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25 Black Friday Shopping Tips to Find the Best Deals
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25 Black Friday Shopping Tips to Find the Best Deals

|Nov 1, 2021

Learning how to shop on Black Friday is not a black and white affair. Most people don’t even think of utilizing a strategy, but if you do, your money is going to work a lot harder than someone else’s.

How you might ask, do you develop a strategy? Well, luckily for you, we've got all the Black Friday shopping tips you need to create a plan of your own.

Black Friday Office Furniture

Some Useful Black Friday Shopping Tips for You

1. Set a Hard Finance Limit 

Don’t go into Black Friday not knowing how much you have to spend. Don’t tell yourself that you have X amount in the bank, so that should do.

Give yourself a hard number to work from so that you can plan around it.

Set a Hard Finance Limit

2. Know Your Items in Advance

Know what you want to buy before the day. Avoid scrambling in the middle of the sales.

3. Create a List

Take those items that you know you want to buy and use them to make an itemized list.

Create a List

4. Give Each Item a Budget

Take how much you have to spend and use it to give each item a maximum bid. If you can’t get it for under that price, then cut your losses.

5. Save the Leftovers

If you go under your budget on an item, saving the leftover money is a Black Friday shopping guide you should consider.

6. Create a Pot

Create a separate pot to put that leftover money into. Over the course of the sale, that pot should build up and give you some decent cash to get what you want when the essentials are taken care of.

7. Try to Shop Online

Shopping in person on Black Friday is a bad idea. Not only are there monstrous crowds to navigate, but the pandemic is still very much alive. Avoid risking your health and shop online.

Try to Shop Online

8. Shop Around

Don’t just stick to Amazon. Do some browsing on various retailers to find out what the best price is. Some manufacturers, like Autonomous, only have one retail outlet, so keep that in mind.

9. Be First

Our next Black Friday shopping tip is a big one. Things sell out on Black Friday really quickly, so don’t be left in the mud. If there’s something that you particularly want, like the brand new SmartDesk 4 from Autonomous, then make sure you're at the front of the queue.

Be First

10. Make Sure You Have Internet

Things are going to get messy from a technological point of view. Make sure your hardware is all up and running before the day; otherwise, you risk missing out entirely. 

11. Follow Social Media

Follow Social Media is a great Black Friday shopping tip just like Follow your favourite brand. There are various social media accounts dedicated to letting people know about fantastic deals taking place. Seek these accounts out and follow their posts.

Follow Social Media

12. Consider Buying to Sell

If you notice a particularly stellar deal, don't be afraid to buy with the intention of selling later on. You stand to make some decent money by reselling items after the end of the sales.

13. If You do Go Out

Our next few Black Friday shopping hacks are dedicated to if you do need to go out. If it’s mandatory, remember to stay vigilant and keep your wits about you.

14. Wrap Up

It’s that time of year when the cold starts to build up. Wrap up in a heavy coat if you’re going on an extended shopping trip.

15. Wear Gloves

It's safe to assume that you're going to be handling a lot of items throughout the day. Wear gloves. Not just to protect yourself against germs, but to stop your hands from cutting on sharp corners.

16. Wear Good Shoes

You’re going to be out for a while, so make sure your shoes are comfortable.

Wear Good Shoes

17. Consider Wearing Boots

If you’re expecting large and violent crowds, consider wearing boots for extra protection.

18. Make an Action Plan

Make sure you plan your day out before you step foot out the door.

19. Know What Stores You’re Going To

Know what stores you need to go to in advance to avoid getting caught up in a scramble.

20. Make a Route

When you know what stores you’re hitting, plan it out with a route. Not only is this going to save you time and energy, but it can help you avoid rush hour crowds if done right.

21. Carry Cash, But Not Too Much

There is always a chance that a store’s card reader goes offline. In that case, keep some cash on you, as well as to cover emergencies.

Don’t keep too much because it puts you at risk of robbery.

22. Keep Hydrated

You’re going to be walking a lot, so keep a bottle of water on you to sip on.

23. Wear a Mask

Whether you agree with the policy or not, most stores aren’t going to let you in without an antiviral mask. Don’t miss out on the sales because of that.

Wear a Mask

24. Have an Exit Strategy

There’s always a chance that things take a turn for the worst on Black Friday, so have an exit strategy in place in case this happens.

25. Don’t Buy More than You Can Carry

Only buy what you can transport. Otherwise, you risk making yourself a target.

Autonomous Black Friday Sale

That’s it for our Black Friday shopping tips. These 25 are going to keep you running strong throughout the sale; just make sure you're staying safe. 

If you’re in need of a standing desk, ergonomic office chair, supplies, and other kinds of accessories, then consider checking out the Autonomous Black Friday sale.

Autonomous is the market leader in Smart Office technology, so you know the equipment you’re getting is second to none.

Autonomous Black Friday Sale

Pros and Cons of Shopping on Black Friday

Shopping on Black Friday

  • icon checkThere’s the possibility of making massive savings.
  • icon checkYou can get items you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.
  • icon timesIt can be dangerous.
  • icon timesYou can end up spending more than you realize in a short amount of time.
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