3 Home Gaming Setup Inspiration Ideas (Ultimate Guide for Gamers)
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3 Home Gaming Setup Inspiration Ideas (Ultimate Guide for Gamers)

|Jan 12, 2022

People are slowly coming to realize the importance of a proper home gaming setup in the household. There was a time when people thought that having the required equipment was all that was necessary, but that has all been proven to be wildly incorrect now. 

For most, gaming provides an escape from the harsh and sometimes boring realities that are synonymous with life. Therefore, a whole mental shift must take place for the maximum level of enjoyment. 

Unless the environment that you are playing in is conducive to this shift, you're going to find that the experience does not feel as rewarding or fulfilling as you may like. 

Apart from the mental space, a gaming room setup has several physical implications too. Naturally, if you don't have certain elements, there is a cap on what your gaming experience is going to look like. 

Lighting is a perfect example. Some people choose to game in the dark. Of course, programs such as F.lux, go a long way in helping you to preserve your eyes by removing the blue light that screens typically emit during the day. 

Additionally, keyboard lighting is a big one. If you are playing in the dark, then a keyboard that does not offer backlighting becomes all but unusable. It's a simple consideration, but it makes a huge difference in the experience that you are going to have in its absence. 

So, why are you here today? Is it to find out about gaming furniture? Maybe you want to know if an electric standing desk is a good idea for your bedroom gaming setup. 

Well, both these things are a part of it. Also, the electric standing desk query is almost a no-brainer, as you'd be hard-pressed to find a context in which bringing one into space is not going to revolutionize things for you. 

Still, there is more to unpack here. As a gamer, you either fall under the beginner, pro gamer, or streamer categories. Note that a streamer can also either be a beginner or pro-gamer. In any case, there are some setup recommendations below for the different contexts. 

Following that, you get a brief look at some home gaming setup considerations that you should never skip over as you are putting things together. Have a good time! 

Ideas for a Home Gaming Setup

Ideas for a Home Gaming Setup

It's essential to start by saying that nothing you read here is set in stone. Remember that you only came here for cool room ideas for gamers and inspiration and not an encyclopedia on home gaming setup law. 

Therefore, you should feel free to take the ideas here and tweak them as much as you like for them to fit in with your specific needs. Certainly, there are some cool room ideas for gamers here that can be used in their entirety. 

However, should you realize that something is not creating the kind of experience you would want, make whatever modifications are necessary. This is a highly subjective topic to explore, which means you need to get very comfortable making it all about you. 


Beginner home gaming setup

What should be included in a bedroom gaming room setup for beginners? If you fall under the beginner category, then much of what you're doing is purely casual and for yourself. Therefore, your home gaming setup does not have to be as special-purpose as you may think. The first question you need to ask yourself is, what do you need to get your gaming sessions going? 

The answer to that should form the basis of the first set of items that you seek to procure and put together. With that out of the way, you can then ask yourself what kind of quality-of-life elements you may want to include in the assortment to make things even more comfortable. 

For most beginners, it's a matter of the games that they want to play and the kind of peripherals and gaming accessories that are needed to get the definitive experiences while playing the said games. 

So, the defaults would include your gaming furniture and your PC or console. Of course, you also need to purchase the games that you are interested in. 

So, now you have the basics. However, you may not necessarily be able to fully enjoy the games without a couple of additional elements.  

For example, you may be highly interested in Apex Legends for your gaming room setup. If you are on PC, then your keyboard and mouse should suffice. However, since it’s a team-based game and there is a strategic component involved, the developers added voice chat for team members. 

Therefore, you may want to ensure that you have a microphone to talk to your team members and a headphone to hear things. Since you're a beginner, getting a headphone with an integrated microphone is good enough for your needs. 

Beyond these elements, you may want a pair of decent speakers for when you are not playing multiplayer games and you want a powerful audio experience to immerse you in the happenings on screen. 

Pro Gamer

Pro Gamer home gaming setup

The pro gamer is going to need to have more refined equipment in your gaming room setup than the beginner does. If you're on the pro side of things, it means more than just being good at the games. It means playing at the competitive level, and possibly having gaming be a source of income for you.  

At this stage, whatever you are using needs to be the best. So, if you are gaming on a PC, then your specs need to be up to the task of running the latest AAA games at the highest graphical fidelity settings. Beyond this, you need special-purpose peripherals for whatever games you play. 

So, if you are a fighting game pro, unless you are very adept at using a controller, you may want to add a fight stick to your catalog of equipment. At this stage, you also want to ensure that you have a headphone and a microphone. Using a combo is still satisfactory here. 

You're probably going to be spending a lot of time at your station, so a solid gaming chair is very necessary to create a comfortable experience in your gaming room setup and one that is not going to have your body give up after a long time has passed. An L-shaped gaming desk may also be recommended, considering that you are likely to have quite a bit of equipment at this level. 


Streamer home gaming setup

As indicated before, a streamer can be a beginner or a pro gamer. It's the inclusion of the live feed that makes all the difference here. To that end, identify whether you fall under the beginner or pro category, and visit either of those two subsections to get a broad idea of what you may need. 

If you are going to be streaming, then there are a couple of additions to those. First, you may find that a headphone and microphone combo is no longer sufficient for the kind of quality you want to output, especially since things are live. 

At this stage, you're going to want a dedicated microphone as a part of your aesthetic gaming setup. Mounting it on a boom arm with a shock mount is also a plus since doing so prevents vibrations from your desk from affecting your sound quality. 

Condenser microphones do the trick for most streamers, as they allow you to pick up sound from directly in front of the microphone, preventing the need for you to treat your room. However, for best results, your room should be treated with the requisite padding to prevent sound from bouncing around and ruining things. 

Streamers with a camera feed tend to have the greatest success, so get yourself a camera as well. The most popular cameras are not very expensive, and as you can see with a lot of professional streamers out there, they do a tremendous job. 

You are also going to need lighting. Some cameras come with built-in lighting, so if you run a bit more of a restricted budget, then there is no need to worry. However, whenever you can get external lighting, you should. 

Having a stream deck as a part of your setup is also a good idea. It can get very inconvenient to try to move your mouse around or put in keyboard combinations as you are trying to game. The stream deck helps you to bind some of these actions to single buttons, which allow you to use one quick press, and play special effects, do screen transitions, etc. 

If you want to create the green screen effect where no one can see your background, you are going to need to set up an area behind you with green cloth mounted so you can use Chroma Key settings to have a stream without your background being displayed. 

Other small elements come together to create a good viewing experience, but these baselines should get you going. 

Setup Considerations

home gaming setup Considerations

It's essential to give a bit of a disclaimer before getting this section started. Remember that everything here may not necessarily apply to you. This is not a definitive outlook to tell you what you should and should not think about. 

Rather, use it as a guideline for your home gaming setup to help you achieve the optimal results regardless of which of the three categories above you may fall under. 

Room Space

Using your home gaming setup space effectively is critical. Not everybody has large gaming rooms, but the good news is that you don't have to. So, if you're working with a smaller space, then you may want to use a mini ATX computer case and a gaming desk that is suited to that kind of layout. 

Your objective should be not to create clutter, which means you want to go as minimalist as possible. Your priorities are your equipment, lighting, and creating a feel that is comfortable for you. 



Having the right gaming furniture is non-negotiable if you want to enjoy this pastime in your gaming room setup. While you can go for a prebuilt gaming desk, feel free to go the DIY gaming desk route since it allows you to build something that is suited to your comfort and needs. Another alternative is to opt for an RGB gaming desk if the aesthetic is something that you are deeply interested in. 

Your chair is also essential, especially if you are going to be having long gaming sessions. The SL4000 Vertagear chair, Autonomous Chair series, or the Karnox leather gaming chair are two very incredible designs that come with durability, comfort, and the kind of aesthetic that would be desirable for a gamer. 



Here, you have the small quality of life improvements that you can make. So, an RGB corner floor lamp or colored ceiling bulbs may be desirable for you. 

You could even have a headphone stand or mount an area to the side of your desk to keep your phone as you game. It's all up to you, but you want to ensure that you have the necessities out of the way first before you approach this area. 



Obviously, you can't do gaming without a system, whether that's a PC or a console. For the most part, consoles are set in stone, but PCs allow for a lot of variation and are capable of giving the best gaming experience available. 

You may want to check out the Artesian x Autonomous gaming PC that is designed to be able to handle all the latest AAA titles. The assortment of a modern and powerful graphics card, an SSD OS drive, a mountain of RAM, etc. create a gamer’s dream. 

Final Remarks

Now, you should have at least a general home gaming setup idea of what you may want your fun space to look like. The gaming room ideas presented above are recommended based on the current gaming landscape. 

Thankfully, people are beyond the stigma that used to be heavily associated with gaming, meaning you can feel comfortable as you bring your workspace together.  

Of course, with the layout ideas presented, you also got some important considerations that you never want to leave out of the equation. Even if you don't decide to purchase or implement everything, you should at least think about them and have a good reason why you choose to opt-out of the ones you don't go for. 

Now that all the serious stuff is out of the way, are you ready to put your home gaming setup together and start having some fun?

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