26 Interesting Productive Things That You Should Do to Boost Your Workday

26 Interesting Productive Things That You Should Do to Boost Your Workday

|Sep 30, 2020

According to the Airtasker survey, working from home increases your productivity from 5% to 30%, depending on your profession. Telework is an excellent solution to profound societal and technological changes. This new working trend is becoming more widespread every year: currently, roughly 45% of Americans work from home full time.

In today's workplace, more and more employees are interested in working from home. This growing practice has a real beneficial impact on productivity. Your employees can also be more relaxed since they can avoid traffic jams, noise, and the stress of arriving late once or several times a week. According to one study, working from home reduces your employees' absenteeism rate by 20%! 

Empowering workers, rather than turning them into robots, allows them to be more involved and productive at home. Better management also leads to productivity. However, remote management is different. Therefore, you have to anticipate, organize yourself, and be clear about your objectives but also your operating methods to improve your productivity. In this regard, there are a variety of productive things to do when bored or in your free time. 

However, your employee's productivity also depends on his skills. You need to consider the employee's ability to get the information himself. Did we say that working from home has its drawbacks? Indeed, there is a risk of social breakdown. With computer tools, we are losing the informal nature of exchanges. 

In this article, we explore some productive things to do at home to boost your workday.

1. The Pros & Cons of Working From Home

Before outlining the benefits and downsides of working from home, let's examine its history. Initially, from the United States, telework consists of carrying out professional tasks remotely. Whether at home or in a coworking location, the employee can work as long as they have access to the internet. This concept was first introduced in America in 1950 by the mathematician Norbert Wiener. 

1.1. Pros of Remote Work:

Flexible Schedule

Fixed schedules do not bound you. It's up to you to manage your work schedule and rhythm. For example, some people prefer to work at night, in which case this work system is a good alternative. 

Less Stressed and More Focused 

There is no one to give you instructions and impose work deadlines. As a result, you don't have a higher degree of control, which allows you to be less stressed. However, be careful not to be too lax and impose a work rhythm and tasks to accomplish. 

A Healthier Pace of Life 

Indeed, you can make yourself something to eat and avoid the lunch break club sandwiches in front of the computer or eat in five minutes. You can approach a better life balance. 

Work Anywhere 

Some home-based work requires only a computer and an internet connection, so you can work anywhere. 

No More Wasted Time 

You don't have to commute from home to work, saving you time and energy.

Photo of Pros of Remote Work

1.2. Cons of Working From Home:

Discipline Is Required 

Working, but without discipline, is ineffective. At the very beginning, the employee shows particular attention to his tasks. He or she has a strict schedule. Once the teleworker gets used to this practice, they get annoyed and no longer respect their program. Thus, they can't find productive things to do when bored. 

Difficult Supervision by Employers

All communications are generally conducted through the internet. The employer finds himself in a delicate situation, where he cannot adequately follow up on his employees. Team spirit and communication are rare, and it is almost impossible to keep an eye on everything at once.

There are as many advantages as disadvantages to telecommuting. If the employer and the employee can agree on an effective system, this corporate culture has everything to succeed in a disciplined manner.

Photo of Cons of Working From Home

2. Best 26 Productive Things to Do at Home When You Are Bored

Imagine, for example, that you are trying to write a super important article in your office. Still, your attention is always drawn to the pile of documents hanging on the corner of your desk and all the material around you. The article that should have taken you one hour to write in an efficient environment may finally take you three hours since you have been constantly distracted by your environment.

Working efficiently at home requires some basic layout and organization rules. Read on to find out more.

2.1. Optimize Your Working Time

You'd be surprised how much time slips through your fingers. Check email, chat on WhatsApp, chat with colleagues, etc. All this wastes precious minutes. You can use the traditional technique (stopwatch, pen, paper) or opt for the digital version with the main entrepreneurial applications to save time.

Photo of Optimize Your Working Time

2.2. Start Early

Choosing to be a successful entrepreneur is a conscious decision and a willingness to do productive things with your free time. Early risers tend to focus on important tasks while the rest of the world sleeps. It also means fewer interruptions. Remember, setting goals early on can help you achieve them.

2.3. Take Regular Breaks

You can't give 100% of yourself indefinitely. Your body should let you know when it's time to take a break. Don't wait for it to manifest itself in the form of burn-out. Taking breaks also stimulates your mind and helps you become more creative and productive.

Photo of Take Regular Breaks

2.4. Use New Technologies, but Don't Overuse Them

New technologies provide you with a wide range of tools that help you do productive things when bored and optimize your working time.

2.5. Keep Your Office Nice and Organized

Similarly, if you keep everything in order with time management, you can do your tasks effectively and improve your productivity.

Photo of Keep Your Office Nice and Organized

2.6. Don't Get Bogged Down!

Make sure you don't get bogged down in details that are just false problems or minor issues that make you lose attention and productivity.

2.7. Avoid Distractions

Social networks, media, and the internet are as many digital distractions as you have to face in your daily lives. Make sure to use them less and do productive things during your working time.

Photo of Avoid Distractions

2.8. Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself means having a little bit of "me" in the middle of your busy day. You need to foster your relationship with yourself. Give your whole being (mind, body, and soul) precisely what you need to be more productive. Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and surround yourself with positive people.

2.9. Meditate

Meditation is a pure and powerful method that can improve your productivity, boost your memory, and increase your creativity at home. If you are completely relaxed, your mind can function more efficiently.

Photo of Meditate

2.10. Work on Your Positivity

A positive state of mind can profoundly impact the quality of your life, your relationships, and your work. If you need to be more productive, make sure you bring your positive attitude with you. Avoid wasting your time complaining and embrace a culture of empathy, gratitude, and respect.

2.11. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Indeed, you can’t learn to play overnight. It takes time. If you have a musical instrument, start practicing. If you don't have one yet, you can invest in buying a new one. 

Photo of Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

2.12. Learn to Cook

Let's face it; the over-reliance on fast food chains has left many of us stuck at home with no cooking skills. No boring eggs for breakfast…dive into the cooking tutorials on YouTube to make yourself some great homemade dishes!

2.13. Read More

Reading is as easy as pie and yet also a habit so difficult to implement in our daily life. No matter your ambitions or problems, there is always an excellent book that deals with the subject and could leave a lasting impression on you. Why don't you try the "Unlimited Power" by Tony Robbins?

Photo of books

2.14. Learn Something New

With the internet, there are many productive things to do at home, such as learning a new language or developing a new skill.

2.15. Listen to Music

Sometimes the simple things are the best! Whether you're cooking, cleaning, drawing, playing, teleworking, eating, or just sitting on the couch, everything is always joyful with music!

Photo of listening to music

2.16. Reflect on Your Projects

No time constraints and nothing to do but keep busy at home, so why not take advantage of all this time to take stock of our lives! In the end, this given time may be a beautiful and unique opportunity to take a step back and reflect on what you want and what you no longer need for your future.

2.17. Water the Plants

Sometimes you think about it, sometimes you forget, so water your houseplants when you have some time.

Photo of Water the Plants

2.18. Send Your Cards and Notes

Send off cards and letters to families and friends to lighten their days at home. Getting a letter is a convenient way to make someone's day brighter

2.19. Let Go If You Are Stuck On a Problem

Sometimes, it's a good idea to move on to another task and come back the next day. If you still can't do it the next day, call a colleague. 

Photo of Let Go If You Are Stuck On a Problem

2.20. Divide Large Projects Into Smaller Tasks. 

This can allow you to tackle the project in small bites rather than seeing it as a mountain.

2.21. Look For More Opportunities Online

If you are unable to continue your job at home, find opportunities to gain extra cash during your days off. Freelance platforms can help you find short term jobs online. 

Photo of Look For More Opportunities Online

2.22. Create An Inspiring Workspace

The visual aspect of your workspace can impact your performance and can even help or hinder your productivity! In other words, a beautiful office can always allow you to do productive things at home than if you find yourself in a depressing room with outdated decor. 

2.23. A Pleasant Space For More Productivity

This place must make you want to work. It is, therefore, well-lit and has all the necessary storage space on hand. Don't create your office space in a basement. It's demotivating. A bright desk with a window can help you be more efficient and do productive things when bored. Also, think about lighting conditions at night: spotlights and desk lamps.

Photo of A Pleasant Space For More Productivity

2.24. Invest In Your Equipment

Don't spend a lot of money in a design office. A stable tray and trestles may very well suffice. On the other hand, invest in an ergonomic chair.

2.25. Organize Yourself

Your office has to be as functional as possible, and you have to organize yourself to have everything at hand. Don't make a pile of documents on the desk. You can choose to use pedestals, small pieces of furniture under the desk with drawers, and hanging paper holders. They are ideal for everyday files.

Photo of Organize Yourself

2.26. Keep a Tidy Workspace

At home, there are no noisy open spaces, coffee breaks with colleagues, high-pitched meetings, and other time-wasters. If you're comfortable, you can work more efficiently than at the office. To be even more productive on a day-to-day basis, take time to tidy up the workspace.

3. How Can Autonomous Products Help You In Increasing Productivity?

An ergonomic work environment is essential to remain seated for several hours without feeling discomfort or developing a more severe health problem. The Autonomous Desk offers many advantages to many workers.

Several studies show that working in a standing posture improves productivity by 46%. However, it is not advisable to spend a whole working day in a standing position. You should know how to use a standing desk and alternate your postures several times during the day, depending on your pace and tasks.

It is, therefore, essential to move regularly. For example, consider taking the stairs more often and do some stretching exercises every hour. Did you know that you can stimulate your creativity and increase your productivity by taking a walk during your break? Great reasons to get moving!

The health problems associated with a static position at work can affect employees' morale, tire them, and force them to take sick leave repeatedly. This undoubtedly has an impact on their productivity. Finally, Autonomous offers tools to improve workplace ergonomics and boost your workday. 

Photo of Autonomous Products

What Are the Advantages of Shifting to Smart Standing Desks?

  • Boosts concentration on work at home
  • Standing desk helps reduce back pain
  • Decreases the risk of heart disease
  • Minimizes the risk of weight gain and obesity
  • Increases energy and improve mood
  • Improves productivity at home

Final Thought

Does working from home improve productivity while weakening innovation? According to a recent study, people who work from home are more productive, happier, and healthier.

Teleworking is becoming more and more popular because it responds to the growing need for flexibility and autonomy expressed by employees to articulate their professional and personal lives better.

Telework should be prepared and learned. This new way of working has the advantage of boosting productivity and improving employees' health and quality of life.

Although some structures are still skeptical about its implementation, the figures show that working from home is efficient and productive only if implemented according to standards.

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