20 Gray Home Office Desks - Computer Tables (2024 Updated)
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20 Gray Home Office Desks - Computer Tables (2024 Updated)

|Jan 8, 2022

Office workers need to worry about many things, and one of them is getting the perfect equipment for their office. Therefore, we recommend they spend all the time they need looking for the best office chair and grey home office desk that they can find.  

Standing desks, and office desks in general, can help you with many things. Make sure to pick the one that suits your office’s aesthetics. If you have a gray-oriented office, this is the page for you. Read on to know the best 20 gray home office desks! 

20 Gray Home Office Desks for Your 2022

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) grey home office desk

Autonomous has always put an effort into developing high-quality ergonomic products. The Autonomous Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) proves that since it has everything an office worker would need to work comfortably. Like all the other desks on this list, this product is gray.  

Using this adjustable standing desk can boost your productivity by allowing you to work while sitting or standing at all times. Since the standing position is the ideal one for the human body, using those grey home office desks allows you to work all the time you need without getting back and neck pain.  

The desk’s electric dual motor allows you to switch between different desk positions in a matter of seconds without making any noise.  

2. Autonomous Desk Eureka

Autonomous Desk Eureka grey home office desk

Following up with another Autonomous product, we have the Autonomous Autonomous Desk Eureka. Many people consider this desk to be the best gray office desk on the market due to how many tabletops it offers you and its next-level technology features.  

This grey home office desk includes a control pad with four programmable settings for you to adjust. Doing that allows you to adapt the desk to your taste and working style. You can put all your office equipment on this desk since it can hold up to 310lbs.  

3. Monarch Specialties Style Desk

There are other great brands apart from Autonomous, and one of them is Monarch Specialties. One of its flagship products is the Monarch Specialties Modern Style desk, which has a stylish and minimalist gray design that makes your office look more professional and appealing.  

The best thing about this grey home computer desk is that it’s not that big, so you can use it for your office or home office. This desk’s tabletop is made of reclaimed wood, which makes it look better than many other alternatives made of different materials. You can even use it as a table.  

4. Bestier L-Shaped RGB Desk

Bestier L-Shaped grey home office desk

Many gaming desks and other equipment can be used as office products. The reason for that is gamers and programmers also need ergonomic items and tend to suffer from back and neck pain. Therefore, you can buy gaming desks and use them for your office. One of those desks is the Bestier L-Shaped RGB Desk. 

As you may have guessed by reading its name, this grey home computer desk is an L-shaped one, so it’s larger than the previous options on this list. Thanks to that, you can put many things on it and even use it as a double desk.  

5. FlexiSpot Ergonomic Home Office Desk

FlexiSpot Ergonomic grey home office desk

FlexiSpot loves developing bamboo desks, and the FlexisSpot Ergonomic Home Office Desk shows that. However, all its materials are eco-friendly, so it’s an excellent alternative if you care about the environment. The way in which this desk makes you feel comfortable while working promotes your mental and physical health.  

Sturdiness is something essential in office products since most of them are used for long periods. You can’t afford to buy a grey home computer desk that is going to deteriorate after a few months of use. FlexiSpot knows that, so it designed this product to have natural heat absorption and antibacterial properties. 

6. Classic Top Premium Dual Motor Desk

Minimalist desks are always trending, and it’s easy to fit them with any gray office chair you find online. The Classic Top Premium Dual Motor Desk is perfect for that matter since it comes in many colors, and it’s not difficult to combine it with other products. But let’s consider the grey one!

Using desks that encourage micromovements boosts comfort and your overall wellbeing at the end of the day, and this grey home office desk does that perfectly. That also improves your legs' blood flow and keeps you from getting too anxious or stressed while working. This desk’s dual motors also help you switch between standing and sitting without that taking a lot of time from you.  

7. Somerset 72W Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Somerset 72W grey home office desk

One of the most important things to do before getting a grey home office desk is checking the space you have available for it. You don’t want to get a desk that is too big to fit in your office. If you have enough space in your office for a large desk, then the Somerset 72W is a decent option for you. 

Building an ergonomic office setup with this desk is not difficult, and that helps you get all the things you need to boost your productivity. Its design is sophisticated, so it also makes your office look better, which makes you feel more active there. 

8. Strick and Bolton Cubiles Adjustable Desk

L-shaped desks are wonderful for both gamers and people who need to have many things on their desks, so consider going for the Strict and Bolton Cubiles desk if you work with many office items.  

The only downside to this grey home standing desk is its price since it’s one of the most expensive desks on the list. If you are also looking for a gray ergonomic office chair, then you should look for a more inexpensive desk. However, it’s a decent option if you can afford it.  

9. Furniture of America Hix Contemporary Desk

Furniture of America Hix grey home office desk

Furniture of America has wonderful products for people living in the U.S, and you can even save money from its free shipping. This grey home standing desk is way smaller than an L-shaped desk, so get it if you don’t need or have that much space in your workspace.  

Its design is appealing and modern, which is great if you are going for that aesthetic or aiming at a younger target audience. You can lower or raise this desk by only pressing a button, so make sure to switch from one position to another from time to time. Doing that helps you boost your creativity.  

10. Furniture of America Glidene Computer Table

Getting to another Furniture of America product, we have the Glidene Modern Computer Table. This product has a similar size to the previous item from this brand but offers different features and comes at a more affordable cost, so it’s ideal if you don’t want to go over your budget and still get a high-quality desk.  

The Furniture of America Glidene Computer Table is available in three different colors. However, what shines the most about this grey work from home desk is its sturdy metal frame that offers you a spacious top for your office equipment. Don’t worry about this desk getting a scratch or losing its brightness after a time.  

11. Genthner W Desk

Genthner W grey home office desk

You can get an ergonomic office desk even if it’s not a standing one since traditional office products can also be comfortable for you. However, take into account that you can’t work while standing on them, but you could still get a desk converter from Autonomous or other ergonomics brands.  

People looking for a small gray home office desk can buy the Genthner W Desk and enjoy one of the smallest products on this list. You could even use this item as a nightstand, so move it any time you feel like it.  

12. Gray Ainsley Corner Desk

Small office desks are an excellent option, too, and you can see that with the Genthner W Desk. Another example of small desks is the Ainsley Corner Desk, which offers you a different design and shape than most office desks. Its corner design allows you to place different things on it and put it in any corner of your office.  

This is one of the most inexpensive grey work from home desks on this list, so it’s perfect if you are working on a budget or need to get other office items. One of the best features of this product is its drawer. You can store everything you are not using at the moment in it.  

13. Atencio Reversible Desk

Atencio Reversible grey home office desk

If you liked the idea of having a drawer on your desk, then you are going to love the Atencio Reversible Desk. Buying this cost-effective product represents getting four open reversible storage shelves that allow you to store all your office items with no problem.  

You can attach the desk’s shelving units on the right or left part of the desk, and since they are reversible, it’s no trouble for you to move them when you need to. Assembling this product is simple, and anyone could do it, so don’t worry if you don’t like DIY products.  

14. Champlin Desk

Some office desks don’t offer you that much space to place your office equipment but have some features that could make things easier for you in the long run. The Champlin Desk is an example of that since it gives you two USB power ports in case you need to charge your smartphone or any other gadget.  

Although the Champlin grey home office desk is significantly small, it has hidden storage shelves you can use to store your office equipment. Apart from that, its compact design fits with small offices and home workstations, so it’s perfect for remote workers.  

15. Kinslee Desk

Kinslee grey home office desk

The Kinslee Desk is one of those products that have a small table but make up for that by giving you tons of shelves and storage space. Whether you work with computers, documents, or books, you can store them all here, so don’t worry about that.  

All its shelves are adjustable and removable, and customizing them doesn’t take any time from you. You have four different ways to set the storage space this desk gives you, so try various combinations and stick with the one you feel most comfortable with. This grey home office desk is also recyclable and is made of durable materials.  

16. Dojtcho Height Adjustable Desk

Going back to standing desks, this is the Dojtcho Height Adjustable Desk. Working with sit-stand desks helps you avoid the negative effects of sedentary jobs, so go for this one if you need to work on a tight schedule and sit for hours while working. 

Eco-friendly workers can also get this chair without worrying about it representing any threat to the environment. Additionally, it’s sturdy enough to stick with you for several years without losing its brightness or starting to malfunction. You can get desk stands for this grey work from home desk too.  

17. Fortson L-Shape Desk

Fortson L-Shape Desk

Although many people don’t pay attention to that, leg room is important when talking about desks and office products that focus on comfort. The Fortson L-Shape Desk gives you enough space to relax your legs while working.  

18. Baillargeon Pewter Computer Desk  

As we mentioned before, desks made of sturdy materials are essential for office workers to look for heavy-duty products. You can find that in the Baillargeon Pewter grey work from home desk, which offers you a desk for a compact workstation that doesn’t give you that much space to work with.  

19. Sinead Desk

Sinead Desk

This is one of the best gray office desks in the market. The Sinead Desk is one of those desks that are perfect for gamers, programmers, and office workers alike. Its flagship feature is its cable management hole, which is perfect for people who work with personal computers or laptops.  

20. Airini L-Shaped Desk

Being the last product on a list doesn’t mean that it’s a bad desk, and you can see that in the Airini L-Shaped Desk. This product has everything you need to work without getting back or neck pain.

Bottom Line

There are many desks to choose from when looking for office products, but you don’t need to keep looking for one anymore. You can pick any of the 20 best gray office desks we mentioned before and get high-quality items for your workspace.  

However, we recommend you go for the Autonomous ones since these have proven to be some of the most reliable options workers can get for their office.

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