20 White Home Office Ideas for this Christmas
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20 White Home Office Ideas for this Christmas

|Dec 10, 2020

Are you considering making the switch to a white home office this Christmas season? White home office furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years. There is something very appealing about having all or most of your office décor in white. If you want some ideas on how to go about this or more reasons why you should at least think about it, then you are in the right place. 

Why Should You Consider White for Your Home Office?

Your home office is one space where you can get maximum productivity. It is your space, created by you, and because of that, you can decide what stays and goes. An all-white home office might seem like a radical change for you, but there are many reasons why this change could be beneficial. 

One important reason is that it’s a well-known fact that the color of your office affects your productivity. An all-white home office can also be considered a minimalistic office. The cleaner your office space and the less cluttered it looks, the more productive you can be. Even just a messy desk is enough to set you off your work goals. Maybe it’s time to make that change and see some positive changes to your wellbeing

Top 20 White Home Office Ideas for this Christmas

There are so many great things you can do with your home office. The Christmas season brings even more great inspiration. Let’s get right into 20 great ideas for your white home office. Some of these are easy to do, while others require a little more planning and some of your budget.

1. Search for inspiration

Before you get started, think about your reasons for making the décor change. Doing this could absolutely bring your home office to life, but you need to do some background work first. 

search for informaiton

2. Keep mixing and matching

There is no one singular way to create a white home office. You might need to keep trying different ideas until you find something that resonates with you. 

keep mixing and matching

3. Paint the walls white

If you are ready to go all-in, you might want to consider repainting your office walls to a different color—maybe white or another light color. 

4. Look at different color schemes

When you make your office white, this doesn't mean that every single part of it is going to be white. That is a possibility if you like, but you can also settle for white as the dominant statement color. Many great color schemes work well for a white office. Pick colors that boost your productivity

5. Think pastel

Light pastel colors are excellent for white offices. Their softness makes your workspace warm and homely. Choosing some beautiful pastel colors for some of your office walls, furniture, and décor can help you enjoy the space so much more. 

think pastel

6. The white and tan combination

If you are not one to have everything in white, consider a combination of white and tan. You could pick a white desk and white walls, for example, and intersperse all the white with warm tan color for some of your office furniture and décor

7. The white and black combination

Another great color scheme is a white and black combination. There is something modern, classic, and sophisticated about this color scheme option.

8. Be selective about what you put on the walls

When you are changing your office to a white home office design, you have to be picky with your wall décor. Certain types of wall hangings might no longer gel with the plan you have. 

be selective about what you put on the walls

9. Minimize the colors in your office

The fewer colors you have, the better. You don't have to make your office boring, but going with a particular theme can really make your office look great. 

10. Find a modern white home office desk

One major change that you can make is to switch out your desk with a modern white one. This could be a standing desk or another minimalist office desk, but just this one change could make a world of difference. 

11. Decorate for Christmas

As the holidays approach, this could be a great time to think about some complementary Christmas décor for your redone home office. You can even make some creative displays that might not have been possible. 

decorate for christmas

12. Think snow for décor inspiration

While you are thinking of the color white, don't miss out on the change to add some snow-inspired décor themes for the Christmas season. 

13.  Declutter the office

The more clutter you have in your office, the greater the chance that the new theme is going to be lost. Consider minimalism to help you arrange your office better. 

14.  Add more storage space

As you declutter and go minimalist, you might need more space to put your files, books, and other office materials. It might be worthwhile to invest in additional office storage space like a filing cabinet or a bookshelf. 

add more storage space

15.  Pick the right carpet

As with all the other office furniture you are going to be picking, the carpet is also a vital component. Pick a design and color that complements the room if you are looking to change it. 

16.  Choose the right lighting

White is a bright color, so don't forget to reconsider your office's type of lighting. It could help if you had something creative and beautiful to liven up the space. 

choose the right lighting

17.  Think cleaning

While you are buying new carpets and furniture and repainting the walls, don't forget to think about the cleaning of the different materials and surfaces. It could help if you had a well-thought-out plan to keep the office clean and keep it looking good. 

18.  Rearrange the furniture for ergonomics

One simple change you might have to consider is rearranging the office to make it more ergonomic.

19.  Make it workable

As you search for the perfect white office, you should avoid making it so perfect that you cannot focus when you are there.

20.  Trust your feelings

One of the best white home office ideas we can give you is to trust yourself. If you don’t like how the new office design looks, don’t be afraid to keep making changes.

trust your feelings

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