20+ Small Home Office Setups – Creative & Stylish Ideas for 2024
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20+ Small Home Office Setups – Creative & Stylish Ideas for 2024

|Apr 7, 2022

A small home office setup might sound like a catastrophe, but organizing it can be a very fun process if you have some inspiring ideas to try out. This guide offers 21 alternatives you might want to consider!

20+ Stylish Small Home Office Setups in 2022

1. Change the Layout of Your Office Space

Change the Layout of Your Office Space

The first idea you should try out to change your small office space is to completely rearrange its layout. 

Sometimes finding new ways to make your workstation look stylish are to just go with straightforward options that you haven't tried before. Therefore, instead of automatically examining new small corner desk models, reorganize the furniture that you already have. 

2. Set Up a Sit-stand Workstation

If you're an office worker, you should care about two primary aspects: your health and your work productivity. In other words, you must make sure that you successfully complete your daily to-dos, but you should also guarantee that your back, neck, and shoulders are always healthy. 

A fantastic way to prevent back and leg pain and similar issues is to get a small standing desk that fits your space. Instead of having a regular table, this one allows you to change positions from sitting to standing, which aids blood circulation and avoids stiffness. 

3. Turn Your Closet into Your Office

Turn Your Closet into Your Office

In many cases, workers feel like they don't have any space to set up a home office at all. However, this problem is possible to solve if you get your creative juices flowing and find innovative solutions. 

A fantastic small office design alternative is to transform one of your closets and turn it into a workstation. If you don't have much space to work with, you can quickly make your own by doing this. 

Of course, it's highly unlikely you'll get a lot of room, but it's a convenient way to at least have some space to work with, which might be just what you need when you're in desperate need of it. 

4. Use a Curtain as a Room Divider

If you already have a fantastic chair such as the Autonomous Chair Ergo, what your compact workstation might need is something that helps you separate it from other areas in your surroundings, especially if you work in a bedroom or your living room. 

Fortunately, a convenient strategy to achieve this is to hang a curtain that divides the room in two. Your small office room can be on one side, and the rest of your surroundings can remain on the other one. 

5. Maximize Any Available Space

Maximize Any Available Space small home office setup

When you're finding the best strategies to try out in a small home office setup, you need to keep something essential in mind: you have to maximize whatever space you have available.

In other words, if you want your small home office ideas to work, you must make sure that you're saving as much space as you can. Thus, get rid of that useless, gigantic drawer and use some shelves instead, and overall try to find smaller replacements for your furniture. 

6. Floating Wall Units Are Unique

If you want something that makes your small office room completely stand out from any other workstation, floating wall units might be the ideal addition to your surroundings. 

These are completely unique and can make your office space look futuristic and innovative, especially if you already own an L-shaped standing desk.  

7. Office in a Hallway

Office in a Hallway small home office setup

Everyone can have a small office space – you just need to be creative. Thus, if you want to make the most out of your surroundings, you must find the ideal spot to place your furniture and office supplies

Although it sounds uncommon, your hallway might be the perfect place for you to set up your office, especially if you live alone. You probably won't get any traffic (unless your cat decides to roam around), so you can't disturb anyone's daily routines. 

Your hallway might have the ideal space you need to set up your workstation, so all you have to do is to reimagine it and start organizing your layout. 

8. Store in the Most Unexpected Places

Every office worker needs storage space, regardless of whether you own filing cabinets, shelves, or similar furniture pieces that help you organize your office supplies. 

Consequently, if you don't have much available space, you must make sure that you make the most out of what you can count on. Instead of having an empty wall, hang some shelves and use them to put the books and documents you must have near you every single day. 

If you see your surroundings differently, it might be much easier to come up with innovative solutions to get a stylish workstation. 

9. Get Furniture for Small Spaces

Get Furniture for Small Spaces

Of course, if you have a compact space, you need furniture that fits those dimensions. Even though a fancy, big leather chair like the Godfather's might be what you want to feel like you're the boss, you must choose items that fit the space you have available. 

Convenient, space-saving furniture pieces such as the Mount-It! desk converter, the DeltaHub wrist rest, and a monitor arm desk mount might be the ideal addition to compact workspaces. Thus, you should examine each option and determine which one fits your office's style and your work needs. 

10. Mount Furniture in Your Walls

Probably the best way to lay out a small home office setup is to mount some furniture pieces on your walls.  

Think about it: your walls offer you some space that you can use. Why not take advantage of it? Incorporate some shelves into the mix and use them to organize your supplies and other items! 

11. Add Splashes of Color

Add Splashes of Color small home office setup

Although this idea might not maximize the space of your small office design, it's still immensely beneficial, especially if you want to boost your motivation.

Just because you have a small office room doesn't mean you can't have fun with it. If you add splashes of color here and there, you can save space that you might spend incorporating some decorations, while also getting a beautiful office design that you may want to show off to everyone you know. 

12. Hide Your Office

This small office design idea is similar to the closet one. However, instead of putting your workstation in there, you simply have to hide it. 

There are desks that you can fold after you're done working, and you can get versatile chairs that match your surroundings’ style too. Thus, it's a matter of finding ways to make your office space blend in with the rest of the room they're in, especially if you don't have a dedicated space for this. 

13. Get a Stylish Wallpaper

Get a Stylish Wallpaper

As was mentioned before, you can design a beautiful workstation even if you don't have much space to work with. You don't need a gigantic room to be able to add some fun touches to your surroundings. 

With a modern and stylish wallpaper, you can make your small office space look completely different. If you want to avoid big decorations that might take up the little space you already have, a beautiful wallpaper might be the ideal way to add some style. 

14. Design the Space of Your Dreams

Some workers believe that having a small office room is a curse, but this is definitely not the case. Although it might create some extra challenges, designing a compact workstation can also be an immensely fun process if you focus on enjoying it. 

Even the tiniest workstations can be beautiful and stylish – all you need to do is try out different small home office ideas and reimagine your surroundings. Many workers have trouble with this at first, especially if they don't consider themselves to be creative. 

However, you can go through Pinterest and Google to get inspired and rethink your small home office setup. Instead of focusing on the lack of space you have, direct your attention to all the possibilities you get with limited space and try to come up with clever and creative ways to make your workstation look different! 

15. Use a Bookcase as a Desk

Use a Bookcase as a Desk

If you want to make the most out of the available space, you can use the furniture you already have and make sure that it serves a specific purpose. 

When you have a bookcase, for example, using it as a desk might be an ideal alternative if you don't want to use more space in your surroundings to add an extra piece of modern office furniture

As long as your made-up desk is high enough for you to comfortably sit down and get through your daily to-dos, you shouldn't have any issues. Make sure you also have room to move your legs and you're good to go! 

16. Transform Desks

In some cases, coming up with innovative ideas for your compact workstation is not just a matter of making it look more stylish. Sometimes, it's also about saving money. 

If you're on a budget, you might need to reinvent your surroundings and guarantee that some of the furniture pieces you already have serve more than one purpose. 

Therefore, take a look at what's surrounding you and try to spot things that you could use differently. You might have some home office desks that you can remake and use as shelves, or even as stools if you're temporarily in need of a chair. 

17. Get Elegant Furniture

Get Elegant Furniture small home office setup

Here's a tip that no one tells you – get fancy. Seriously! You are completely entitled to have fun and create the office of your dreams, regardless of the space you have available. 

Your small home office setup can completely change if you get sleek and elegant furniture. With luxurious items, you can (rather sneakily) drive people's attention away from your lack of space. 

18. Home Office in Your Entryway

On some occasions, desperate times require desperate measures. Therefore, if you feel like you have absolutely no space available, placing your small office room in your entryway might not even be an option but a necessity. 

This can certainly make your workstation stand out from the rest, even if not in the way you originally wanted. Even so, it's a fun and innovative way to change your perspective, and it also allows you to try out new things, for example, you might want to avoid clutter more than usual (probably in fear that one of your neighbors might spot it). 

Overall, even though it's somewhat uncommon, having an entryway small office space can be a very fun experience if you go with it! 

19. Use Two Paint Color Tones

Another pro tip to make your surroundings look completely different is to use two different paint color tones when you're painting the walls. 

Although this might not seem like a huge change in your small office design, it can make your surroundings look bigger – it's an optical illusion! Thus, get a slightly darker or lighter shade of the color you already chose and try it out. 

20. Versatile Furniture

Versatile Furniture small home office setup

Having a desk that can also transform into a table if you need to might sound strange, but versatile furniture can help you change your perspective about your small home office setup. 

Remember that setting up a new compact workstation is all about being creative, so multi-purpose furniture pieces are an ideal way to achieve this. 

21. Office in a Corner

You can easily place your office in a corner if you need a specific spot for your small home office setup. Forget about getting a fancy room for it – get rid of the dust bunnies in your designated area and start arranging your layout. 

Eventually, you might be able to rearrange your surroundings or even change your setup. However, if you're temporarily unable to have any other place for your workstation, use a corner of your room! 

Keynote Takeaways

Many workers dream of having a bigger office space, and this is not something you should completely discard. However, if you don't have much available, trying out the previously mentioned tips can help you change your surroundings and maximize your space!

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