3 Best Desk Hoteling Reservation System for your Business
Hybrid Working

3 Best Desk Hoteling Reservation System for your Business

|Jul 9, 2021

Desk hoteling reservation systems are now trendy in recent years. Although most software is designed to be compatible with any hybrid working model the company has decided to use, such as hot-desking or, in this case, desk hoteling.

With office hoteling software, employers can keep track of how to attend the office – including time and location. Some systems also include the route the employee has chosen to arrive at their desk – which is the case of Robin – but other office hoteling programs are also worth taking into account due to the diverse features they often have available for most users.

It’s complicated to keep track of a hybrid workforce without proper office space hoteling software.

Before we start diving into the different types of desk hoteling reservation systems, let’s talk about how popular office desking has become in the latest years.

Office hoteling is trendy

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid working has become one of the main working models that employers have been implementing in their spaces. However, this isn't new – many offices were already implementing it before the coronavirus affected the whole world. Also, the creation of this concept is attributed to EY’s Chicago Offices.

However, we cannot associate this popularity solely with the COVID-19 pandemic. We should also talk about how employees have made their desires more visible to their employers; thus, leaders are taking into account the needs of their teammates and now are granting them more flexible opportunities. Don't be confused – flexible workspaces and hybrid workforces are not the same thing but are tightly related.

Office hoteling is trendy

With office hoteling, people can choose where and when to work. Moreover, office hoteling is often implemented along with a hybrid working model. Hence, employees can enjoy a pleasant work experience while being productive and efficient for their company.

Big enterprises like Google and IBM have been using this model for quite a long time, and their success isn’t a secret for anyone.

What are the best desk hoteling reservations systems?

Desk hoteling reservation systems, also known as space management software, come in diverse ways and with characteristic features that make the experience with each program unique. However, they’re all essentially the same.

What are the best desk hoteling reservations systems?

These programs allow you to keep track of your employees and plan the office space you’ll use on a daily basis. You are also able to upload and evaluate each teammate’s information, not only their names and daily check-ins. These programs are appropriate for both big and small companies.

Taking all of the above information into account, what program is more appropriate for your business? Let’s discuss all the programs we believe are the most appropriate for your business. By the end of the article, you should have a good desk hoteling reservation system for your company.

1. Autonomous Hybrid

If you think your company is ready to go hybrid, one of the best options you can choose for a desk hoteling reservation system is Autonomous Hybrid. Despite being a recent software, it is already known as an excellent desk hoteling reservation system – although it actually is compatible with other hybrid working types.

Autonomous Hybrid

This program includes features such as:

  • The reservation system allows the employee to choose where and when they do it best.

  • Employees can self-manage and keep track of their productivity simultaneously. Thus, it is excellent if you want to promote flexibility at your workplace.

  • As for the employers, they will be able to map out the whole office space within a few minutes. Thus, employees will be ready to book a desk or room once the process is done!

  • It is possible to alternate between fixed desks and hot desking.

Autonomous Hybrid is still in development, but users can still "test" the program and evaluate if the features are compatible with their companies or not. This fact also means that, in the future, it will be possible to enjoy better, enhanced features that will improve the overall experience with the app.


2. Skedda

The second option in our list is Skedda. This software focuses on space reservation and includes most of the features we're used to seeing in these systems, plus a few extras. For instance, users will have access to a booking calendar that's modifiable by space or date. Again, this feature is accessible from the web, which is mobile-friendly.


With Skedda, you will enjoy the following features:

  • The floor plan maps feature is probably the most remarkable aspect of this app. It shows what's happening in your space in near-real-time. You will be able to see the occupancy and availability by clicking a single button on the screen. Of course, you will need to upload a CAD file to the app, so enjoying all these amazing features will take some time.

  • Skedda also includes many unique aspects, such as single sign-on (SSO). This feature allows users to log into the system by using their credentials or IDs from other apps, such as Google, Twitter, or Facebook. Microsoft 365 is also included on this list.

The main drawback of Skedda is the lack of people tracking. Although you will be able to see who is in the office at the time thanks to the booking information, it’s impossible to know where the employees are when they’ve arrived at the office.

3. Teem

The last item on our list is Teem, a system developed by iOffice. Teem has been in the market for quite a while, functioning as a hot-desking tool. Thus, one of the aims of this program is to promote this hybrid work culture and working model overall.


With Teem, you will enjoy some of the following features:

  • As mentioned above, Teem includes a desk/room reservation system. It is possible to integrate this program together with apps like Microsoft Outlook and similar options.

  • With the “kiosk” option, people can book a desk from the office. This option allows them to see who is present at the workspace and where.

  • Teem also provides leaders with accurate analytics based on occupancy, allowing you to take advantage of as much as possible of your office space as possible according to how your employees use it.

Teem is an excellent option for a desk hoteling reservation system you can choose. As a service destined to be used by leaders that want to implement hot-desking at their spaces, it complies with each of its functions excellently.

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