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20 Best L-Shaped Desks for Business and Home Office
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20 Best L-Shaped Desks for Business and Home Office

|Oct 22, 2021

If you are looking to set up your home office in the right way, you need proper furniture. How do you go about the setup process? Well, consider buying some of the best L-shaped desks on the market. You are bound to maximize your productivity and floor space by using these desks. 

It can be tricky getting the right desk for your office, given the many L-shaped desks to pick from online. To make your work easy, this article looks at some L-shaped desks on the market to keep in mind. What are your needs for a corner desk setup? Check the space you are working with before buying an L-shaped corner desk. 

These 20 L-shaped office desks help declutter your workspace. They are also handy in providing an ergonomic touch to your office. You have enough space to work with, storage, flexibility, and comfort at work when using these desks. Read on to find your best fit in an L-shaped corner office desk.

20 Best L-Shaped Desks for Business and Home Office

1. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous Desk Expanse best l shaped desks

Autonomous Desk Expanse is a desk with double segments that allows its shorter side to move from right to left. The movement enables the desk to fit in any corner perfectly. It has twice the space as other regular Autonomous Desks. If you are tall, the desk covers you with its range of height adjustments. 

This white L-shaped standing desk runs on triple power motors and lifts 400 pounds of weight on its steel solid legs. The corner standing desk has a responsive keypad that allows four programmable presets by users. It saves the settings, and with the touch of a button, the user gets all the set positions in place. 

2. Uplift L-Shaped Custom Desk

uplift best l shaped desks

Here is another best L-shaped desk on the list. Uplift is a sit and stand corner computer desk armed with a triple electric motor. This adjustable L-shaped desk can reach a high height of 50 inches and a low of 24.4 inches. Any heavy-bodied person can use the desk without fear of breaking it, as it carries a weight of 530 pounds. 

The large L-shaped desk is available in three different lines that are ideal for corner spaces and budgets. Though it is costly, the Uplift Custom Desk can fit into several corner spaces. It also takes longer to assemble and may need more than one person to get it ready for use. 

3. Techni Mobili

This modern L-shaped desk has tempered glass and is ideal for a corner office. The tempered safety glass is a fabrication of 8mm. It has a large enough space to accommodate two computer monitors. You can also use its pull-out keyboard tray, with a safety stop, for extra space. 

The steel frame of Techni Mobili is X-shaped. It is powder-coated to make it scratch-resistant. Each surface of the desk can hold up to 66 pounds of weight. 

The L-shaped computer desk has an interchangeable right and left panel. It measures 61.75" long and fits into the available space. With its raised CPU stand, the desk ensures that your CPU is always kept cool. 

4. Cubiker Modern Desk

Cubiker best l shaped desks

Talk about a large L-shaped desk, and you have the Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Desk. It can carry three computer monitors with ease since it has a sturdy frame. The desk is eco-friendly and has a waterproof and scratch-resistant surface. 

When working on uneven floors, the desk relies on its adjustable leg pads for stability. The desk's thick metal frame is powder-coated for durability. You can use its movable shelf to keep laptops away when cleaning the table. 

5. Teraves Modern L-Shaped Corner Desk

This corner computer desk has a well powder-coated top design that prevents corrosion. Though it has a round corner design, it is good at managing space and cables. The Teraves Modern L-Shaped Desk has a desktop holder that can slide beneath the desk's surface. 

Furthermore, the L-shaped computer desk can accommodate various heights and carry up to 450 pounds of weight. Since it has adjustable legs, it helps in giving your feet rest. The desk's footpads help in preventing the ground from scratches. 

6. L-Shaped Desk by Mr. IRONSTONE

Mr. IRONSTONE best l shaped desks

Are you looking for an adjustable L-shaped desk that has an optional monitor shelf? If yes, this desk is a good option. The desk has equal lengths, which makes it easy to install and minimizes space. This best L-shaped desk is made with a strong metal frame and a high-quality MDF board. Though it can only carry less than 40 pounds of weight, it has a large surface area and a monitor shelf. 

7. VASAGLE L-Shaped Computer Desk

Have you been looking for an L-shaped desk with equal sides? Well, the VASAGLE L-Shaped Computer Desk is here to serve you. Though the equal length maximizes volatility, the desk is stable. 

The best L-shaped desk has several shelves beneath it that help in storing items. This desk is well designed with a metal frame and a stylish rustic brown top. Additionally, the desk has an adjustable foot and a steady frame for stability and durability. 

8. Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk

Bush Furniture Cabot best l shaped desks

This static large L-shaped desk has the most appealing traditional style with ample storage spaces. Its top is scratch-resistant and durable. One thing that makes this desk stand out is its four USB ports located at the top of the desk. 

These USB ports make connectivity much easier and effective. The Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk is strong enough to carry a weight of up to 200 pounds. 

9. MultiTable Standing Corner Desk

If you are looking for a minimal design, you have the MultiTable L-shaped standing desk. It has excellent configurations that help in getting the right height ranges. The desk has only one base color and a few desktop colors. A MultiTable modern L-shaped desk may be one of the simplest and cheapest options you may find. It can hold up to 330 pounds. 

10. UpDesk Pro SquaredUp Desk

UpDesk Pro best l shaped desks

This L-shaped computer desk has a single-piece desktop design that exists in one size. The UpDesk standing desk is 60 inches wide and 24 inches deep. You can buy this desk in two different colors of either maple or black. It stands on three legs of a Linak base. 

Since it doesn't have a motorized system, all adjustments are manual. The three legs are good for great stability and offer excellent ergonomic benefits. You can work with ease on this adjustable L-shaped desk given its large working space. 

11. Cassaottima L-Shaped Desk

This is a corner standing desk known for its ability to hold three to four computer monitors. It, thus, has a large working area ideal for gamers and streamers. The best L-shaped desk is a darling to many people because of its ability to resist heat well. 

It measures 51 by 29.5 inches and carries a weight of 40.4 pounds on each of its sides. The desk is waterproof and has an anti-scratch surface. Storage is enhanced by a removable shelf that provides extra space. It has a sleeker look with a large rounded edge for routing cables at the back of the desk. 

12. iMovR Lander L-Desk

iMovR Lander best l shaped desks

This best L-shaped desk is known as one of the most advanced and best standing corner desks on the market. It's a practical desk that's already 98 percent assembled. One person is enough to piece the desk together.

 13. Fully Jarvis Desk

The Fully Jarvis is an L-shaped computer standing desk with a high height of 48 inches and a low of 23 inches. It has three legs that help it support a weight of 530 pounds. The best L-shaped desk comes in a few colors when compared to the competition.

14. Uplift Curved Stand-up Desk

Uplift Curved Stand-up Desk

How would you like the idea of owning a single-piece desktop desk? If this sounds good, buy the Uplift Curved Stand-up desk. It runs 47 inches to 72 inches across the wall from one side to the other. Though it comes in only one size, it has four separate colors to choose from. 

It has a unique "pork chop" design that makes it stand out among the rest. This adjustable L-shaped desk uses three legs as a base that gives it stability. Though the desk is expensive, it has a wide working space to boot. 

15. Eureka Ergonomic Desk

Eureka is a Chinese masterpiece L-shaped standing corner desk. It provides high-quality designs ideal for a corner office. This state-of-the-art desk has many adjustable features people desire in a corner desk. 

Though it comes only in white and one size, the desk covers 60 by 42 inches. It is durable, high-quality, and performs well. The modern L-shaped desk comes with a wide working space that can hold more than two computer monitors. 

16. XDesk Custom Desk

XDesk Custom Desk

This L-series desk has a 250-percent larger desktop area than standard desks. The desk is of good quality and offers a modern aesthetic touch to your office. XDesk has a robust, fast, yet very quiet motorized system. You can set your positions for effortless and straightforward changes. 

17. The GreenForest Gaming Desk

GreenForest is a contemporary L-shaped desk for gaming. It has a triple-piece reversible design. The desk is eco-friendly as it is a product of P2 particleboard. It is easy to clean and maintain this desk as it is scratch-resistant and moisture-proof. 

This best L-shaped desk is stable and firm on uneven or carpeted floors. It relies on its heavy-duty steel frame, L-bracket, and adjustable legs to be this stable. Your leg and the CPU stand have enough space due to the desk's height of 29.1 inches. 

18. Bestier Desk with Shelves

What more would you want in a corner desk that gives you enough storage space? It may be nothing much. Bestier is a desk that allows two people to work together due to its large working space. It has three cable holes that permit the organization of wires. 

The surface covering of melamine prevents the desk from being damaged by spillages. It is a waterproof and anti-scratch desk. Bestier has adjustable shelves that offer added storage space. 

19. The Coleshome Gaming Desk

Any heavy-bodied gamer is bound to fall in love with this L-shaped gaming desk. It carries a weight of 400 pounds and has a wide working area. The desk is available in many colors and has a sturdy steel frame for enhanced balance. Open floors, carpets, or hardwood floors are safe through leveling studs. The desk's top is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. 


This best L-shaped desk has anti-skip pads that offer better stability to the user. With a support tube, you can increase the weight capacity of the desk. The desk has a divider that helps organize small items on it. There are multi-functional storage shelves that come with the desk. 

Final Remarks

You are now spoiled for choice as to what adjustable L-shaped desk to go for on the market. Make certain that whichever desk you choose serves the purpose for which it was intended. Why should you pick one desk over the other? Picking the right desk boils down to its functionality. You also need to look at the space for your home or business office. 

At the end of the day, make sure you have the best modern L-shaped desk for your office. If you are a streamer or a gamer, look for a desk for multiple monitors to give you enough space. Whatever the case may be, the best L-shaped desks for your office should serve you well.

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