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25+ DIY Computer Desk Ideas for a Home Office
Workplace Inspiration

25+ DIY Computer Desk Ideas for a Home Office

|Feb 9, 2021

A DIY computer desk idea is a staple in a remote workspace. Unfortunately, you don't have space or resources synonymous with a traditional office, so your best bet is to make do with what you do have. Though you're in a remote workspace, you still need to look out for your physical health, which makes the idea of a standing desk still very beneficial.

What are your DIY office desk plans now? Do you plan to remain seated while using a traditional one? Are you familiar with all the implications that come with staying seated for long hours? If you're not in the loop, too much sitting can wreck your body in a series of different ways.

Check out the information below that gives you some stellar DIY desk ideas to help you either buy or make your own computer desk.

Pros and Cons of Building Your Computer Desk

Pros of Building Your Computer Desk

Is building your computer desk a good idea in the first place? Well, these upsides would imply that it is a great one:

  • You get to exercise control over various visual and functional elements that help you remain comfortable in your workspace. It's good when your identity can come out in the way you design your environment.
  • There's a lot of money to be saved in going the DIY route. When you can build your desk, acquiring the materials costs much less than buying a brand-new desk.
  • You can explore a series of ideas, which allows you to brainstorm, combine, and even come up with your theme.
  • You get the benefit of a standing desk in your remote workspace, which means you bring comfort and health improvement together in a single space. 

Pros of Building Your Computer Desk

Cons of Building Your Computer Desk

It's not all about the roses, though since there are a few things about building or buying based on a creative standing desk idea.

  • If you know how to build a computer desk, then many different possibilities become accessible to you. Unfortunately, the pool of ideas that you can execute is much smaller without the knowledge.
  • Some of the available options don't provide a sturdy base, which means you run the risk of bringing destruction to your precious equipment. How sad is that?

25+ DIY Computer Desk Ideas For Your Home Office

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Core

The only DIY work you need to put in here is assembling the pieces you receive out of the box. Once you do that, you get a SmartDesk Core at your fingertips with adjustable functionality. It's designed specifically for the home office, and you are very unlikely to regret your purchase. 

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 - Home Office

2. Autonomous L-shaped SmartDesk

The Autonomous L-shaped SmartDesk offers an even greater level of functionality than the previous entry. The best part is the L-shape means that you can appropriately capitalize on the real estate available in whatever room you choose. There are many smart features to enjoy, and working should become more completable in no time. 

Autonomous L-shaped SmartDesk

3. Autonomous DIY SmartDesk Kit

While the DIY SmartDesk kit doesn't have all the same features as the other two Autonomous entries on the list, it embodies this topic's spirit like no other. You get a sturdy base with some cool built-in features, and all you need to do is get creative, select a desktop, and affix it to the said base. 

Autonomous DIY SmartDesk Kit

4. Wraparound Standing Desk

Your space may not necessarily be able to fit a whole standard-sized desk without creating a massive inconvenience for yourself where space is concerned. However, you can capitalize on the corner space by setting up an L-shaped pre-built or DIY standing computer desk ideas.

5. Floating Corner Desk

This alternative fits neatly into the corner, which means you can enjoy it without compromising too much on the free space you have. All it requires is that a piece of wood is mounted into the designated room corner using the appropriate measurements.

Floating Corner Desk

6. Standing Desk Converter

If you already own a standard computer desk that you're fine with, you can add standing desk functionality to it by seating a standing desk converter atop it. Doing so increases the flexibility you have, and it means you don't have to take the drastic step of throwing out your existing setup.

Standing Desk Converter

7. Standing Desk Modification

If you know how to pull this off, you can modify your existing desk to give it a permanent standing function. This is going to require removing the legs from the unit and affixing a longer set of legs in their place. In its basic form, this DIY standing computer desk idea is not adjustable.

8. Pipe-based Standing Desk

A pipe standing desk features a wooden desktop atop steel pipes that have been molded into the shape of legs. If you're not familiar with creating such a desk yourself, you can pay professionals to make you one, or you can even purchase a ready-made one for a fraction of the price of a typical standing desk.

Pipe-based Standing Desk

9. Dresser Standing Desk

Have you ever noticed that your dresser is the perfect height to double as a standing desk? The chances are that you've never taken notice since most people don't think "this is a great workspace" when they look at the thing that they keep their clothes in. However, you can save quite a bit by clearing some space and placing your monitors and your peripherals to stop your dresser. 

Dresser Standing Desk

10. Wall-mounted Shelf

This DIY standing computer desk idea option bears striking similarities to the floating corner desk. The difference comes in the positioning used. Instead of being confined to a corner, you may want to mount the desk to a single wall. It's one of many positions that wooden standing desks shine in. IKEA, for example, is well known for its wall-mounted options. 

Wall-mounted Shelf

11. Bookcase Standing Desk

You probably got caught off guard by this one, too, just as you may have been when the dresser came into play. Without focusing too much, when you look at a bookshelf, all you see are layers of platforms used to hold books. If you look through the eyes of a DIY enthusiast, it's the perfect standing desk. Depending on how wide each level is, you may even be able to achieve manual height adjustment by alternating which platform you use. 

Bookcase Standing Desk

12. Treadmill Desk

Not only is using your treadmill an excellent home office computer desk idea for positioning, but it can also have a series of health benefits for you. Light exercise and movement are essential in your work to maintain a healthy state. It doesn't get more convenient than having your office space be a treadmill, which means you can take short slow walks for whatever intervals you want while working. 

13. DIY Converter

If you don't want to or can't afford to purchase a standing desk converter for your existing office desk, You might want to explore the option of setting up or building your own. You already have an existing desk, so why not save some cash by modifying it instead of purchasing a whole new one? You can choose wood, metal, or whatever material for your build. If you don't want to do any of those things, you could even use a stack of books to keep your screen elevated. 

14. Ironing Table

Ironing tables are way sturdier than people give them credit for. Persons may never know since they don't use them for much more than preparing clothes. However, it turns out that you can get away with putting quite a few items atop the table. Remember, moderation is critical, though. You can stack your screens and peripherals on top of your ironing table. The best part is most ironing tables have a height adjustment mechanism, which means your DIY desk has a built-in adjustability feature. 

Ironing Table

15. Cardboard Standing Desk

Don't panic, as this is not a desk made entirely of cardboard. Even if you were to reinforce such a thing, would it be able to stand up to your workload's physical requirements? You would likely have to make a new one daily. However, you can use cardboard to build yourself a standing desk converter or another type of structure. Thankfully, these items are made of cardboard, which means replacing them shouldn't be out of reach. 

Cardboard Standing Desk

16. Raise Existing Desk

Another option is to raise the desk you currently have, so it can handle the designated workload. Earlier, you saw that replacing the initial legs on a desk can give you the height you need to work while standing. What about raising the desk a bit? You would need to find some flat and sturdy items for the best results. Upon doing so, the plan is straightforward. Identify the height that you want and evenly start stacking whatever object you chose on the ground in four spaces for each corner. Place the desk on top of your stacks after that. 

17. Cabinet Standing Desk

If your expectation here is to read about another piece of furniture that does the same thing that your bookcase or dresser does, then you are right on the mark. Naturally, the height of your cabinet should be different from the other two pieces of furniture if you have them. Therefore, the benefit of going this route (if you have other options) only lies in the height difference.

18. Monitor Riser

Here's another good reason why you don't necessarily need to go all-in with a standing desk converter to get some more height on your device. That's why monitor risers exist. They work under the same principle as the standing desk converter, but they are platforms designed explicitly for monitor placement. This may not be a good option for you if your peripherals are going to be too low. 

Monitor Riser

19. Build from Scratch

There is almost no more faithful embodiment of a DIY computer desk idea than the one you build on your own. Skills play a massive role in the equation here, as there are going to be more significant limitations for those who lack the know-how. If you are though, feel free to let your artistic genius shine with your standing desk. 

20. Chair Desk for Laptops

Have you ever considered the potential that a chair has as your desk? Most people haven't, and rightfully so. However, if you are using a laptop, placing a chair on top of your traditional desk with the laptop atop it makes your workspace that much more comfortable. 

21. Folding Bed Tray Desk

These are affectionately known as "lap desks," and they are often used by university students who want to elevate their devices to get some work done on the bed. Depending on your height requirements, you may be able to use one of these in the place of a standing desk converter. You don't get a ton of adjustability, but at least you have a high and a low position for way less cash.

Folding Bed Tray Desk

22. IKEA Reception Desk

IKEA has a solid set of sit-stand reception desks that fit into different styles of office design. While you'd be responsible for its assembly and placement, you can skip a lot of the baggage that comes with a more traditional DIY experience. 

23. Lucite Desk

Another great idea is to use an existing or purchase a new Lucite desk for your home office space. The transparent look gives a premium feel to your desk setup, which means you get to work in style. 

Lucite Desk

24. Multi-use Desk

This home office computer desk idea is not necessarily for your computer at all. It's the center of efficiency, as it only consumes a single space and can meet multiple needs. For example, you may use this desk when you are putting drinks and puzzles together. However, when it's time to work, the desk becomes repurposed as a standing desk for that option. 

25. Laundry Basket Standing Desk

The explanation for this one is straightforward. If you have a high-end laundry basket, you can turn it upside down and place your equipment on its base. Note that you don't have to do this from the floor if your basket is short. You may also use it as a standing desk converter. 

26. Wooden Pallet Desk

If you can, you should make yourself a wooden pallet desk for your computing needs. However, if you don't have that skill set, it's an excellent investment for your workspace. The material and the look blending well, and you can even repurpose it as well.

Wooden Pallet Desk

How About DIY Standing Computer Desk

With full standalone desks usually priced between $400 and $1000, standing desks generally start at $200 and go up. Many standing DIY computer desk ideas entail products that begin at $200 and go up from there, including converters that fit over an existing desk. You can still save money if you build your own standing DIY office desk, even though they are becoming less expensive.

Many DIY'ers will build standing desks solutions using our home office computer desk ideas to cut costs, but they choose to do so for various reasons. However, the cost of some options may end up being considerably more significant than alternatives you can buy. You could make your own computer desk to save on costs. Choosing your materials, colors, and finish is an excellent advantage of making your own. Additionally, you may find that the size of some products rules out many products in your office or work environment after learning how to build a computer desk.

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Frame - Pro by Autonomous x Wistopht

Autonomous SmartDesk Frame - Pro by Autonomous x Wistopht

In collaboration with Wistopht DIY standing computer desk - the industry experts in intelligent electronics. The Autonomous x Wistopht SmartDesk Frame - Pro will elevate your WFH experience and keep you motivated all day long.

When you work remotely from home in a space not designed for you, you're more likely to suffer from back, hip, and neck strains. Take advantage of the ergonomic benefits of the SmartDesk Frame - Pro to support your physical and mental wellness.

Our innovative SmartDesk Pro basic standing desk frame is now available in a 3-stage adjustable frame that operates much faster than its predecessor. With an improved maximum speed of 1.6"/second, you can accomplish more in less time.

With the simple-to-use keypad, you can program up to four height presets. Electric standing desks automatically synchronize with your preferred work style, whether you are the sole user or you share your standing desk with others.

All of the hardware needed for straightforward assembly and installation of this 3 stage standing desk frame is included with the Autonomous x Wistopht SmartDesk frames. There is no need to purchase extra tools. You'll have your new desk up and running in no time when you follow the directions in the box, supply your favorite tabletop, and follow the step-by-step visual guide included in the box.

2. SmartDesk Frame

SmartDesk Frame DIY computer desk ideas

Adjustable SmartDesk Frames are available for every model. These can be shortened or lengthened as needed. Designed to fit perfectly on your current desktop or the one you're about to get, they span a wide range of sizes from 40" to 73".

Everyone can find the right frame. What's your height? Where does your stuff go? The Pro frame is the one for you. Are you looking for a double desk frame with space and flexibility? We recommend Corner. Looking for a simple frame? The Core is for you.

We have designed all our frames to be simple. Thus, each package comes with everything you need to get started, so it's really easy to use. It'll take you no time to get started. UL, BIFMA, and EMC have inspected each frame for durability and safety. Also, UL, BIFMA, and EMC have inspected each frame for durability and safety. It would help if you simply chose your favorite.

3. Smart Desk Frame Core Autonomous x Timotion

Smart Desk Frame Core Autonomous x Timotion

With our SmartDesk Frame - Core, we're partnering with Timotion and Autonomous to get you started in your home office. With a powerful dual motor and generous height adjustment range, this starter desk frame is ideal for students and working professionals, and its sturdy construction will last for years to come.

A collaboration between Autonomous and Timotion, the standing desk frame is the ideal desk frame for tackling coursework or setting up your workspace at home. Timotion's engineering, in collaboration with Autonomous, makes this standing desk frame less likely to cause back pain from long hours of sitting down.

The SmartDesk Frame - Core is a modern and compact design that fits into any office space, and it's lightweight and easy to move around. Its height range is 25-45 inches, suitable for most heights. If you choose the right colors for your home, you can choose between white, black, and grey finishes.

In addition to its compact design, SmartDesk Frame - Core is easy to pack up and move around, and it also fits into any office space.   


What makes a good computer desk?

What makes a good computer desk?

Construction of excellent quality

An office desk with excellent design, made of strong materials, and capable of withstanding daily use needs to be carefully constructed.


The ergonomics of your desk are crucial because you spend several hours at it every day.

A stylish look for today

For a clean and productive workspace, modern office furniture eliminates unnecessary details. Stylish workspaces with simple, wide constructions and compact, hideaway compartments make for a more productive workspace in any industry.


An office desk must also look professional to be successful. The look of an office desk should be professional and sleek instead of home office desks that may have a rustic or farmhouse look.

How tall should a computer desk be?

How tall should a computer desk be?

Sitting with your forearm parallel to the floor while typing is ideal. People tend to have different preferences, so an angle anywhere between 70 and 135 degrees is acceptable. Extending those extremes may lead to chronic joint and muscle pain. You should leave enough space between the tops of your thighs and the underside of the desk for your thighs to be clear of the desk.

How to tell apart a writing desk and a computer desk?

Inspire new creative works of non-fiction and art with writing desks. It would be helpful to have one desktop and at least one drawer to store stationery. If the drawers are above the desktop, it is known as a hutch; otherwise, they can be either centered or positioned to one side.

Unlike writing desks, computer desks provide more space for desktop monitors, hard drives, and all of the necessary cables. Small business home offices need computer desks because of how much storage they offer. Despite the larger wood desktop, the unit has fewer drawers so that the remaining computer equipment can be stored in the unit's available space.

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