Best Tall Desks with Adjustment Features
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Best Tall Desks with Adjustment Features

|Nov 4, 2021

What makes an adjustable tall desk so special? Well, its ability to always stand at the perfect height is up there on the list. The dangers of consistent sitting are well documented, and having a tall computer desk allows you to stand while working, which negates the strains, pains, and chronic issues that many office workers face. 

Tall Desks That Adjust Vs. Static Desks

You may be wondering why not have a standing desk that doesn’t adjust since you can save some money that way. Well, don’t be so quick to throw sitting away. Too much of it is very unhealthy, but none of it can be just as bad. 

The human body is also not made to stand consistently. The best way to use an adjustable tall office desk is to take advantage of sit-stand sessions. Below is a high-level review of the 20 best options on the market.

Best Tall Desks with Adjustment Features

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Core

SmartDesk Core tall desk

The Autonomous SmartDesk Core is the gold standard for remote workspace options. A slew of high-quality MDF wood designs translates to an unparalleled sense of durability. The dual-motor adjustment system of this home office standing desk is designed to combine power and quietness in your office space. 

The typical desktop has a more than satisfying surface area, yet this tall desk has an extra-large surface option if you are so inclined. Your weight capacity here is more than enough, and memory presets mean being able to enjoy your favorite heights effortlessly. 

2. Autonomous SmartDesk Pro

SmartDesk Pro tall desk

What if you took the home office smart desk above and improved on some of the features to make it a standout in the traditional office space? That's what Autonomous did here to get the SmartDesk Pro. Imagine all the features mentioned above with an even better design. 

For example, the height adjustment range is incredibly welcoming to both short and quite tall persons in the office that may need a standing desk to use. 

3. SHW Electric Adjustable Desk

SHW Electric tall desk

The list starts with an affordable, yet functional option. Not every electric standing desk needs to have a host of features to be viable. It's impressive to see a full unit with a price tag akin to that of a standing desk converter. 

The wooden desktop of this tall computer desk is quite aesthetically pleasing, and it even has memory presets to help you return to heights you want easily. Impressively enough, the motor is also no slouch, which means this desk adjusts in a pinch. 

4. IKEA Isaden

You already know what you're getting when you see the IKEA brand. It's always going to be functional at a low price. Naturally, this isn't the most visually stunning model in the world, but it gets the job done exactly as it's supposed to. 

It features a high-quality, double gear system for adjustment, and there is an impressive 10-year warranty for you to take advantage of. Note however that the tall narrow desk does not have the greatest weight capacity in the world, so you want to ensure that your load is reasonable. 

5. Flexispot Height-adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Flexispot tall desk

You may be wondering why a converter is on a tall computer desk list that sounds like it should be exclusively for full-on standing desks. Well, on top of the right unit, you achieve the same height levels as a standing desk for a tall person

It also feels like a tremendous value since its price is so low, and it even uses a double shelf system to accommodate your screens and your peripherals on separate surfaces. 

6. Herman Miller Renew Standing Desk

Herman Miller tall desk

Herman Miller makes a return here with a slightly stronger design. Unfortunately, it's also going to require some tools and professional expertise to get set up. It's pricier than the Motia Sit Stand desk, thanks to the level of productivity it yields and some more thought-out design choices. 

The adjustment option of this tall narrow desk is very convenient to use, and you can tell that it's made from a slew of high-quality components. it is intended for corporate use after all. 

7. VariDesk ProDesk

VariDesk ProDesk

This tall desk is most appreciated for its incredibly quick and straightforward assembly process. It accommodates taller persons quite well with a tremendous height adjustment range. There is a stability bar to keep things on the sturdier side of the spectrum, and it's particularly noticeable at any height below 45 inches. 

You also get a programmable switch, which allows you to easily return to any height that you enjoy. The consensus is that while the unit is not a bad product, the price point seems to be a bit high. 

8. Seville Classics Electric Standing Desk


Seville Classics tall desk

Everyone knows that a tempered glass top immediately gives a standout look and feel. There is an undeniable premium aesthetic here, and the functionality is quite solid too. The height adjustment is incredibly respectable, and the inclusion of memory presets is a welcome addition. 

Of course, cleaning up a glass top of the tall desks is remarkably easy, and you can even take notes on it as some users do. The motor configuration is the epitome of reliability, so expect the best for a long time to come. 

9. VertDesk V3 Sit Stand Desk

VertDesk V3 tall desk

This is one of the few tall office desk options that can boast tremendous stability up to its maximum height. The inclusion of German gears and motors makes for one of the best adjustment systems on the market, and you get a full lifetime warranty on the whole desk. 

Its max height only just reaches the tall person range, and you're not going to get the widest selection of desktop material options here. 

10. ApexDesk Elite Series Standing Desk

ApexDesk Elite Series Standing Desk

This tall desk model is known for being one of the ergonomic standing desks on the market. It has a great look, and there are two sizes available depending on the amount of desktop real estate you may need. You get a simple yet elegant design, and its adjustment mechanism and range are both very attractive. 

Thanks to the curved design of this tall office desk, there is more comfortable positioning, and you can sit closer to the desk than normal. 

11. iMovR Ensign’s Standing Desk

iMovR Ensign

You can almost immediately see why people refer to this electric tall office desk as a piece of designer furniture. It is simple, but it is nothing short of stunning at the same time. It's one of several limited edition, nautically themed, Baltic designs from the manufacturer. 

There is an optional flight deck, which translates to additional storage and greater ergonomics. 95% of the assembly is taken care of by the factory, which means you don't even need a toolbox to get started. The craftsmanship is next-level, and the gears and motor are top-notch. You can even connect this tall desk to a smartphone app to monitor your health.

Final Remarks

Now you know the 20 best tall desk options you have available. Which one are you going to choose to complete your office layout?

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