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17 Methods to Fatigue Treatment at Home & Boost Productivity
Work Wellness

17 Methods to Fatigue Treatment at Home & Boost Productivity

|Oct 31, 2020

Everyone experiences fatigue throughout their work or school day and. Adopting a fatigue treatment at home routine can help you fight the exhaustion to get more out of your day. 

Is Fighting Work from Home Fatigue Possible? - Fatigue treatment at home

Many remote workers wonder how to fight fatigue when they are working from home. Here are 17 home remedies for fatigue, fighting that exhaustion. 

1. Get up and exercise.

Getting your blood flowing and muscles moving helps reactivate and focus your brain. 


2. Use a standing desk.

Sitting all day is exhausting and hard on the body. Invest in a standing desk to improve your alertness and productivity. 

3. Use an anti fatigue mat to fatigue treatment at home.

An anti fatigue mat like this reduces pressure on your body while standing. It provides you with extra support and even massages your insteps while you work. 

anti fatigue mat

4. Dress as if you were going to work.

This puts you in the right mindset and keeps you working productively. 

5. Use an ergonomic chair to fatigue treatment at home

When you are seated comfortably and correctly in an ergonomic chair, your body does not tense up, so aches and pains are reduced. Being uncomfortable causes fatigue. 

6. Use a smart desk.

A product like the SmartDesk Pro encourages productivity through its programmable height changes, exercise reminders, and helpful app. SmartDesk 4

7. Create a daily work and break schedule

For example, start and end your workday at the same time each day. Take lunch and coffee breaks throughout the day, just like you would in a traditional office. 

8. Painting

Paint your office with colors that inspire your creativity and also can be a fatigue treatment at home. 

Paint your office

9. Natural light.

Try to incorporate natural light. Sunlight provides a natural energy boost. 

10. Avoid working during non-work hours.

Once it's time to clock out, shut down your computer. Working extra hours every day can be exhausting, making you less productive during your actual work hours. 

11. Connection

Stay connected with coworkers through methods other than e-mail. Phone calls help to keep you awake and on your game. 

12. Do not make all your meetings Zoom calls.

Research is showing that too many video conferences can cause fatigue, for quick meetings, opt for a phone call instead. 

13. If possible, work at times you are most alert.

Say you perform better in the afternoon; see if your boss can allow you to shift your hours to start and end later. 

14. Find an office chair that reclines.

Being able to relax your body for a few minutes can help bring you back into work mode. Use an office chair that allows you to take a microbreak without having to leave your office. 

take a microbreak

15. Use a monitor arm to hold your screen.

This fatigue treatment at home tips is to reduce stress on your eyes and neck by ensuring proper placement of your monitor. 

Use a monitor arm

16. Sweet snack.

Keep chocolates or your favorite treat in a desk drawer. When you need a little pick-me-up, reach for a sweet snack. 

17. Don't multitask.

Doing too many things at once, exhausts your brain. For example, if you are on a call, don't answer your emails; instead, put all of your focus into just one thing. 

Don't multitask

Why Is It Important to Learn How to Combat Fatigue?

Chronic fatigue can lead to problems at work and in your personal life. Our bodies and mind need proper rest and downtime to function at peak levels, so fighting constant exhaustion can cause irritability and poor work quality. To learn about more home remedies to fight fatigue in the home or the workplace, check out this article. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Working from Home?

Working from Home

Many people think that being a remote worker means 'living the dream.' This notion of working in your pajamas and never having to go to the office seems fantastic, but is remote working really for you? 

The pros and cons of working from home are:


  • You can go to appointments or run errands during the workday

  • Your productivity can improve because you have less interruptions from coworkers 

  • You don't have to commute, saving you time and money

  • You can work from anywhere, including a coffee shop or an even an entirely different country

  • Your schedule is more flexible, i.e., you can work late into the night

  • You can save money by not eating out as often

  • You can spend more time with your family


  • You have no physical distinction between your home life and your work life

  • Communicating through the written word leads to misunderstandings and miscommunications 

  • Your family/kids may be very distracting

  • It can be costly to set up a proper work from a home office

  • You may feel isolated from coworkers

  • You may miss team collaborations or bonding experiences

Final Thoughts

Fatigue is a familiar experience for remote workers. While working from home seems like a wonderful option, it can be quite tricky to do successfully without fatigue treatment at home. Use the tips above to fight your work from home fatigue and recover your productivity. 

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