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20 Gold Floor Lamps for an Extra Dose of Dazzling Opulence
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20 Gold Floor Lamps for an Extra Dose of Dazzling Opulence

|Sep 19, 2022

Sometimes, we want to add some opulence to a room, but we don’t know how to. Luckily, home furniture can help us get that look that we deserve in any room. However, sometimes, it might be too bulky, which is why you might want a gold floor lamp instead. There are many to choose from, but that doesn’t mean they are all good. 

This list is here to show you the 20 best gold floor lamps, so you can pick one that is elegant and stylish. You deserve the very best, after all!

20 Gold Floor Lamps For Your Elegant Space

1. Brightech Swoop LED Floor Lamp

When it comes to a modern floor lamp, the Swoop floor lamp is picked a lot. That is because the beautifully sculpted lamp will sit perfectly amongst all of your furniture. This one by Brightech has an adjustable lampshade so that you can point the light in any direction. You will have a lamp that doesn’t just look great but works perfectly too. 

Another thing about this lamp is the footswitch. Sometimes, people don’t want the switch near the lightbulb because it will burn their fingers. However, when you have a footswitch, you won’t need to worry about that. Instead, you can just tap your foot and be ready to go. 

2. Brightech Logan LED Floor Lamp

Another gold standing lamp is this Logan floor lamp by Brightech. It has a contemporary design, making it easily sink into any room you put it in. The base is made of luxurious black marble, which is very sturdy. Also, the shade is lovely linen that will blend well with everything and won’t block any light from the bulb. 

Sometimes, you want to add some class to your space, but it can be too expensive; this option is much more affordable than others. With so many lamps, you should pick one that speaks to you. 

3. Brightech Luna LED Floor Lamp

An interesting gold floor lamp for your living room could be the Brightech Luna LED floor lamp. With its white sphere at the top, it can be a great statement piece with the rest of your furniture in your living room. Also, it will fit well with other modern furniture because of its minimalistic design.  

This gold floor lamp is also compatible with a Smart Home, which will make all the tech people happy. You can put in the bulb you want to control and have your way with the lamp. It is a great piece! 

4. Brightech Sphere Floor Lamp

If you want a tall gold lamp with more than one sphere, then the Brightech Sphere floor lamp will be the best option. It is on sale and comes with two long-lasting LED bulbs for the frosted white glass spheres. You will love the modern and slim profile of this gold lamp, which will sit in any room comfortably. 

There are many other lamps like this online, but not many are made of such good quality materials and are sitting at a good price. If you want something that will make a statement, then this is an excellent option for you. 

5. Rosen Garden Floor Lamp

Rosen Garden Floor Lamp

While there are many modern floor lamps, sometimes, it can be hard to pick one that speaks to you. This gold floor lamp comes with three shelves, which makes it the perfect option for those who need a lamp by a seat. You can put some books, a plant, and even your coffee on these shelves, so you won’t need a side table. 

It is an excellent piece if you enjoy reading before going to bed or just want to have a warm light on at the end of the day. 

6. Frieda Floor Lamp

This tall gold lamp is clean and will match any contemporary look you’re going for. It will impact every spot because the bulb's glass is clear and perfect. There are many different decorative bulbs out there, which means if you like to have one on your floor lamp, this gold floor lamp will be the right one. 

The base is made of steel; if you don’t want gold, then brass floor lamps are an option with this company. With so many different colors and lamps to choose from, you are bound to have one that will make a statement. 

7. Nourison 54” Metal Adjustable Swing Arm Task Reading Floor Lamp

Nourison 54” Metal Adjustable Swing Arm Task Reading Floor Lamp

Home office lighting is essential for your eyes because you don’t want to strain them while working. Luckily, you won’t need to when you have a gold floor lamp that has been made to help you while you’re working. This lamp by Nourison is clean and polished, which will suit your room perfectly. 

Also, you can move the shade to point anywhere you need. This is ideal for those changing their seating position or moving chairs. You can ensure that your modern gold floor lamp gives you enough light every time. 

8. Silver Orchid Trombone Tray Table Floor Lamp in Gold Metal & Clear Glass

All music lovers and opulent searchers will appreciate this gold-standing lamp. It has a frosted glass sphere around the bulb so that you won’t see what is inside. However, the bottom is different because the designer gave it a tray to make it look like a trombone. 

This tray is another great addition to your space if you need a coffee table but don’t have the room. Small spaces can struggle with getting furniture that will help with practical needs, but that is why you should pick out pieces like this one because it will ensure that you always have a place to put down your glass. 

9. Novogratx x Globe SoHo

Novogratx x Globe SoHo gold floor lamp

The tall gold lamp by Novogratx is perfect for those who want a minimalistic style with a simple modern twist. Overall, the body has three freestanding matte gold bars, bringing the guest's eyes off the floor and towards the lovely linen lamp shade. They will notice how this gold lamp can be used with many different aesthetics, so you won’t need to worry about which room to put it in. 

10. Jasper Floor Lamp

A gold floor lamp that speaks volumes is this Jasper lamp. It is opulent to the max because the glass rods will make it look like the sun has come into your room for a visit. You will love that this retro-futuristic design is different and speaks to the other people that come in contact with it. You can put it in many different rooms, making it the right one if you haven’t decided where things go yet. 

11. SAFAVIEH Lighting Elisa Baroque Antiqued Gold Floor Lamp

SAFAVIEH Lighting Elisa Baroque Antiqued Gold Floor Lamp

Gold floor lamps for living rooms need to be the perfect mix of beautiful and minimal. The last thing you want is something too crazy because it won’t match well with everything else in the room. The bottom of this lamp was inspired by Florentine buildings, which means you will bring some of that classic Italian feeling into your living room or home office setup.

12. SAFAVIEH Lighting Crispin Gold Side Table

Another gold floor lamp option for small spaces is this one by SAFAVIEH. With the side table, you can use this lamp in many different ways. There is no way you can’t make your small space feel luxurious with this lamp. It was inspired by a grand hotel recently built in Manhattan, which is why it has style and substance. 

13. Phasis Modern LED Floor Lamp

Phasis Modern LED Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for a gold standing floor lamp with a more classic style, this one by Phasis will be ideal. It is tall, creating a visually appealing space in any room you place it in. The gold metal frame has been polished to perfection, which will impress everyone that sees it. Also, three clear crystal balls are on the metal before you know the shade. 

It is a beautiful piece that will go in every space.

14. Gold Metal Floor Lamp with Crystals

People say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but crystals can sparkle when you want them to. This gold metal floor lamp is covered in crystal beads, which will sparkle every time you turn it on. It says you should use a dimmer switch with this lamp because you can better control how blinding you want the light to be. 

15. SAFAVIEH Liana Gold Metal Crystal LED Floor Lamp

SAFAVIEH Liana Gold Metal Crystal LED Floor Lamp

This gold floor lamp is funky and beautiful at the same time. You may look at it and not think that it will be steady, but it is. Even though the curvature of the lamp does a twirl, you will enjoy the different look that this lamp has compared to many others on the list. It will spark good conversation in your presence because it is elegant and pretty. 

16. Colldale Gold Finish

If you want a tall gold lamp, this is the right one. It is 95”, so it will dwarf many things in your room. It is suggested that your ceilings are high enough for it because you don’t want it too close to the top. If you want a gold floor lamp that will fit a modern home, you won’t need to look any further. 

The bottom is also black marble, making it stand out from bottom to top. Overall, the arched lamps will also bring light to every corner of the room. 

17. Babet LED Integrated Tri-Pod Floor Lamp

Babet LED Integrated Tri-Pod Floor Lamp

Another interesting gold floor lamp you can consider is this one by Babet. It has been geometrically designed to look like a planet. You can move the spheres to have enough light in the position you want. It should be set up with a dimmer switch because it does come with a remote. 

Also, the tripod is sturdy, and you will like this piece in your modern home office or living room. 

18. Reggie Floor Lamp

A gold standing lamp with more of a lantern feel might be the one you’re looking for. This Reggie lamp is tall, slim, and sturdy. Also, it conveniently fits in corners, making it the perfect piece to put into any room since it can just slide right in. The fabric of the lampshade is light brown, which is ideal for those who don’t want a lamp to control the space. 

19. Escobon Gold Glam

Gold floor lamps for living rooms should be elegant and opulent, which is why this one by Escobon is a great find. It is a transitional lamp with a blend of metals, linen, and glass. The square glass and metal are layered with a base that will hold the lamp steadily. Every person who sees it will notice that it picks up on all the other gold accents you have in your room. 

20. Aurora LED Arched Floor Lamp

The last gold floor lamp on this list is this one by Aurora. It is perfect for any space but will bring a modern twist to a tree. All the lights are long LED poles that will brighten up any room with its contemporary arch. Also, it comes with a dimming function, making it perfect for people who enjoy controlling the many different features a light can have. 


If you want to bring some opulence to a room, then a gold floor lamp is the best way to do it. You will notice that it brings elegance, peace, and a splash of art to your space because of how it stands. There are plenty of options to choose from, but you should ensure that the one you pick will match the aesthetic you’re going for.

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