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19 Online Wallet-Friendly Deals on Black Friday 2018

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 22, 2018

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Reinventing the office space becomes a reality with Black Friday in 2018. With multiple products to consider at considerably discounted rates, work productivity and health can show considerable improvements. The days of boring office supplies are over and all workers are now able to create their own unique space which is simple, modern, efficient and which takes care of their posture.

19 Online Wallet-Friendly Deals on Black Friday 2018

There’s an increasing number of people working from home, but they also have the opportunity to create their own office space according to their preferences. Even more, they might even have more creative freedom than some corporate office allow them. Whichever the case, the following Black Friday deals are going to allow most workers to get back on track with productivity and improve their workspace even before setting this as a New Year’s resolution.

1.    SmartDesk2 Business Edition

There’s nothing quite like the SmartDesk 2 Business Edition. The electric standing desk comes with an impressing capacity. Made to be easy to use with its electronic control, the desk can support weights of up to 300lbs. This recommends it for either laptops or desktop computers with or without large monitors and other office supplies. Made for a dynamic way of life, it ensures workers are full of energy, not stagnant and most importantly, it puts them in the right position to avoid any posture problems. With the capacity to hold the XL 71 inch top, it is recommended for any type of work.

2.    SmartDesk 2 Home Edition

Working from home is now a reality. But productivity doesn’t need to be sacrificed by freelancers or those who prefer the comfort of their own home. The SmartDesk 2 Home Edition keeps people moving with its alternating working and standing positions. With a spacious top and a maximum load capacity of 220lbs, it is recommended for those who love to work from home and who need to use a number of electronic products. At the same time, the minimalistic approach of the desk can also recommend it for smaller offices.

SmartDesk 2 Home Edition

3.    ErgoChair 2

Alternating sitting and standing have been proven to be among the best strategies to avoid back issues. But it is often the type of sitting posture that can be more hurtful than sitting itself. For this purpose, the ErgoChair 2 is made to offer an ergonomic support, unlike most other chairs. With a tilt tension mechanism, Korean mesh and head support, the ergonomic chair is the recommended Italian design to offer support from the lower back to the head. Sluggish rounded shoulders and the forward head translation is addressed from the start by the chair.

4.    SmartDesk DIY Kit

Some workers have clear designs in mind when seeing their workspace. Millennials have been shown to come with specific needs when it comes to the workspace. But regardless of the generation, a custom standing desk can bring new light to old or new working spaces. Most importantly, it allows for maximum creativity. The DIY Kit from Autonomous is made specifically for these needs. It comes with the same hardware used on the SmartDesk 2 but without the desktop. With a choice of one or two motors, the digital keypad can be installed in any location and with a custom desktop, it offers a desk which certainly stands out or which fits certain environments like a glove.

5.    AvoChair

With a curved elastomeric mesh back, the chair offers the right support where needed. Since most workers sit at the desk, a good chair is crucial. It is why AvoChair comes with a breathable comfort which allows the back area to remain ventilated. With adjustable tension and arm position, the chair offers a minimalistic approach to sitting. It blends in well with any environment and it represents a solution which is designed for the future. Most of its parts can be taken apart and recycled and it is also why most of its parts are also made from recycled materials.


6.    EgoStool

Black Friday 2018 is a good time to get to experience with new ways of working. Those who want to be in line with the latest trends can consider the ErgoStool for better posture and improved core muscles. With no back support but with a slight wobble while sitting, the chair is perfect to build core strength which is recommended for proper posture. It also allows workers to take a break from standing without actually lowering their standing desk. Made to be height adjustable, it offers a versatile design which is recommended for most offices or home standing desks.

7.    SmartDesk 3 AI Standing Desk

It is known that Black Friday sales are among the most interesting when it comes to technology products. But this doesn’t mean that office products need to be left out of the trend. The SmartDesk 3 AI Standing Desk incorporates useful technology in its core design. With better time management due to its integrated calendar and deadline functionalities, the standing desk is perfect for those who love to use technology. At the same time, it also comes as an advanced solution for taking breaks away from the computer and it can even work to order food from the favorite local restaurants.

8.    Anti-fatigue Mat

It is often that people who choose to stand at the desk can feel tired. It takes time to build core strength back up after years of sitting. Furthermore, standing for long hours can come with lower back discomfort. But this is easily fixable with the Anti-Fatigue Mat. The mat is scientifically proven to relieve back pain and improve comfort. So regardless of the shoes which are worn at the office, the mat is able to allow the back to relax while offering proper support for those who want to stay productive and focused while standing at the desk.

9.    Filling Cabinet

Some of the best Black Friday purchases are those which make everyday life easier. The Autonomous Filling Cabinet represents such a product. With a robust design which is fully adjustable, it can hold various documents. Office workers constantly deal with all types of documents and keeping them organized can save time. Furthermore, knowing the location of all documents can improve productivity as it has been proven numerous times it makes for greater efficiency. Used at the office or at home, the smart storage solution also looks modern and it can be easily integrated into the office.

10.    Cable Tray

Working at a desk which has cables lying all over can be difficult. It is hard to keep things organized in such conditions. At the same time, cleaning, dusting or vacuuming the desk area is harder as well. It is why a cable tray can work wonders. It is often the simplest ideas which can benefit office workers the most. With plenty of reasons to consider an organized workspace, the cable tray keeps all cables away from eyesight and under the desk. With an increasing number of objects and office supplies, it works wonders for that modern working style approach.

11.    Monitor Arm

The Autonomous Monitor Arm is another top idea for the modern worker. It doesn’t put too much pressure on the wallet and it provides an entirely new working feeling. It comes with an adjustable design which allows workers to adjust the height and depth of their monitor. This proves useful both for the back posture and for possible eyestrain. Other unique advantages include the increased desk storage space as it takes the monitor off the top.

12.    Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is one of the most popular smart speakers on the market. The voice-controller speaker is on sale every Black Friday and it can be one of the smart solutions to be integrated with one of Autonomous’ smart desks. With a smarter work environment, productivity can only be improved.

13.    Apple MacBook Air 13.3”

Smart height adjustable desks can work with laptops as well. Not all workers like to use a monitor or a desktop computer. For mobility purposes, a laptop is hard to match. With deals on the horizon, the MacBook air 13.3” offers one of the most reliable solutions for the modern worker. Powered by Intel’s I5 processor and with 256GB of flash storage, it allows office workers to maintain the same minimalistic and practical design which they can count on from Autonomous.

Apple MacBook Air 13.3”

14.    Apple Watch Series

It goes without saying that those who are concerned about their posture at the desk are actually interested in improving their health. One of the simplest methods to monitor the health which can be integrated with the MacBook Air is the Apple Watch. Available in various editions, it can be a budget-friendly solution to integrated when looking to keep an eye on the health.

15.    HP 11.6” Convertible Chromebook

With a compact design, the HP Chromebook is an alternative to the MacBook Air. But it comes with great functionalities such as universal connectivity through the USB-C port. With a sleek profile of just 19mm, it is perfect for mobile workers and students. At the end of a busy day, it can be easily integrated with an adjustable desk and it can also work well with a connected monitor for a larger display.

16.    Microsoft Surface Laptop 13.5”

With a weight of just over 1kg, the laptop is one of the most modern solutions for the modern office worker. With a sleek design and quick connectivity ports, the laptop can be a true alternative for the dedicated Microsoft fans. With the entire Microsoft Office suite compatibility, it can be a good match for smart desks when it comes to maximum productivity.

17.    Dell Inspiron 13” 2-in-1 PC

Creative minds need creative outlets. It is why the Dell Inspiron 13” 2-in-1 PC comes with an integrated touchscreen display. Graphic designers, engineers or programmers can easily use it for maximum creative freedom. It also works well with any Autonomous standing desk. It’s lightweight profile also recommends it with The Commuter.

18.    The Flier

The Flier is Autonomous’ proposal for those who are on the road. Made with built-in transportation wheels, an included lock, and a retractable power bank tray, it is an integrated solution for the busy worker. It has everything a frequent flier needs. In expectation for The Flier’s release, you can get an early bird discount by entering your e-mail address on the product’s page.

19.    The Commuter

The best deals are often those in front of use. The Commuter is now available at a special price. With a generous size, an ergonomic design and a practical accessibility, it works great with the laptops mentioned above. At the same time, it also carries books tablets and any other accessories a modern worker, student or businessman needs. Apart from its waterproof design which recommends it even for the upcoming snowy days, The Commuter also comes with an attractive stylish look.

Final consideration

Final recommendations

These 19 wallet-friendly deals for Black Friday 2018 represent a great opportunity to enhance work productivity. Modern designs are now seen as the go-to solution for all offices, either away from home or at home. Having the ability to focus on work while putting health at least at the same level with deadlines recommend these deals for all of those seeking maximum return on investment.

The good news is that the above deals are very versatile, as they can work for a wide range of professionals. The standing desks offer impressive adjustability for both men and women. The ergonomic chairs are recommended as a better way of sitting at a desk for hours. The travel bags work great with various popular laptops regardless of the weather conditions.

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