20 DIY Studio Desk Setup Ideas
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20 DIY Studio Desk Setup Ideas

|Nov 25, 2020

If you are a musician, producer, or artist, having your own studio is invaluable. You find the freedom to create and edit whenever you need to. You can also customize the space to meet your requirements and bolster your creativity. Continue reading to learn about 20 DIY studio desk setup ideas.

Why Does Desk Choice Matter?

Having the perfect desk setup has numerous benefits. For one, it can reduce your chances of developing back and neck pains when you are forced to strain yourself. When you have an ergonomic desk with a good setup, you are more comfortable. Many studies have been done to illustrate the impact that having a good office arrangement can boost your productivity. When you are trying to make some music or develop content, the last thing you need when you are trying to make some music is a cluttered workspace or an uncomfortable setup.

Why Does Desk Choice Matter?

Why Should You Try a DIY Desk Setup?

With so many great desk options on the market, why should you bother with DIY? After all, not everyone is great with power tools and handiwork. If that’s on your mind when you think about DIY, then it’s time to consider the broader meaning of the term. Setting up a DIY desk for your studio does not necessarily entail using any saws and drills. Many times, the setup process is relatively quick and straightforward, even for the complete novice. Here are some of the pros and cons of setting up your own desk to help you choose what is ultimately going to benefit you the most.

DIY setup for your studio desk

  • icon checkA desk you get to set up on your own is usually customizable. This means you can adjust features such as the desk’s length or height to meet your needs.
  • icon checkDIY is often fun because you get to be involved in designing your ideal studio.
  • icon checkMany DIY desk models can be put together in a matter of minutes without using any heavy tools.
  • icon checkYou can tailor your setup to your creativity and plan around with different setups until you find the right fit. Use this opportunity to create your dream studio.
  • icon checkYour DIY home studio desk can be a lasting reminder of your accomplishment and handiwork.
  • icon times You don’t buy the desk ready to use.
  • icon timesYou have to devote a little bit of time to reading the instruction and setting it up.

20 Ideas for Your DIY Studio Desk Setup

If you want to get started with setting up your own studio desk, here are 20 ideas to give you inspiration and a starting place:

1. Try a standing desk

standing desk has many, many advantages. It gives you the flexibility to adjust your working position as needed. You can sit, stand, exercise, and also multitask. There are numerous benefits to your health and posture.

2. The Smartdesk Core

For your home studio, consider the Smartdesk Core. This is a beautiful option, guaranteed to boost your energy and productivity. There are four adjustable height levels for your convenience.

3. The Smartdesk Pro

If you want something more professional and business-looking, then consider the Smartdesk Pro.

SmartDesk Premium

4. The Smartdesk

The newest in the standing desk series from Autonomous is the Smartdesk, and this is set to wow you and make your home studio even better.

SmartDesk 4

5. Consider a larger desk

On the other side of the spectrum, a desk that is too small can also make your workspace feel cramped. You might find a good spot to space everything you need on your DIY music production desk.

Consider a larger desk

6. Consider a smaller desk

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your studio is downsizing on the furniture. Everyone loves a large desk, but there can be a few problems if your desk is larger than needed. The main challenge is that your desk might take up more room than your studio allows. It’s quite possible that working in a cramped space can end up hampering your productivity.

Consider a smaller desk

7. Buy additional shelves

When space is a challenge, buying separate additional bookshelves can clear up your desk and help you feel more organized.

8. Think about the drawers

When picking a desk, always look at how many drawers are available and how you might want to allocate these.

9. Get the right chair

The desk and chair combination is an important one for style and ergonomics. Picking the right chair can make your studio time more relaxed and more fruitful. Ideally, you want a chair with some adjustable features so that you can customize it to your height and desk.

Get the right chair

10. Think about desk color

Your DIY recording desk should be in a color that makes you feel happy and creative. Don’t neglect this simple detail when choosing a new desk.

11. Think about desk material

There are lots of great material styles and finishes, so get adventurous.

12. Plan for your accessory cables

Make a plan so that you don’t have messy cables in your workspace.

13. Plan for your keyboard

Your desk should have a great place for your keyboard.

Plan for your keyboard

14. Move your desk

Sometimes, all you have to do to make your studio better is to change the furniture arrangement.

15. Plan your lighting

Great lighting for your studio can make a world of difference.

Plan your lighting

16. Match your design style

Consider having a theme for the design of your studio.

17. Use your walls for atmosphere

Pictures of your favorite musical inspiration people and ideas can make the studio one that you can’t wait to be in again.

18. Look at Pinterest for studio inspiration

Seeing pictures of what someone else is doing with their studio desk setup can give you new ideas and inspiration for your own.

19. Be bold

Don’t be afraid to try something different with your DIY music production desk.

20. Keep making adjustments

You never know what might work until you are willing to try and fail a few times.

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