20 Modern & Contemporary Desks for a Workspace in 2024
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20 Modern & Contemporary Desks for a Workspace in 2024

|Mar 25, 2022

As you put your modern workspace together, you may find yourself desiring a contemporary desk as the centerpiece. You wouldn't be the first, but if you don't have the right guidance, your desk choices may be less than optimal. 

A visual flair is always a wonderful thing, and modern designs provide that in spades. However, there is more to it than that. Desks are meant to stick around for a very long time, and they don't bring the value they’re supposed to if you find yourself having to change them prematurely. 

Honestly, you can drown your table in all the modern desk accessories you want, the visual side of the fence is not the only one there is, and it's not even necessarily the most important. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that you must select an ugly one. Finding a contemporary home office desk that looks great and meets performance expectations is certainly not beyond the realm of possibility. 

You can quite easily find typical or sit-stand desk options that hit the mark more than you'd ever believe. What can you expect to gain from reading through all the information below? First, you get to see some solid options that can sit at the center of tremendous modern home office ideas.

Next, you get a done-for-you contrast session that lays out 20 stellar designs and clues you in on what you may find appealing about each of them. Whether you are in the market for a modern standing desk or something with height adjustment built-in or something a little simpler, you should be able to find a model that speaks to your needs below. 

20 Modern & Contemporary Desks For Your Workspace

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) contemporary desk

The Autonomous Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is intended to provide greater well-being and consistent productivity. With three different frame color options and nine tabletop choices, customization for your aesthetic is certainly going to be no problem. 

The frame is made from solid steel and features an electric dual motor for quiet, yet powerful height adjustment along a generous range. This can be facilitated by a simple up and down keypad control, or you can opt for the programmable version with pre-drilled holes and four memory presets for you to enjoy. 

2. Autonomous Desk Connect

Autonomous Desk Connect contemporary desk

Autonomous struck gold with the Autonomous Desk Connect, which is undoubtedly the most sophisticated and contemporary desk that it has ever made. You have two frame sizes, six tabletop colors and three frame colors to choose from. 

Enjoy modular and fine-grained controls with the convenient app. Anti-collision is built into the design, and you can schedule automatic sit stand sessions. The electric motor is an improvement over the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard), as is the load capacity. Of course, there is a solid steel frame. The icing on the cake is a whole 7-year warranty.

3. Oria L-shaped Glass Desk

It's almost impossible for you not to get a modern home office desk look out of anything made with a glass tabletop. Therefore, the Oria L-shaped glass office desk certainly brings that contemporary feel. The glass is tempered for greater durability, and this is reinforced by the iron base for tremendous weight support. 

The L shape means that you can take advantage of the corner space effectively, and as you can imagine, keeping things clean is barely an inconvenience. 

4. Bon Augure Wooden Desk

Bon Augure Wooden contemporary desk

The visual of this rustic design combines a contemporary feel with a couple of traditional elements. It's a wide tabletop space, offering you 55 inches of real estate for your items. Even so, it is best used in a minimalistic style, which helps to provide a premium aura. 

Though it's not height adjustable, there is quite a solid amount of room underneath it for both your legs and a bit of storage. 

5. Vitesse Gaming Desk

Gaming desks are becoming more prevalent in the office space, especially these types that have built-in cup and headphone holders. It’s a lot of tabletop space for you to enjoy, and the color scheme pops out for those who are interested in that kind of visual.

There is technically a free mouse pad, considering the entire tabletop surface of the desk is made of that kind of material. Additionally, you have four leveling feet to maintain a horizontal standing, as well as four USB ports to help keep your devices charged. 

6. Amici Office Desk

Amici Office Desk

Their Amici modern home office desk has quite an interesting design, which seems to be a pattern where contemporary desks are concerned. It boasts a sturdily constructed stainless steel frame with brushed steel tubing, layered and separated by clear lucite spacers. The tabletop provides you with 48.5 inches of space, which should be more than enough. 

Since you have this spacing layout as opposed to one continuous glass panel, you don't have to deal with as much dust as you probably traditionally would have. 

7. Hampton Writing Desk

While it's not impossible for you to use your office equipment atop this one like you would any other desk on the list so far, it's technically built to be more of a writing desk than it is a computer one.  

It's designed with rounded legs and features a trestle-inspired base. You have a pencil drawer present including three wooden trays, providing you with a convenient organization method. 

This is one of those desks that's more about the intriguing visual than it is anything else. 

8. GreenForest L-Shaped Office Desk

GreenForest L-Shaped contemporary desk

Here's another tremendous L-shaped design, allowing you to adequately take advantage of your corner real estate. It has a movable shelf that you can use for a variety of reasons, and there is also a facility for you to place your system unit. 

The tabletop is quite roomy and allows you to fit multiple screens, a laptop, your peripherals, desk accessories, and more. The icing on the cake of this contemporary desk is the sturdy build composition featuring beautiful wood and a steel frame with an X-pattern design and stability bars. 

9. Liphook Glass Office Desk

If you get traditional vibes from this model, there is no surprise there. It's a modern spin on a very traditional style, with a surprisingly large 63-inch surface. Since the tabletop is glass and the legs have a chrome steel finish, you can see where the modernization comes from. 

Though the legs look a bit odd, they are highlight adjustable, which gives you a little bit of freedom that some other desks may not. 

10. Bush Business Cabinet Desk

Bush Business Cabinet contemporary desk

It's probably a good idea to start by telling you that you may incur a little more expense here than you would some of the other options. However, it looks good, has a pretty solid build quality, and it's incredibly functional. 

Several drawers are included for great spacing and there are even two facilities for adequate cable management. 

11. Lucid Office Desk

This contemporary office desk has maintained great popularity for many years. It's quite large, stands out visually, and is pretty well built. The frame is made of pure aluminum, and the legs have built-in power management.  

Getting everything connected and working can be a bit of a chore, but once you do, the reward is well worth it. 

12. Walker Wall Mounted Desk

Walker Wall Mounted Desk

A wall-mounted desk is not uncommon in today's office space, considering the freedom they offer and the space-saving opportunities they provide. This is an incredibly simple yet stunning piece of furniture that is very well complemented by its walnut wood veneer secured to the wall behind it.  

The actual modern home office desk

 is a slab of white lacquer mounted at a slight horizontal offset from the veneer. Two pencil drawers are included, so there is even a bit of storage involved.

13. Tribesigns Office Desk

Tribesigns went well beyond the call of duty with this contemporary desk, considering that you have a whole hutch with three separate storage areas up top, and a bookshelf underneath. It's unique looking and visually appealing, and it’s very adept at providing support to your hardware. The beautiful wood is well supported by its thick steel frame. 

14. Cubiker Computer Desk

Cubiker Computer Desk

This modern executive desk looks like your typical rectangular option with stability bars in an X-pattern design. MDF wood is used here atop a steel frame, which is perfect for stability and great functionality. 

Color and size adjustment options allow for individual tailoring, and there is an easily reachable support team for any challenges you may face. 

15. Alpha Battlestation Gaming Desk

Again, a modern traditional or a home office desk can easily fall under the gaming niche.AI stained black and red aesthetic provides high differentiation, and the double-layered design allows you to separate screen and peripheral placements. 

The way the frame is designed provides facilities for easy headphone storage too. You even get a USB power hub and a cable management system too! 

16. Onda Wave Desk

Onda Wave contemporary desk

You don't often see a blended walnut and black aesthetic in a modern computer desk, but the Onda Wave Desk features that and does so quite impressively. The walnut is a subtle accent with a wave pattern, which is where the name comes from.  

It's atop a black trestle steel base with a powder-coated smooth finish providing both stability and quite an interesting visual. 

17. Vaiz Contemporary Desk

Here is yet another desk that features a walnut design. It's multifunctional, providing facilities for being a studying, writing, or computer desk. The visual is quite simple, allowing it to slip into your existing aesthetic. 

Though it has a 60-inch tabletop, its spatial requirements are not that much, and there are even two drawers built-in for additional storage. 

18. Arundel Executive Desk

Arundel Executive Desk

Here, you have a modern executive desk with quite the bold look to boot. It's surprising the difference that rounded corners make on a rectangular desk. You have a white tabletop that is supported by black steel angled legs. There is a privacy panel built-in, meaning that computer wires don't need to look egregious. 

Additionally, you have 55, 63, and 71-inch versions, so finding the perfect size should be no challenge. 

19. Swank Expandable Desk

This contemporary desk has a surprisingly large white lacquer top. When was the last time you saw a desk for a single person extending beyond 6 feet? The workspace is vast, and the uniquely designed unit features a three-drawer cabinet extending from its left side, meaning that you can expand the length up to 9 feet. 

20. OmniDesk Pro

OmniDesk Pro contemporary desk

The OmniDesk Pro features tremendous customization that should prevent you from having to arch your neck and back to work comfortably. Expect to see an improvement in your mood and productivity, especially with the alternating you can do thanks to electric height control 

An anti-collision mechanism is built-in, and the stability bars maintain a solid footing regardless of the height. There is an ergonomic curve for comfort, memory presets, a headphone holder, and even a system unit case providing suspension of the ground. 

Final Remarks

Those are 20 of the best contemporary office desk options you are going to find on the market. You have some made of solid types of wood, others that have a glass tabletop, and more. Sizing options are vast, as are aesthetic choices. The idea was to give you a lay of the land as much as possible, allowing you to select the desk that slots into your office and fits in with your needs the best. 

Yes, some of the choices are objectively better than others. Take the Autonomous Desk, for example. Not only is the series designed with high-quality materials, but it also specifically caters to your needs where sit stand sessions are concerned. No longer do you need to worry about the effects of sedentary living and consistent sitting on your life. 

One of the things that were said early on is that a good modern computer desk is supposed to do more than just look great. There is supposed to be a functional aspect of its inclusion in your office space, and this is one of the best demonstrations of that. 

Hopefully, now that you've read all of this, it becomes that much clearer which direction you want to go for your modern office space.

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