2 Person Corner Desk: Top 10 Choices for Co-workspace
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2 Person Corner Desk: Top 10 Choices for Co-workspace

|Aug 1, 2021

Running a business, working from remote workspaces, working from an on-site location, organizing schedules, paying bills are tasks that have a common denominator - a nice desk and chair. A neatly designed workspace offers you comfort, just like the rest of your home. It’s also the place where you burn the midnight oil! Sound design principles also come into play when you’re installing a 2 person corner desk.

If you love being comfortable and want to create an inviting atmosphere in a small area, consider a corner desk for two. A 2 person L-shaped desk can help you boost mood, productivity and keep an organized schedule and business. See how you can set up your office properly using our 2 person corner desk list here.

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

Another good solution to the standard adjustable standing desk is the SmartDesk Corner. This standing corner desk is solidly built with a durable frame and an MDF wood top. This top rises with the help of three synchronized motors that can support 110 lbs. and are hidden away under the desk frame.

The top can hold displays, accessories and is modular for easy custom building. A dual L-beam configuration also supports it. The L-Shaped SmartDesk memorizes four height positions via a control pad. 

2. Computer desk from Topsky

Modern L-Shaped Tempered Glass Desk from Walker Edison

This L desk isn’t a standing corner desk design, but it does offer enough space for two monitors and is durable and affordable. It’s got a thick particle board surface area on a reinforced steel frame. Along with a sturdy build, you get a shelf for storage and feet that automatically re-adjust on uneven floorings.    

It’s made to be a dual monitor computer desk but can even work as a 2-person workstation. We recommend splitting the desk surface with a privacy panel.     

3. Modern L-Shaped Tempered Glass Desk from Walker Edison


The tempered glass finish on top gives this 51-inch L-shaped desk for two computers a sophisticated look. It supports multiple screens and has space for other electronics that is perfect for gamers. There is a sliding keyboard tray on one side of the desk.

Walker Edison offers this double L-shaped desk in four colours and five different styles. Both sides support 50 pounds each, and when combined, can easily support a dual monitor setup.

4. Hillsdale L-Shape Desk from Red Barrel Studio

Hillsdale L-Shape Desk from Red Barrel Studio

This is the best L-shaped desk made with laminate wood in a beautiful upscale design. It is spacious and even features two cabinets on either side of the desk. One is a PC tower cabinet with frosted-panel detailing, and the other is two gliding drawers. It has a cubby shelf and a four-port USB panel too. Each side measures around 5 feet, giving you enough space for everything!     

5. Deluxe Cantilever Desk from Black Valoir

The Cantilever Desk is a classy desk with a contemporary design that gives your workspace a stylish makeover. It comes with a built-in cable management system in the metal legs. The rectangular desktop is smooth and is made with 25mm MFC. The feet are adjustable up to 30mm and support a modesty panel made of 18mm MFC. There are grommets on either side to fit a dual PC setup.

6. L-shaped Desk from Casaottima

L-shaped Desk from Casaottima

Consider this option if you need a compact corner gaming desk. The steel frame is fitted with leveling studs on the feet for movement and stability. It comes with a shelf on the top that is a monitor stand but is used for other items. The desk has great value for money: sturdy build, quality materials, and easy assembly. The 51-inch top is heat-safe, waterproof, and scratch-resistant.

7. Unicorn Large Reversible Corner Desk from Piranha

The longer portion of this 2 person corner desk can be used on either side, making it ‘reversible’. It provides a much bigger working space that’s completed with a very robust structure. The manufacturer stocks this desk model in dark walnut, white woodgrains, oak, and graphite black finishes.   

The laminated MDF top can be wiped clean and even features a raised monitor stand in the middle tier section. Other accessories include a keyboard tray and a CPU shelf underneath. The desk is 45 cm wide, 170 cm deep, 75 cm high, and carries a 132 lbs. load rating.    

8. Abacus Corner Desk from John Lewis

Abacus Corner Desk from John Lewis

If you’re seeking a smaller L-shaped desk, try this John Lewis product. It’s a compact 80 cm long x 42 cm deep quality oak veneer build featuring an optional keyboard tray add-on. The unit provides a decent amount of storage, and the keyboard tray (sold separately) fits underneath. The top of this 2 person corner desk has a diamond shape rather than the typical L-shape, fitting into smaller corners perfectly.  

9. Six-person desk from Branch

As the name suggests, this desk goes beyond the two-person limit to include six people. It can be customized with a melamine stain-proof wood grain top in white or brown and a powder-white or mirror (steel) finish frame. With a 144-inch W x 48-inch D x 30-inch H, the desk serves as a conference table.

It can be customized into a workstation by adding privacy panels in the middle. The modular frame is full steel with a central wire column with adjustable feet for exceptional stability. This 2 person corner desk gives you the most density for open offices and a thoughtful design that includes a beveled edge, sleek design, and wire management.

10. L-Desk from Branch

L-Desk from Branch

Similar to the 6-person desk in terms of build, this L-Desk supports 650 pounds. There's a lot more space and storage and an in-desk power grid. For storage, you get two wide shelves and a three-drawer cabinet. The top is made of melamine and has a modesty panel.

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