30 Best Blue Office & Task Chairs of 2024
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30 Best Blue Office & Task Chairs of 2024

|Nov 14, 2021

There's always a conversation revolving around black and white office chairs and their ability to blend into almost any environment. However, what about the blue ones? A blue office chair can fit into a variety of different aesthetic types too, and it stands out when compared to its white or black counterparts. 

The beauty of going the blue road is that your entire office can be blue without it feeling overdone, or you could have one or more other colors that complement it well. It's always good to have some variety, which is why you are getting a spread of 30 units of pillows to choose from. 

Take your time and browse the options. At the end of the day, if you are going to be the one occupying an office space, your comfort is one of the top priorities.

30 Best Blue Office & Task Chairs for Every Workstation

1. Blue Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo blue office chair

Second place goes to one of the best ergonomic chair designs in the world right now. This blue ergonomic chair is almost the epitome of comfortable work and adjustable design, featuring an adjustable headrest, backrest, three-dimensional armrests, recline, tilt tension, etc. All this is wrapped up in a sturdy design and a very respectable warranty. 

2. Blue Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Chair Ultra blue office chair

The top spot goes to none other than the blue Autonomous Chair Ultra from Autonomous. It would not be the first chair to have a frameless design on this blue desk chair list, but it does have the superior implementation to offer total movement. You cannot ask for more in the areas of durability or adjustability, which is why it is also the manufacturer’s best seating design available.

 3. OVIOS Office Chair

This light blue office chair manages to be affordable while sporting a water-resistant fabric exterior. Again, you are getting a small measure of lumbar support along with seat height. However, armrests are also present here. 

4. Flash Furniture Chrome Low Back Computer Task Chair

Flash Furniture Chrome blue office chair

Here's yet another low-budget option, but this one falls under the task chair category of blue desk chairs. Note that its design makes it more like a stool with a low back that you can adjust up or down. 

5. Duhome Elegant Lifestyle Velvet Modern Home Office Chair

While this may not be the best desk chair for back pain, it does feature a stylish, cup-like design that is likely to reach the middle of your back. It's most likely going to be used by those who are trying to achieve a certain aesthetic in their office spaces. The usual seat height adjustment option is available here. 

6. BestOffice Task Chair

This may potentially be the best budget office chair on the list. Though it has an incredibly low price tag, you are getting padded seating, lumbar support with a mesh backrest, and static armrests as well. Tilt tension and seat height adjustment are also present, giving you a somewhat ergonomic design. 

7. Global Fabric Navy Blue Task Chair

Global Fabric Navy blue office chair

The design of this blue task chair is very simple. It's compact, padded, and should do its intended job incredibly well. The navy-blue color is likely going to blend in quite nicely with your office aesthetic, thanks to its dark complementary tone spearhead 

8. EasyFashion Mid-back Mesh Office Chair

Here, you have yet another piece of budget blue office furniture that demonstrates some entry-level ergonomic design choices to bring you some comfort as you work. These include tilt tension adjustment, seat height adjustment, comfortable seat padding, static armrests, and a mesh backrest with somewhat adjustable lumbar support

9. 14 Karat Home Savas Navy Blue Task Chair

This is another blue computer chair option that is more for those who are trying to create a specific aesthetic. Its light blue color is quite attractive, as is the somewhat open backrest design choice. There's a seat cushion present that's meant to contribute to your comfort, and you have a seat height adjustment mechanism at your disposal. 

10. Hashtag Home Blue Elkland Mesh Task Chair

Hashtag Home blue office chair

This is one of the cheapest blue desk chairs that you are ever going to lay your eyes on. It's incredibly small, so it's not going to be suited to those on the larger side of the spectrum. Still, it does feature adjustable seat height, a small measure of lumbar support, and a mesh backrest to keep you cool. 

11. Jayden Creation ALEX Navy Swivel Task Chair

You can only describe the look of this swivel task chair as incredibly unique. Even the shade of blue that it uses lies outside of the norm and almost commands your attention. You're guaranteed to look stylish using this unit in your office space. Feel free to take advantage of the seat height adjustment mechanism present. 

12. NOUHAUS Palette Blue Ergonomic Office Chair

NOUHAUS blue office chair

The design here undoubtedly makes for one of the cutest blue office chair options on the market. Note that the color is on the light side, so you may want to think about the environment you are putting it in from a visual perspective. Lumbar support is present, as well as adjustable elements, such as the tilt tension, seat height, and armrests. 

13. Ebern Designs Blue Salma Task Chair

The top 20 opens with a task chair that resembles a larger executive design, though it's not very big. The segmented backrest makes for a visual stunner, while providing some level of support as you sit. You are not dealing with the biggest blue computer chair in the world here, but it does get the job done and it features adjustable seat height. 

14. Boss Office Blue Mesh Swivel Chair

This swivel blue office chair offers your basic ergonomic puzzle pieces. There is a mesh backrest, a padded seat, and static armrests to complement the whole package. Take advantage of the adjustable tilt tension to control the amount of resistance you feel upon leaning back. 

15. The Twillery Co.® Blue Steve Mesh Task Chair

Twillery Co blue office chair

When you see this blue computer chair, you are likely not going to understand how it has the low price tag it does. The padded seat makes for great comfort, as does the mesh backrest that's intended to keep you cool. You are getting armrests here, as well as tension and seat height adjustments to complete the package. 

16. Wrought Studio Blue Penkridge Task Chair

You can't expect much more than what you are getting here in a blue task chair. It's small, features high seat height adjustability, and allows you to move around easily as you complete your daily routine. 

17. Flash Furniture X10 Racing Chair

Wrapping up the first half of the blue office chair options is Flash Furniture with its X10 gaming chair. These kinds of seats have been surprisingly common in office spaces. This one offers a series of ergonomic design choices, such as flip armrests, lumbar support with a dedicated cushion, as well as tilt tension and seat height adjustments. The overall design of tis blue ergonomic office chair gives a sporty look and feel.

18. Ebern Designs Blue PC and Racing Game Chair

Ebern Designs blue office chair

Here is yet another gaming computer chair that edges out the previous entry because of its greater focus on an office-centric design. If not for the shape at the top of the backrest you probably would not be able to tell that this is for gaming. 

The seat padding is great, as are the padded armrests present. Just like before, you can adjust the seat height and tilt tension. 

19. Zipcode Design Blue Billups Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

The first thing that may stand out to you about this blue standing desk chair is the fact that there are three different levers almost in a line. That's because this chair is highly adjustable in areas such as lumbar support, tilt tension, back angle, swivel, etc. It's all topped off by a comfortable seat cushion and a mesh backrest. 

20. Inbox Zero Blue Adelphine Mesh Task Chair

Inbox Zero blue office chair

The color here is stunning as it lies somewhere between sky blue and turquoise. You are getting the standard ergonomic features you'd expect with a budget unit, including tilt tension and seat height adjustment. A pair of static armrests and a mesh backrest round out this design. 

21. Symple Stuff Blue Home Office Mesh Task Chair

Typically, you wouldn't expect a blue task chair to have a host of ergonomic features, but this one offers lumbar support, armrests, tilt tension and seat height adjustment, as well as a mesh backrest. It's another light blue that should easily stand out in your office space. 

22. Respawn PC Gaming Chair

If you are a gamer, then the name should be very ironic to you. The blue office chair looks very futuristic, and it features a seat cushion and a footrest to help you relax. Armrests are also present, as well as a headrest. 

23. Costway Blue Massage LED Reclining Gaming Chair

Costway Blue Massage LED Reclining Gaming Chair

The top ten begins with another stunning piece of blue office furniture. It features a massaging pillow that is going to be coming in handy to help keep your lower back in good health. A headrest is also present, as well as adjustable armrests, seat height, and even a cushion. 

24. Humanscale Blue Diffrient World Mesh Conference Chair

This is not the cheapest blue ergonomic office chair in the world, but it makes a compelling argument for its price tag. It features a light blue design that's complemented by a grey exterior. Both the seating and backrest areas are made of mesh, which should help to keep you cool as you work. 

25. Flash Furniture Mid-back Navy Blue Executive Chair

There's no other way to describe this unit than using the word beautiful. Flash Furniture blue office chairs made a great choice by going the navy-blue route here for the backrest, seating pad, and armrest pads. It offers lumbar support, adjustable seat height, and adjustable tilt tension. Expect all the eyes to be drawn if you have one of these in your office. 

26. Steelcase Series 1 Blue Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

Steelcase Series 1 Blue Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

Is anyone surprised by the inclusion of a Steelcase design here? The manufacturer has made its mark on the world of office supplies. This light blue ergonomic chair is just another in the series. 

The curved design offers comfortable seating, which is complemented by the adjustable lumbar support offered with the mesh backrest. Conveniently placed armrests complete the look and function. 

27. Union & Scale™ Lewis Mesh Back Chair

The unique blue color makes for an interesting visual here. Its appeal is the presence of all the expected ergonomic features in a well-implemented manner. These blue office chairs include the adjustable lumbar support, armrests, tilt tension, and seat height. Even the durability is unquestionable. 

28. Raynor Eurotech Mid-back Task Chair

Segmented backrests tend to contribute to comfortable seating, and this Raynor blue office chair design offers just that. It's highly adjustable and is likely to help you prevent chronic pain as you work. There is a dark blue color here, which is likely to complement whatever office space it is placed in. 

29. Steelcase Leap Blue Ergonomic Chair

Steelcase Leap Blue Ergonomic Chair

Steelcase strikes again with its Leap Chair. The blue office chair features a platinum base and hard floor casters. It has an unmistakably futuristic look, with tremendous lumbar support alongside other ergonomic features. Note that this unit boasts the second-highest price point of any chair on this list, so expect to spend a pretty penny if you are looking to acquire one. 

30. Steelcase Bluejay Gesture Chair

Steelcase takes third place with the most expensive design present. The bluejay color is incredible and should become a centerpiece in your office space. The backrest is frameless, allowing for increased movement. It's another futuristic-looking design that should provide durability and comfort for a long time to come. 

Final Remarks

Blue desk chairs fit in well with a host of different aesthetic choices, which is why you may be interested in getting one. Browsing a solid variety tends to make choices such as these much easier, which is why you got a spread of 30 different units that you can review and choose from. 

Whether your preference is a blue task chair, ergonomic chair, or gaming chair, there are multiple options to suit your specific tastes. So, what are you waiting for? Your office chair is not going to by itself.

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