27 Black Home Office Desks – Computer Desks for 2024
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27 Black Home Office Desks – Computer Desks for 2024

|Apr 13, 2022

Choosing a home office desk that's both practical and attractive can seem like an impossible task, especially when it comes to striking the right balance between modern and functional. We want our black office desk to be useful and functional, but it must also be beautiful. To make your workspace more inviting, we've compiled a list of the best modern home office desks. We've included a little something for every style and budget, from the classic L-shaped table to the clean and sleek minimalistic black computer desk design.

A black office desk can make your surroundings look elegant while also providing you with enough space to store your belongings. Read on, and find out 2022's best options.

Benefits of a Black Standing Office Desk

Home offices are most often painted all black. Black isn't the only shade you'll find associated with home design; mahogany, walnut, and even teak styles are usually darker shades. A standing black home office desk is one of the least popular colors in home office environments. Depending on your personal preference, a dark-colored tabletop and base would match nicely with a residential work setup.

27 Black Office Desks for Your Consideration

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) by Autonomous

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) black office desk

If you're looking for a comfortable, affordable, and spacious all-black office desk for your workspace, one of the best options you could go with is the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) by Autonomous. 

Having an adjustable standing desk is one of the best ideas if you're working from home, and Autonomous can never disappoint you. The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) has several adjustable features, and it’s big enough for you to comfortably organize all your office items. 

2. Autonomous Desk Eureka by Autonomous

Autonomous Desk Eureka black office desk

Another fantastic option by Autonomous is the Autonomous Desk Eureka, which is also a black home office desk that you should keep in mind if you want quality at the best price possible. 

Although many black computer desk alternatives are immensely expensive, the Autonomous Desk Eureka offers a fair price compared to the top-quality features that it gives you. 

3. Autonomous’ Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous’ Autonomous Desk Expanse black office desk

Autonomous is characterized for being one of the most famous brands to give you incredible options when you're looking for a home office standing desk, a corner standing desk, or simply a black adjustable desk.

The Autonomous Desk Expanse is a wonderful alternative, especially if you want a convenient piece of furniture to move around and place in a corner. It helps you save space while also providing you with a big enough surface for you to comfortably organize the items you need to use when you're working. 

4. Three-Posts L-shaped Executive Desk

With a top and a base made of strong manufactured wood, the L-shaped desk by three posts is one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture you can find on the market. 

Three Posts’ executive desk has a black top, so it's the ideal alternative for people who want to give their office a more exotic look. Since the bottom part keeps the wood's color, you can add it to your surroundings to achieve a different outcome. 

Additionally, this black computer desk not only has a lot of space in its top but also a file drawer, a lower shelf, and even pass-throughs and grommet holes for you to manage all your cords. 

5. Black Aidan Desk by The Twillery Co.

The Twillery Co. black office desk

Some people prefer to give their offices a more modern look, and if that's your case, a model like The Twillery Co.'s black Aidan desk might be the ideal option. 

The Aidan is a black office desk made of manufactured wood and steel, which makes it a very sturdy piece of furniture that endures a lot of weight and can accompany you for a long time. 

Furthermore, its legs are formidable, and its top has some space for you to organize your items, especially if you have different monitors or other office desk accessories, for example, speakers or a headset. 

6. Zipcode Design's Black Amador Desk

Made of stainless steel and manufactured wood, the black home office desk by Zipcode Design is called Amador, and it has a modern design you might want to incorporate into your workstation to make it look sleek and organized. 

It includes different shelves, which are ideal for you to organize items such as books or your office supplies. The top shelf is also excellent if you want to add some decoration to your surroundings, and you can put plants in there. 

Zipcode Design's Amador desk has a brown and black top and frame, so it fits many different styles. Thus, you can choose it for your office space and never be disappointed with the outcomes you get. 

7. Wade Logan's L-shaped Writing Desk

Wade Logan's black office desk

Many people don't know about Wade Logan, but it offers a black computer desk you can't miss, especially considering that it's an L-shaped piece of furniture that you can incorporate into a corner of the room if you want to save some space while still organizing all your items. 

This black executive desk is called Giordano, and it has a sturdy top made of manufactured wood. The base supports it with metal legs, so it's a piece of furniture that can last a long time by your side. 

8. Black Reversible Desk by Orren Ellis

Modern home offices are in trend, especially if you don't want your surroundings to look the same as everyone else's. However, you have to know how to pick the best desk to make things work, especially if you're going for a specific style. 

Fortunately, Orren Ellis offers an option that might work – the Lachlan reversible desk. While the base of this piece of furniture is made of metal, the top is built completely out of glass, so it gives your workspace a unique look that no other office might have. 

9. 17 Stories’ Black Hanska Desk

17 Stories black home office desk

When it comes to finding a top black office desk, 17 Stories is definitely one of the brands that can offer the best options. Even though you may not know of its pieces of furniture, you might find some hidden gems if you look into its alternatives. 

One of the most famous ones is the Hanska desk, which is a black computer desk made of manufactured wood and iron. Its composition makes it a sturdy and reliable option, which is why you might want it for your office, particularly if you wish to invest money in a piece of modern office furniture that lasts long. 

10. Black L-shaped Computer Desk by Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero also offers several black executive desk options you should consider, for example, the switchable with storage cabinet and bookshelf. 

In many cases, desks don't offer you all the storage options you need to organize your items. While you might get a lot of space due to the size of some pieces of furniture, others include shelves, so you have to balance your preferences and needs before deciding which one to get. 

However, that's not necessary with this option by Inbox Zero. It's a black L-shaped desk alternative with a touch of gray on its surfaces, so it makes your surroundings look elegant, but it also provides you with enough storage space for you to organize all your belongings. 

11. Lark Manor's Black Halloran Desk

Lark Manor's black home office desk

Some black office desks look modern and extravagant, but not all options are like that. You have to find what works for you, and on many occasions, you might simply want a classic-looking piece of furniture. 

Lark Manor is a top brand you could trust if you want a black desk setup, particularly if you're looking for an alternative that looks classic but is still sturdy and trustworthy. This option is ideal since you can place it in a corner to save space, but it's still immensely beautiful and can improve the appearance of your surroundings in no time. 

12. 17 Stories’ Black Arsenault Desk

Another black executive desk by 17 Stories is the Arsenault desk, which professionals build with the best wood and steel to guarantee you get a strong piece of furniture. 

Additionally, the Arsenault desk has a farmhouse style, so it's a better alternative if you want a more casual-looking office. Since it has two cubbies, you can store all your documents and the items you need inside them.  

13. Black Sproul Desk by 17 Stories

Black Sproul Desk by 17 Stories

The Arsenault black office desk is not the only option by 17 Stories since this brand offers several alternatives that might be convenient for you. Even though it's not as famous or offers the same deals Autonomous does, it's still popular among many buyers due to its beautiful desks and fair prices. 

If you go with the Black Sproul, it means you get a black office desk that's big enough for you to fit literally everything you might ever need. However, keep in mind that this black L-shaped desk may not fit in your workspace if you don't have much space to begin with, so you might want to look for a smaller option if it doesn't work for you. 

14. Mercury Row’s Black Aislin Desk

There are different black standing desk options out there, but not all of them are simple and convenient for your workstation. Nonetheless, the Aislin black office desk might be what you're looking for. 

Its structure is so simple that it might deceive you, but its base is immensely strong and can carry with it the weight of all your items, including your computer, accessories, and documents. Due to its sleek look, you could use this black executive desk to achieve a contemporary style, but also a rustic one. It's all up to you! 

15. Trent Austin Design's Black Hovey L-shaped Desk

Trent Austin Design's Black Hovey L-shaped Desk

Finding the best black and white PC setup is not easy, especially if you're looking for a spacious L-shaped desk you can use to organize your computer, documents, accessories, and even add some decorations here and there. 

However, the Hovey black home office desk might be the ideal solution to your problems. It can fill all your needs since it's spacious, its shape fits in any corner of your office, it's completely black, it's made of strong and durable material, and it has several drawers for you to store different items. 

16. Inbox Zero's Black Desk

Clearly, not everyone wants a gigantic black executive desk to organize a million different documents or to set up a huge computer. If you're an office worker, you know you might simply need a strong desk to put your laptop and several other belongings, so you may not need the extra storage space at all. 

Inbox Zero has a black computer desk you don't want to miss – the Bellemy reversible cup holder, which is small enough for you to fit it in your home office if you don't have much space, but it still offers you fantastic features, for example, a specific spot for your laptop or monitor. 

17. Emerystone Executive Desk by 17 Stories

Emerystone Executive Desk by 17 Stories

Although there are many black office desk alternatives, not all of them are elegant or have a luxurious look. Nonetheless, the Emerystone by 17 Stories is definitely one of the alternatives that fit this description, which is why it's so popular among different office workers. 

Among all the black computer desk options you have for your office, the Emerystone offers you something the rest doesn't – it's sleek and luxurious design can completely change the look of your surroundings. Thus, if you want to feel like royalty while you're working, this might be the right one for you. 

18. Atencio Reversible Desk by 17 Stories

Reversible black home office desks are immensely convenient, and this option from 17 Stories is not an exception to that rule. 

The Atencio desk is simple and small, so you can add it to your workstation even if you don't have much space around you. Furthermore, its black frame combines with any style you want, so it's a fantastic alternative overall. 

19. Black Sova Desk by Upper Square

Black Sova Desk by Upper Square

Buying Upper Square's black computer desk is the definition of clean lines and an elegant design. There aren't many options like this on the market, so you should add this one to your list if it helps the specific look you want to achieve. 

Buying the black Sova means you get a sturdy, big desk with different drawers to store items and enough space to organize all you need, so it might be the ideal option for you! 

20. Meidinger Desk by Loon Peak

The last item on the list is Loon Peak's Meidinger desk, which is made of metal and manufactured wood. It's a strong table with several drawers, but it's small enough for you to fit it into your office even if you don't have much space available. 

Its drawers are smooth and its powder-coated surfaces guarantee a boost in your mood as they can fit basically any style. Thus, it's a beautiful and convenient alternative to look into!

21. Autonomous Desk Connect

Autonomous Desk Connect black office desk

With this Autonomous Desk all-black office desk, we are introducing our most advanced feature yet. With the app, you can connect and access your Autonomous Desk from anywhere. When an obstruction above or below the desk is detected, a built-in sensor stops the engine. Additionally, it has a steel Autonomous Desk frame made from the industry's strongest steel built to last and has a 7-year warranty. Remotely control your black executive desk from your computer or mobile device. Schedule sit-stand sessions throughout the day based on your personal preferences.

22. Autonomous Desk Eureka by Autonomous x Wistopht

Autonomous Desk Eureka by Autonomous x Wistopht

The situation has only improved! Autonomous Desk Eureka has just got even better! You can enjoy an ergonomic WFH environment by letting your small standing desk handle all the heavy lifting for you.

With our latest collaboration with Wistopht, two global leaders in ergonomic technology, create a better Autonomous Desk standing desk converter. Wistopht has grown to become one of the world's leading producers of intelligent electronics, generating annual sales of over $1 million.

It helps enhance human performance with products combining science and technology in one elegant tempered glass standing desk. International certifications like UL, ETL, CE, FCC, EMC, QI, RoHS, and strict quality control procedures assure quality and performance.

With the Autonomous Desk Eureka, you can work the way you want. This premium standing desk allows you to move from sitting to standing seamlessly so that you can remain comfortable all day. The Autonomous Desk Eureka is solidly constructed from SPCC cold steel plate and is engineered to carry 265 pounds of gear and withstand years of daily use.

23. Electric Mobile Standing Desk by Mount-It!

Electric Mobile Standing Desk by Mount-It!

Additional space is provided for peripherals and a laptop. A monitor stand with tilt and rotation allows you to adjust your screen. Sit and stand with ease. You will become more productive.

Saving hundreds of dollars by using your current desk is possible. Simply raising or lowering the entire extra-wide standing desk converter is incredibly easy with a powerful motor system coupled with a height-adjustable standing desk connect system. You push a button. VESA monitors up to 32" are compatible with the monitor. You can tilt the screen up to 45° and rotate it 360° for ergonomic working positions.

24. Standing Desk Converter by Mount-It!

Standing Desk Converter by Mount-It!

You can work comfortably either as a seated or standing employee with this height-adjustable desk on top of your current desk. Easy height adjustment is made possible with the gas spring-assisted lift mechanism.

It offers excellent value for money, and it is well-made overall. A few issues are the only things standing between it and a top-tier rating. Performance specs are comparable to converters that cost much more. It is reasonably priced despite its shortcomings.

25. Height Adjustable Rolling Stand up Desk by Mount-It!

Height Adjustable Rolling Stand up Desk by Mount-It!

You will have plenty of space for your keyboard and mouse on this 26.8" wide by 11.4" long desktop. The desk can also accommodate a laptop up to 15.6". Standing during your workday will feel more alert, energetic, and productive overall.

The MI-7146 sit-stand desk can accommodate a variety of needs and heights. Adjust the table from 2.2 inches when you sit, and raise it to 13.9 inches when you stand. A height-adjustable converter enables you to work in the most comfortable position for you.

Furthermore, the electric desk converter platform allows you to use your keyboard and mouse with plenty of space. Among its features are a weight capacity of 11 lbs and a height adjustment range of 2.2" to 13.9" as well as a work surface measuring 26.8" W x 11.4" L.

26. Compact Desk by Timotion: Basic Keypad

Compact Desk by Timotion: Basic Keypad

An elegant minimalist aesthetic and a sturdy frame distinguish this desk. With a compact desk that will last for years, you can easily organize your home office. Our company specializes in electric linear actuators of the highest quality and is an industry-leading Autonomous partner.

Timotion was founded in 2005 and achieved ISO certifications in 2009, and has since grown to include 7 manufacturing facilities and more than 2000 employees worldwide. With their support, we've recently created a new line-up of standing desk frames that better meet the needs of our customers, and we're very proud of the result. 

This sit-stand black office desk features a height range of 27" to 45", so people of almost any height can use it. A sturdy steel frame with a rectangular column, coupled with a powerful electric motor, offers a lifting capacity of 270 lbs.

Despite being small, this black office desk is spacious enough to fit all your essential office tools. Our desk is designed with quality procedures and materials that you can trust, including UL508 and SAA certifications.

27. Compact Desk by Wistopht: Wireless Charge Pad

Compact Desk by Wistopht: Wireless Charge Pad

From your work surface, you can control your setup in addition to a digital display and touch screen keys. A crisp monochromatic palette and clean design lines fit seamlessly into any office or home space.

The compact top of the black office desk measures 45" x 23" and is perfectly suited for any professional or WFH setup. The charging pad features four USB ports and a wireless charge pad to power five devices. Touch screen keys and a wireless charger are included on the glass tabletop with a digital display.

Tempered glass has elegant, rounded edges and is pressure resistant. Your integrated touchscreen lets you adjust the height of your workstation right from your tabletop. With 3 programmable height settings, remember your sitting and standing preferences.

A double motor system supports weight up to 176 lbs. with a generous height range of 27.9" - 45.6". x 50 decibels of sound allow you to switch between sitting and standing easily. Hidden drawers provide easy storage. Maintain a clutter-free workspace by using hidden drawers.

Power is delivered safely and reliably by the Qi-certified wireless charger. A series of rigorous independent laboratory tests confirmed that the desk was safe, interoperable, and energy-efficient.

Keynote Takeaways

Finding a black office desk for your workstation might be a long journey, but now that you have 20 options to consider, everything may be easier. Evaluate each alternative and choose the most convenient one for you!

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