3 Virtual Workspace Software to Work Digitally With Your Team
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3 Virtual Workspace Software to Work Digitally With Your Team

|Sep 12, 2021

It's entirely different to work remotely compared to regular office work. You cannot simply use the same tools in a virtual workspace as you would in an office. You can expect your remote team to face challenges as well, just as any new team would be likely to do. It is precisely because of this that you need virtual office software.

Utilizing a virtual office tool can allow you to ensure your team is working efficiently and creating the right environment for a virtual office. What's the best tool for your virtual business, considering the hundreds of software options available?

We'll cover all the essentials of virtual office software in this article. Let's look at the software used for managing the virtual office, along with its key features, functions, and benefits.


What is Virtual Workspace?

Workplaces that are virtual connect users, regardless of their geographical location, digitally. Since business is conducted over any popular online meeting tool like email, mail, internet, and video, this workplace has multiple locations that are not always the same. Through such technology, the company's employees communicate with each other, and the staff communicates with clients/customers.

Why are Virtual Workspaces Important?

Why are Virtual Workspaces Important

There is no concrete virtual workplace definition, but one can describe it as a shared workspace that allows employees to communicate and collaborate whether they are in the office or on the go. The virtual workplace meaning also highlights a combination of technology systems, human processes, and online processes in digital workplaces to minimize unnecessary costs. There are lots of reasons why virtual workspaces are great for working under these horrendous circumstances. In addition to the fact that they are great for working during these disastrous times, these are the other benefits of the best virtual workspace.

Remote work can be easily transitioned

The pandemic is still wreaking havoc on many people, but many manage well with a virtual workspace from home. As employees work at home using tools already available to them, they feel safe and comfortable. Neither productivity nor efficiency has been affected.

A greater market opportunity and a higher profit

A greater market opportunity and a higher profit

Because you can hire workers and work from anywhere in the world, you can also reach out to these same employees for business opportunities near their localities. The many savings opportunities that virtual workspaces provide also allow you to generate higher profits.

Costs are lower if the office is not physically located

You don't need to pay rent and other expenses associated with an actual office, such as security and maintenance, as in a virtual workspace. In addition, you don't have to spend much money on the popular virtual workspace software to enlarge your team.


Lower emissions result from employees no longer having to commute.

List of the Best Virtual Workspace Tools

Many virtual workspace apps or software are available, and they are effortless to set up, such as Jam and Autonomous hybrid working. Additionally, some organizations set up different tools for individual activities to set up a virtual office space. Below is a handpicked list of services and tools from each category that one can use for collaboration:

1. Autonomous Hybrid Working

Autonomous Hybrid Working

Today's workplace is marked by a change that sees employees rotating between working at home and working in offices with a hybrid work model. Organizational workspaces are evolving alongside workplace dynamics, and this innovative design leverages these changes. It is easier than ever to arrange employee seating with Autonomous hybrid software.

Different individuals occupy the same physical workstation throughout the course of the day. It helps employees transition to a hybrid work culture with its compatibility with Android, Mac, and Windows. This organizational workspace system is innovative because it utilizes an easy-to-use seating arrangement system.

  • When your employees come to work, they will have a workspace.
  • Provides an automated system for identifying empty desks at your facility.
  • You can integrate other business automation solutions and software easily with this integration.
  • Mobile devices make it convenient to make desk reservations.
  • Making effective choices about space allocation is easier with access to in-depth data.
  • Flexible and versatile working environments enhance employee productivity
  • You get updates that are accurate and visible in real-time.
  • The process of mapping out and reserving desks for socially distant locations becomes quick and easy.
  • An admin dashboard reflects schedules and spaces, so there's no need for paperwork.

2. Mural

In addition to being useful virtual software for designers, this can be used by any kind of business. No matter where you are or what time zone you are in, you can collaborate in one place. Cloud-based software offers the convenience of accessing it every time and anywhere from any device. Create individual workspaces on the app so you can work on multiple projects at once.

At the different stages of the project, you will be notified when any employee leaves or joins the project. Collaboration on a project is facilitated by collaborative thinking and real-time feedback. It is possible to collaboratively work on a variety of projects simultaneously using individual workspaces. The Mural platform simplifies project transparency by delivering a simple digitized visual representation of work.     

3. Jam


In virtual workspace and hybrid workplace, JAM makes your team calls easy and is great for brainstorming sessions on the fly. Autonomous does not require installation; all you need to do is enter your work email ID on the Autonomous site. This team-call application is built for aiding creative discussion online. It doesn’t require any download – simply link the browser-based tool to your work email.

A pass code will be provided next so that you can start. This tool is an easy and intuitive remote work software because it displays all activities on a single screen. The team chat system is shared by all teammates and supports screen-sharing and private conversations.

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