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3 Best Ergonomic Task Chairs in Canada (2021 Update)
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3 Best Ergonomic Task Chairs in Canada (2021 Update)

|May 30, 2021

Looking for the best task chair in canada? Don’t be surprised to see your search yielding an office task chair, office chair, or even desk chairs.  Most of these terms are used synonymously and frequently interchangeably. Modern furniture today has changed the outlook and perspective of traditional wooden or metal desks.

Being stuck in an uncomfortable chair could increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and induced neck and backache due to stiff postures. Sitting for long hours has been known to give you worse health concerns than smoking, as some studies indicate.

Most users today have moved over to an ergonomic task chair. Now, let’s find out the best ergonomic task chairs in Canada.

What is a Task Chair?

A task chair or also known as a steno chair, was used by stenos to be efficient at their work. With straight backs, these wooden chairs were considered to keep backs upright for enhanced productivity and alertness.  History has it that Charles Darwin customized his wooden chair by adding two wooden wheels.  As he carried out his research, he needed to access working areas around him without moving out of his chair. Later in the 1850s, companies started looking at how chairs could be made more comfortable for higher productivity. 

What is a Task Chair?

There is another theory that propounds that the task chair, traditionally, had a lower backrest. This indicated the use of such chairs by the masses of the working class, called blue-collar workers.  White-collared employees had a higher backrest chair, indicating more power, control, and authority.

So? To summarise, task chairs were functional chairs to increase productivity and convenience to workers performing a particular type of job. The comfort of the user was not a moot point.

What has changed in the Last 20 Years?

The task chairs have evolved to include more features like a swivel base, wheels/casters, fixed armrests and back, and seats made from foam for some amount of comfort and more. 

Why this change?  As computers replaced the typewriters, office work changed initially, and later most folks had their own PC.  More folks were now clicking away at computers rather than maintaining manual registers and books and forms to be filled.  Hence the advent of the term, computer chairs.

What has changed in the Last 20 Years?

With this, over the last decade or more, more people were diagnosed with bad posture issues from working on computers and sitting in incorrect positions. Manufacturers started to offer an adjustable height office chair.  Was this enough? No, but then it was a start.

What is an Ergonomic Task Chair?

As you would notice, most buyers are looking for an ergonomic chair. The science of ergonomics ensures that you have a comfortable posture while working not to have any health concerns.  This could apply to furniture, a laptop keyboard, a laptop mouse, and more. So at your end, there are guidelines that prescribe how you should sit, what angles your wrists should be, and a lot more.  The modern ergonomically designed furniture offers different features.

What are the features? An ergonomic chair offers a higher level of comfort and convenience to you. Basic features include adjustable backrests, armrests, backrests, neck rests, and seat height. The main purpose is to identify that each individual has a different body than the next, and you can adjust the chair to suit your needs.

What is an Ergonomic Task Chair?

What are the benefits? Users indicated changes in energy levels, leading to higher productivity and enhanced mental and physical being.  There are unlimited studies to prove the benefit of an ergonomic task chair.

You can always buy an ergonomic chair easily. Read on for the best ergonomic mesh task chair in Canada.

The Top 3 Best Ergonomic Task Chairs in Canada 2021

You have a vast choice available in the marketplace. However, for the best ergonomic chair in Canada, we recommend the following as the top 3 ergonomic task chairs.         

1. ErgoChair Plus

Designed for the elite, a chair is a style and elegance statement for any executive. This ergonomic task chair in Canada offers high comfort and convenience as they make business decisions impacting millions of dollars worldwide. 

ErgoChair Plus

The ErgoChair Plus chair provides you with easy mobility and access to your work desk areas and in the room.  Tired of endless meetings while at your desk? No more, as the strong lumbar support offers you a high degree of comfort. You can easily lock it into any one of the five positions it offers. The armrests, height, and seat tilt (forward/backward) are adjustable to your requirements, which can change during the day.  The mesh task chair in Canada is strongly recommended for your skin to breathe as you sit for endless hours. The six different subtle colors match almost all executive office decors.  

2. ErgoChair Pro

Incorporated with all the basic features of an ergonomic chair, ErgoChair Pro is your optimal choice. One of the finest mesh task chairs in Canada, it offers high breathability for your skin. Once again, the backrest can be customized to support your lumbar.  The sleek and elegant ErgoChair Pro is available readily in six different contemporary colors, which match your office decor.  No waiting time. No customizations are needed. Built to accommodate a weight of up to three hundred pounds, it offers a two-year warranty.

ErgoChair Pro

3. ErgoChair Recline

Your next best employee value proposition (EVP) could be the ErgoChair Recline. It is one of the best ergonomic task chairs in Canada. Offering you a basic reclining computer chair, the chair has an adjustable height, armrest, and seat tilt. It also has options for an adjustable headrest and leg rest options. The seat itself is made from supportive foam that supports the body weight and is comfortable. The reclining lumbar support is made from fine black mesh material, giving your skin enough air to breathe.  It can easily accommodate up to 250 lbs of weight.

ErgoChair Recline

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