20 DIY Desk Ideas To Make Working From Home a Breeze
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20 DIY Desk Ideas To Make Working From Home a Breeze

|Nov 1, 2022

A few years ago, working from home would have been considered unusual. However, the COVID-19 pandemic came around and changed all that. Now it seems like very soon, everyone will have to come up with some DIY desk ideas to make their home office a comfortable place to work. 

The great thing about working from home is you cut down on regular commuting while at the same time spending more time with your family and friends. However, if you do not already have a dedicated home office, you have your work cut out for you. 

Luckily for you, we have some great ideas for DIY desks for your home office that you can try out. At Autonomous, you can even find the perfect standing desk that will go perfectly with your home office design. 

Before we get started on the different DIY desk ideas we have for you, let us begin by looking at why you should be considering a standing desk in the first place and the things that you will need to build your own cheap DIY desk. 

Regular Desk vs. Standing Desk

Regular Desk vs. Standing Desk

Regular desks have been an office mainstay for as long as we can remember. However, recently, people have begun to look for ways to improve the working conditions of office employees. In particular, back problems associated with sitting behind a desk all day have been a major concern. 

In light of that, standing desks have emerged as a possible solution. The following are some of the benefits of having a standing desk: 

  • Great for relieving back, shoulder, and neck pain
  • They are one of the most trending office items right now
  • Your productivity will greatly improve
  • The latest designs are very modern, with electric motors and USB ports
  • They are a lot more affordable than traditional chunky wood office desks 

Why Should You Consider DIY Desks for Home Office?

Why Should You Consider DIY Desks for Home Office?

If you are considering getting a desk for your home office, you may be wondering whether it is actually better to simply build one on your own. It is certainly possible to build your own DIY storage desk, and here are some of the reasons why you should try it: 


By building your own DIY office desk, you can pick and choose the places where you are going to buy the material. This, and the fact that you will not be paying anyone else to do it, will greatly cut down on the overall cost of the project. 


When you are in charge of your own project, you can put a lot more effort into the things that matter most to you. Since it’s you who will be using the desk, ergonomics should be high on your list of important features to include in your DIY storage desk. You can make the desk as comfortable as possible. 

Height Adjustment

Height Adjustment

It is very difficult to find a desk that is the exact size to suit your height. Usually, the desk is a little bit too small or too big. However, when the tape measure is in your hands, you can make adjustments wherever you wish to do so. If you have a little bit of skill, you can even try building your own standing desk! 

It’s Enjoyable

One thing that many people are forgetting these days is that there is a lot of pleasure to be found in working with your hands. The time you will spend working on your DIY office desk can go on to become a cherished memory. 

Steps To Building Your Own DIY Office Desk

Now that you have decided to get started on your DIY office desk, here are the steps needed to complete the project: 


Preparation means taking the time to consider what kind of desk you want and where you are going to set up your home office. You will need to take measurements and be realistic about the available space. 



This is an important part of the process, especially if your intention was to build a cheap DIY desk. If you are not careful, you might end up buying your material at the wrong place, meaning your project will become very expensive. 


Now that everything is in place, it’s time to assemble the DIY office desk. This stage is very important because it will determine how well the desk looks in the end. 


When you have finished fixing up your desk, you will need to consider what kind of decorations you wish to include in it. This will depend on your personal preferences. You can have a look at some of the DIY desk ideas discussed in this article. 

20 DIY Desk Ideas To Get You Started

Make your home office the place to be with the following DIY desk ideas for 2022: 

1.  A Simple Standing Desk

A Simple Standing Desk - DIY desk ideas

Building a DIY standing desk may not be as difficult as you think. With the right material and a little bit of work, you can have the perfect desk that covers all your home office needs. If you do not feel like building one, you can buy a great desk from the Autonomous website right now, and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

2.  Get Some Decorations

When you want your home office to feel like your own personal space, a few professional office desk decoration ideas are the way to go. From Kawai to modern styles, you will never run out of options. Pick one that feels comfortable and go for it! 

3.  Hide the Monitor

If your home office is just a corner of the living room or bedroom, you probably do not want the computer monitor to be sticking out like a sore thumb all the time. Luckily many DIY desk ideas include a desk that hides your monitor

4.  Try Feng Shui

Try Feng Shui DIY desk ideas

Feng Shui is all about balancing your work and recreational area to create a feeling of harmony. Sounds awesome right? Try a Feng Shui bedroom desk to create a home office that doesn’t get in the way or make your bedroom feel less like a place of rest. 

5.  Save Space With a Compact Desk

Having a home office is not so great if you have too little space to work with. To avoid taking up too much of your limited space, go for a compact desk instead of a larger one. You will still be able to get your work done in comfort without taking over the entire room. 

6.  Go Modern With a SmartDesk

You probably already have one or two personal gadgets that you need daily before adding the various office accessories that you will be using. With a smart desk you can keep all your devices fully charged, thanks to the USB ports it comes with. 

7.  Set up a Tiltable Desk

Set up a Tiltable Desk

If you want to be able to work comfortably on your DIY office desk, consider a tiltable desk. You can set up your laptop at the precise angle you want to avoid having a sore neck after a busy day in the office.

8.  Add Some Charging Ports

With a little knowledge of electricity, it is surprisingly easy to build a DIY desk with chargers for your devices. This will come in very handy when you need to keep your devices close by while they are charging. You will also avoid the need to install some extra plug points. 

9.  Minimalist DIY Desk

These days, modern office designing is all about sticking to the essentials, rather than filling up the entire room with a lot of clutter and accessories that you do not really need. Go for the minimalist look and keep things simple. 

10.  Sawhorse DIY Desk

Sawhorse DIY desk ideas

Do you need an extra-long desk but do not want to build a permanent fixture? A couple of sawhorses can be the ideal solution. In this case, we do not mean the rough kind that you find in workshops. You can pick out some elegantly designed ones that will add some style to your office. 

11.  Convert Your Console

If you do not have the space to build and set up a brand new DIY office desk, look around the house for a flat surface you can use. You can easily convert a console to a makeshift desk. As long as the height is good enough, you may end up forgetting it was a console, to begin with. 

12.  Keep It Simple and Bright With a Wall-mounted Desk

Keep It Simple and Bright With a Wall-mounted Desk

Another great space-saving DIY desk idea is to build a wall-mounted desk. Without the need for legs, your desk will not take up much space. You can add a folding feature to it so that when not in use it can be stored neatly against the wall. 

13.  Go Vintage With an Eclectic Queen Anne Leg Desk

Mixing some modern elements with some vintage styles can produce a very lovely effect. If your room is already full of gadgets and similar things, why not get a vintage desk that will contrast nicely with the rest of the room? 

14.  Get a Suspended Desk

The great thing about a suspended desk, besides the fact that it looks so cool, is that it can double as a shelf for books or flowers when you are not working on it. It's a great option to have if you will only be working at your desk on very rare occasions. 

15.  Try a Roll-top Desk

If you are going for an antique look, the roll-top desk is a great choice. These desks used to be very popular back in the day, and for a good reason. They look great and are wonderful places to hide office clutter. If you are going to be working with a lot of paperwork and files, a roll-top desk will come in very handy. 

16.  How About a Glass Top Desk DIY

How About a Glass Top Desk DIY

The way a glass table top catches the natural light coming through the window can be something awesome to see. With so many of the latest designs being made of tempered glass, you do not even have to worry about breaking it. 

17.  Sleek Floating Desks Are In

If you want to create the illusion of a workstation that is floating in the air, there are a lot of DIY floating desk ideas to get some inspiration from. Having no legs means you do not need as much space for this desk as you would with a regular design. They are also trending right now so you will be up to date with the latest designs. 

18.  Chalky Finish Paint and Wax Would Look Great

Your choice of paint color is very important because it could make or break all your design efforts. Choose a color that does not draw too much attention to the desk, such as chalky finish paint and wax. 

19.  A Classic Hairpin Leg DIY Desk

The thing with design trends is that they seem to go around in circles. Classic hairpin legs on office desks used to be very popular back in the day and they seem to have made a comeback. Get yourself one of these desks to add a vintage look to your home office. 

20.  A Matching Table and Bench DIY Desk

A Matching Table and Bench DIY Desk

If you want something that will look totally different, then why not go for a matching table and bench for your office. These are items you would normally expect to find in the garden, which is why it’s so much fun to include them in your home office setup. After all, it’s your own personal space to do as you please! 

Final Word

Nothing beats the joy of sitting in a home office that you have designed yourself using your favorite DIY desk ideas. You will not mind spending much of your time there and this will greatly improve your productivity.

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