15 Simple Home Office Exercises You Can Do at Desk
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15 Simple Home Office Exercises You Can Do at Desk

|Mar 7, 2021

Do you often find yourself stuck to your office chair throughout the day? You thought working from home will be more comfortable and easier, but it still makes you sit for prolonged hours. While continuous sitting can have severe health repercussions, these home office exercises are all you need to stay fit!

You love your desk job and always make up for the prolonged sitting by morning exercises. Well, it is not enough. Forbes reports a study that explains how extended hours of sitting can cause premature death. While it is certainly alarming, you cannot deny the fact.

Do not worry, as this article lists 15 quick home office workout ideas, all from your home standing desk. Hang on!

1. Home Office Exercises for Lower Body

Chair Squats

Your lower body is the most stationery throughout your workday, and chair squats are an excellent lower body workout. Get up from the chair and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your body until it touches the seat, and stand back up. Try to keep your back straight throughout.

Chair Squats


Who said lunge wasn’t a workstation exercise? Move your chair aside and place your right foot two steps ahead. Now bend it such that your knee makes a 90-degree angle while the left knee stays above the ground. You can repeat it on the spot or move around your home office with alternate lunges.


Desk Calf Raises

Raise your standing desk to a height such that you can easily place your hands on it for support. Now raise your heels to stand on your toes and lower yourself down. Repeat this calf workout 15-20 times.

Desk Calf Raises

Leg Raises

For this exercise, you need not even move away from your office chair and desk. Just sit straight in your chair and raise your right leg as high as possible without bending your knee. Keep it in the air for 5-10 seconds and slowly lower it down. The best part of these home office exercises is you can continue typing or talking on call during leg raises.

Leg Raise

2. Home Office Workout for Upper Body

Desk Push-Ups

One of the best standing desk exercises is the desk push-ups. Fix the standing desk height according to your comfort level, as the lower it is, the more effort it will require. Next, place your hands on the desk a little more than shoulder-width apart and step backward. Lower your body to the desk and push to go back until your arms are straight.

Desk Push-Ups

Chair Dips

Stand in front of a sturdy stool or chair and lower your body to place your hands flat on the seat. In the same position, move your feet a few steps forward such that your knees form a 90-degree angle. Now lower your bottom while bending your elbows and go back up until your arms are straight.

Arm Rotation

Arm rotation is one of the easiest yet effective exercises to do at work. You can either do it while sitting or standing beside your desk. Extend your arms straight to the sides and rotate them clockwise while feeling the tension in your forearms and core. Repeat the same anti-clockwise.

Arm Ronation

3. Stretching

Shoulder Stretch

With your hands on your keyboard or the phone throughout the day, this is one of the most essential home office exercises. Stretch your arms above the head and clasp them together with your palms facing up. Try to push upwards for 5 seconds and release.

Shoulder Stretch

Alternate Toe Touches

Sit with a straight back and feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Now touch your left foot with your right hand and sit back. Repeat with alternate hands touching the alternate feet. This will stretch your back, arms and also work up the core.

Wrist Stretch

Stand with your back towards the office desk and place your hands on its edges. Your palms must be flat on the desk and pointing towards you. Try to lean forward to make this home office workout more intense. You can adjust the height of your desk so that you can touch it without bending.

Wrist Strectch

4. Core

Knee Pulls

Sit with a straight back and pull your knee towards your chest. You may or may not support it with your hands to tweak the intensity level. Feel the tension as you lift your knee and hold it there for 2-3 seconds. Repeat the same with the other leg.

Knee Pulls

Oblique Desk Twists

An excellent desk exercise, oblique desk twist is done best with a swivel office chair. With an upright back and feet above the floor, hold the edges of your desk. Now use your core to turn left and go as far as possible without leaving the edges. Repeat the same towards the other side.

Chair Crunches

You need not hit the gym, do your crunches while on your office chair. Fold your hands behind your hand and lift your left knee to touch it with the right elbow. Repeat with your right knee and the left elbow. You can repeat in 3 sets of 10 reps each.

5. Brain Exercises

Swap Your Hand

Along with physical exercises, you also need to work out your brain to keep it running. The best indoor brain exercise is switching your hands. If you are a left-handed individual, try to type, write, and use the mouse with your left hand for 15-20 minutes.


It may not seem, but meditation is one of the most challenging brain exercises and a quick home office workout. You need to put in efforts to clear your mind of ideas, thoughts, work, etc. Close your eyes and focus on breathing for 10-15 minutes once or twice a day.


Summing Up

Now you know how effortless it is to incorporate home office exercises into your daily work routine. That too, without moving from your workstation. Plus, with a standing desk, you can walk around more to stay fit, eliminate body aches and boost your productivity!

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