendous comfort of your traditional office chair. The two come together to bring you a dynamic seating experience. Thankfully, there is also a large opening angle and continuous adjustment of the backrest resistance based on the amount of weight generated in each sitting position.

The decorative seams should sit well in your office with their smooth and evenly sewn design. Additionally, there is up to 37% recycled material used, which is environmentally conscious. 

11. Sayl Basic Work Chair

The Sayl Basic Work Chair is one of the best standing desk chairs in Canada and is designed by the renowned Herman Miller. The Herman Miller team partnered with Yves Béhar and this chair was born. It is one of the only office chairs to offer an unframed design that molds itself to the user's movements and shape.

Additionally, it should fit in well with your office space since it complements whatever may be around it. There is pneumatic height adjustment and adjustable seat depth, tilt, and armrests. 

12. Mirra 2 Office Chair Trifle Back

Mirra 2 Office Chair Trifle Back

Here is yet another Herman Miller design. It is also one of the best modern ergonomic chairs in Canada for you. The idea behind it is to fit in well with the more active requirements of today's workplace. Therefore, you get the aesthetic of the original Herman Miller design with a more agile look that provides support wherever you may go. 

The full suite of adjustment features is present, including standard tilt, seat depth, adjustable arms, tilt limiter, and lumbar support. When you sit, you are going to feel this chair adapting to you immediately, and it continues to do so as you move around. 

13. Leap Leather Office Chair

Leap Leather Office Chair

This modern office chair in Canada comes from Steelcase, and it also follows the trend of conforming to your body, instead of you having to adjust yourself to meet it. Therefore, you are encouraged to move freely. To this end, the chair reduces pressure on your spine, increases blood flow to your brain, and sends oxygen to your muscles, leading to a more productive workday.

Additionally, you get to comfortably recline without straining your neck, arms, and eyes. 

14. Aeron Stool, Graphite

Aeron Stool, Graphite

This work stool has all the aesthetic and ergonomic marvels that made its predecessor a success. This contemporary office chair in Canada was designed with meeting spaces in mind where standing desks and bar height tables would be used. Support is offered, thanks to a range of useful postures and seated motions.

Feel free to customize the fit in your lower back area by taking advantage of the Posturefit Support feature. Additionally, there is an adjustable footring. All this comes together to ensure that you are in the most optimal and comfortable position as you sit, work, or meet. 

15. Eames Aluminum Group Executive Chair

Another design from the Herman Miller brand, it responded to a need for high-quality furniture that was suited to both indoor and outdoor applications. However, it soon moved inside exclusively and seems to be one of the best office options on the market.

It features a sophisticated high-back aesthetic with suspended upholstery and a lightweight aluminum frame. When you add this all up, you get a minimalist footprint that yields an impressive amount of comfort and support. 

There is a tilt-swivel mechanism, seat height adjustment, and armrests that should have you being as productive as is humanly possible. Note that there are various leather and fabric upholstery options, which means you get to customize your look and feel. Why don’t you choose this modern office chair in Canada now?

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