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15 Best Office Desk Lamps - Ergonomic Light 2021

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Sep 11, 2021

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Having a spacious, comfortable, and ergonomic chair or desk helps in jazzing up your office. Are you aware that a few handy smart office accessories exist that you should consider as well? Perhaps you should take nothing for granted more than lighting. Consider having some office desk lights for your workspace. 

According to Harvard Health research, staring at a computer screen for a long time with limited light is likely to strain your eyes. They are bound to get tired easily.Luckily, if you are looking for the best-LED desk lights on the market, you are in the right place. Make your money work for you by properly lighting your office space. Read on to find out the best desk lamp for your space. 

List of Office Desk Lamps for Your Workstation

1. Autonomous Ultra-Wide LED Desk Lamp

Autonomous Ultra-Wide LED Desk Lamp

This, perhaps, is the most common lamp among the standing desk accessories. The lamp has a design for the greatest flexibility, adaptability, and usability. What does that mean? It means the lamp is an ultimate excellent tool for office use. 

With an ultra wide LED lamp of 31.5 inches, this lamp is sleek and modest. Its office desk light covers the entire desk. You can perfectly spotlight your work at a perfect angle using its rotating and bending neck. Better still, the lamp has five brightness levels and four temperature modes. What more can you ask for in a computer desk lamp? 

2. Brightech – Circle LED Desk Lamp

The secret is in the name. The Brightech Circle LED desk lamp is ideal for work. It offers an illuminating and energy-sipping solution for people in need of a bright desk. The lamp's design is eye-catching for any office. What is more impressive about this office table lamp is its compact base. The base allows it to fit in any space. You can use this office desk light at the bedside table or for your bookshelves. 

3. Lightblade 1500S Desk Lamp

Lightblade 1500S Desk Lamp

This best desk lamp is all about brightness and power. It is so powerful with up to 1500 brightness lux. It brings added illumination even on bright sunny days. The lamp simulates sunlight for a natural feel. You can comfortably use it on your office standing desk

4. JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp

The lamp has a more polished chrome feel granted by its simplicity. It has touch controls and a 180-degree rotating arm. The office desk light components include seven brightness settings and four lighting modes. 

You can charge any gadget with a USB port charging system on this lamp. This well-rounded lamp has an automatic energy-saving shut-off system.

5. Phive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Phive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

The lamp's striking modern and clean design makes it stand out. It not only has a USB charging port, but the port is fast-charging. The charging system works well with larger electronics. What is more impressive is that Phive can be adjusted for brightness and temperature. It is eye-friendly with up to eight levels of brightness adjustments. You can sit at your desk and work from many angles as the light covers it entirely. 

6. Luxe Cordless LED Desk Lamp

How refreshing it is to have a clutter-less lamp. Just as the name suggests, this computer desk lamp is wireless. It is one of the office table lamps that are rechargeable and long-lasting. It has efficient energy LED desk lighting. In fact, you are sure to have your office standing desk lit up for up to 40 hours non-stop on a single charge. 

This office desk light is sleek, modern, and stylish, made of high-quality materials. Though it lacks adjustability, its freedom from wires makes it ideal for the modern office design. Moreover, you can adjust its color temperature and brightness. 

7. TaoTronics TT-DL16 Metal LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics TT-DL16 Metal LED Desk Lamp \

Are you looking for a flexible and full desk coverage lamp? Look no more, TaoTronics TT-DL16 Metal LED desk lamp offers the amount of light you need. The computer desk lamp has a variety of colors and brightness levels. This lamp has several features such as a functional memory, USB port, and 60 minutes timer. 

8. TaoTronics TT-DL13 LED Desk Lamp

Many offices commonly use this office desk light. The office table lamp provides good quality light and has a presentable design. It has 11 adjustable brightness, five color options, and a temperature regulator. 

9. Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp

This type of computer desk lamp has appealing features and adjustments. Tomons Swing Arm desk lamp is easily recognizable due to its shape and wooden crafting. The desk lamp is straightforward in providing minimal and classic lighting. 

10.  Tomons Wood Swing Arm Architect Desk Lamp

The Tomons Wood Swing Arm Architect desk lamp is a modern crafted lamp with a wooden and metal design. This office table lamp stands out due to its Scandinavian designs and features. Though it doesn't have adjustable temperature and light, it brings style to your desk.

11.  Light Society Hylight Retro Desk Lamp

 Light Society Hylight Retro Desk Lamp

This office table lamp is a perfect representation of old-time desk lamps. Considered among the best office table lamps, Retro has seen better times in many offices. It is among the common standing desk accessories worldwide. This best desk lamp describes simplicity at its best. It gets the job done and is very affordable. It is made of iron, has an angled arm, flared shade, and a swiveling. 

12.  ECOLAND LED Desk Lamp

Ecoland is, arguably, the best desk lamp with practical features. This LED desk lamp has five color and seven brightness modes and a USB charging port at its base. Interestingly, the lamp has a timer that can shut it off after some time. If you are crazy about reading, art, crafts, or working on the computer, then this is your office desk light. 

You can use the touch controls to get your desired lamp angle. The light has a 360-degrees swivel swing arm for right placing. If you forgot your earlier settings, then don't worry. You can retrieve all your prior light modes using the lamp's memory function. 

13.  Ikea Forsa

Ikea Forsa

This is a much cheaper computer desk lamp and one of the best desk lamps in the market. Ikea Forsa is an office standing desk lamp recommended by many people. It is a darling of many of its users due to its affordability and practicality. 

Studio owners find it ideal for their needs. The lamp has an LED desk light on its head. The adjustable arm permits directing the glow where you please. It sits on the desk without fastening. Buying the lamp guarantees longevity due to its acrylic-coated nickel-plated steel body. 

14.  Glass Banker's Desk Lamp

This LED desk light has a good modern vintage. The Glass Banker's Lamp produces a natural and cozy ambiance for illumination. Its notable features enhance its brightness and operations. 

15.  HAITRAL Vintage Table Lamp

HAITRAL Vintage Table Lamp

This vintage computer desk lamp is known for its unique aesthetic features. This best desk lamp offers brightness and brings ambiance to a room. For people with a small working desk, this lamp is ideal for use. It occupies less space and is easy to use.

How to Setup Ergonomic Light for Office

The ergonomics principle applies to many office areas. Ideally, most people focus on office chairs, desks, standing mats, and other accessories. All these items offer body support and posture. Unknown to many, ergonomic lighting for offices often slips under the radar. 

Are you aware that having top-notch chairs and desks is not enough? Yes, it is not enough, especially when your lighting is poor. With improper lighting, you may hamper your productivity. You become prone to making errors, negatively affecting your mental alertness. Neglecting ergonomic lighting for the office can damage your vision and cause headaches. You start to experience blurry vision. At worst, you may develop Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Look at the below overviews to get the best office desk light. The provided steps help preserve your visual health.

1. Have Your Monitors Away from the Window

Have Your Monitors Away from the Window

Think of glare as your number one public enemy. When deciding on how to light your office, think of reducing glare. Your computer screens emit light by themselves. You need to play smart to strike a balance between the screens and natural light. 

Avoid placing your computer monitors near windows. The high screen and window brightness contrast can be problematic. It may become hard for you to see things clearly. You may develop eye pain and soreness by squinting to see things on the screen.

2. Consider Your Lighting Placement

The focus here is on eliminating glare. Do you know how to place your office desk lights to avoid unwanted eye blasts? The direction of the illumination helps in answering this question. Get to understand how to use direct and indirect lights. 

Direct light sources create darkness like shadows. The shadows lead to an unhealthy focus on lit areas. Seek to have upwards light distribution given by sources of indirect light. This light distribution creates an illuminated even layer. Eventually, you reduce the present glare level for outstanding ergonomic office lighting. 

3. Embrace a Soft Yellow Tone

Embrace a Soft Yellow Tone

Do you know your best color tone? You should know it to make it easy for your eyes. Based on your light perception, yellow is always manageable. The tone is less likely to cause eye damage. Yellow tones are also known to promote better sleep patterns. 

Strive to create a productive office environment that has non-oppressive tones. Naturally, fluorescent lights save significant energy, with a beating to the eyes. Decide what is important to you when lighting your office. Is it your health or your eyes? 

4. Consider Time of the Day with Your Lighting

Since you cannot adjust natural light, play around with your computer screen lighting. Become aware of your surroundings to adjust light when needed. The outside natural light keeps changing color temperature. The changes make the office desk light dimmer or brighter. Keep tracking the changes to allow you to appropriately adjust your computer screens. 

Take care of your circadian rhythms to avoid the effects of excess light. Leaving your screen too bright the entire time you are working can lead to this effect. Luckily, you don't have to make these changes manually. Some third-party applications do this job well. Alternatively, use the in-built night light feature that comes with Windows 10.

5. Go for Large Base Lights

Go for Large Base Lights

You may ask, what does a large base light have to do with office lighting? Well, it enhances changes when necessary. A good desk light with a large base permits making changes as the day progresses. 

The light sources should be conducive to changes. Some of these lights get to stand only on their bases. Make it your responsibility to verify that the lamp’s base is sufficiently large enough to permit adjusting positions. These office desk lights can be used on top of the home office standing desk or any other preferred desk or platform. 

6. Balance Between Bright and Dim

Balance your choice for office ergonomic lighting. Don't follow the trend adopted by many people of having extremely dim or bright lights. Be your own person. You don't want to keep confusing your eyes, do you? The results may negatively affect your vision. 

Lights that are too dim make you focus on the computer intensely. Unfortunately, the pressure on the eye causes unwanted levels of strain. Your vision is likely to deteriorate with time. Conversely, too bright lights wash out the images. Your eye optical components get damaged with time. 

The decision to use dim or bright light depends on the room you are using. Take this, for example, use tables and overhead office desk lights in a dim room for brightness. On the other hand, get rid of them when the room is too bright. 

7. Try Using Light Diffusers

Try Using Light Diffusers

At times, the office desk light may be too much for your liking and comfort. This is the time to engage light diffusers to block off some light with proper LED desk light. Be flexible with lights to avoid a catastrophe. As the natural lighting changes, so does the artificial brightness. Control the intensity of the light you take in by using light diffusers. 


Don't concentrate so much on having state-of-the-art desks and chairs for your office. In any case, you are only taking care of your body support and good posture. What, then, happens to your eyes? Don't they need protection as well? Get it right with your ergonomic office lighting. Consider owning some of the above-discussed office desk lights. Play around with your lighting to protect your eyes.

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