30+ Best Gifts for Coworkers with Affordable Prices in 2024
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30+ Best Gifts for Coworkers with Affordable Prices in 2024

|Jul 2, 2022

Buying presents for your closest loved ones is easy, but what happens when you have to find gifts for a coworker? Yes, it becomes much more difficult. 

Coworkers are like the family members you see every day. However, professionalism can be a double-edged sword when you have to buy something for them.

If you're struggling to find great office gift ideas to show the people you work with that you appreciate them, check the list below! 

While there are mountains of options out there, this short guide gathered the best affordable presents for your work friends. From gifts under $50 to home office setups, find the best ideas here! 

Top 10 Low-budget Gifts for a Coworker

The gift-giving season sometimes catches you off guard. Have you been invited to a last-minute party, or your first post-pandemic meeting is approaching? Don't worry! 

There's an ocean of options at affordable prices. If you're on a budget, here are some of the things you can buy for your coworkers: 

1. A Cute and Original Mug

A Cute and Original Mug gifts for coworker

Every worker in the world needs some pick-me-up to get through the day. Therefore, coffee or tea mugs are excellent gift ideas. 

You can find different types of coffee and tea mugs, including traditional ones and some with original designs. If you want to go the extra mile, opt for customizable options and write a cute message for your coworker. 

Try to think about their tastes. Do you want to give something unique to a Harry Potter fan? If so, a mug with written spells or the Hogwarts logo would be perfect! You can buy them for $30. 

2. Portable Desktop Smartphone Holder

After mugs, the second most-used items by workers are cell phones. Therefore, a portable smartphone or tablet stand could be a practical gift for them. 

These devices allow people to view their screens at more comfortable angles while keeping their hands free. It's a valuable asset for multitaskers at home and in the office. Some holders cost less than $10! 

3. Deltahub Carpio Wrist Rest

If you want to give the perfect gift to a workaholic or a gamer, this Deltahub Carpio wrist rest is the best option you can find! These silicone pads can improve the wrist position when using the computer. 

Designed by physicians, this wrist rest helps prevent wrist strain and injury from prolonged mouse use. It's available for $39.

4. Funny Notepads

Notepads are also great gifts for your coworkers! 

If you add a little humor, these handy items can put a smile on anyone's face. Choose a notepad with an interesting design and write a funny phrase on the first page. Your friend will never forget this present! 

5. Brownies, Cookies, and Other Desserts

Brownies, Cookies, and Other Desserts

Desserts are a safe gift choice, especially for workers. Who doesn't like to eat something sweet during the office break? 

You can bake some cookies or brownies, put them in a cute gift box with a warm note, and give them to your coworkers! Desserts are classic presents that show how much you care about them. 

6. Pens for Refined Writing

Maybe your coworker has a drawer full of stationery and writing supplies, but having another good pen never hurts.

Some brands make pens with beautiful silver or gold finishes that you can find for less than $40. Choose a quality one and let your coworker enjoy the majestic pleasure of fine writing.

7. Scented Candle Gift Set

Scented Candle Gift Set

Scented candle gift sets are also among the best presents for coworkers. They are lovely gifts for those who love to be surrounded by pleasant scents. 

Some sets include small tins or glass cups with scented candles. From lavender to Mediterranean fig, you can choose the aroma that reminds you of your work friend! 

8. Succulent Plants

If you think your coworkers prefer easy-to-maintain gifts, you can buy them succulent plants. 

Whether brought home or used to add color to the office, succulent plants are just right at any place. It’s possible to pick up two-piece plant sets for as low as $20. 

9. Desk Shelf

Desk Shelf gifts for coworker

You can also find a nice gift for your favorite coworker! If you work from home, a desk shelf could be a practical gift. 

These items raise the monitor to a more spine-friendly height to ensure you maintain a comfortable posture. They also free up more space on desks to organize other things. 

Choose a desk shelf for a monitor that matches the color and texture of your coworker's furniture. It will be the perfect gift! You can find a high-quality one for $69.

10. Keychain with Friendly Messages

Keychains make lovely gifts for all workers, including those who are leaving. They are also practical! 

If you want to win your coworker's heart without burning your pockets, buy a keychain with a customizable design and write a message on it. 

The Best 15 Office Gifts Ideas for Workaholics

Do your coworkers spend all day at their desks? There are perfect gifts for them! 

Everyone knows at least one workaholic. Therefore, figuring out what to buy for them may save you some time and money. 

Keep reading and find the best coworker gift ideas for those who spend too much time in the office. 

1. Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat gifts for coworker

No matter how long they stay at their desk, this anti-fatigue mat can help your coworkers relax during a tiring day at work. 

The mat is made of high-resistance vegan leather and PU. Thanks to its clever design, it helps reduce stiffness and tension. 

This anti-fatigue mat is the perfect coworker gift idea for that work friend who often complains about back pain.

2. Lumbar Pillow and Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Everyone wants to feel comfortable while working. Therefore, you should consider gifting your coworkers with some comfort-providing items. 

Ergonomic furniture stores offer many of them, including lumbar support pillows to support posture and seat cushions to ease sitting pain. 

3. Wide LED Desk Lamp

Wide LED Desk Lamp gifts for coworker

Workaholics also appreciate well-lit workspaces. Therefore, if you want to find the perfect gifts for a coworker, you could search for something in the lamps section. 

A good wide LED desk lamp lights up the desks with no glare or visual interference on the monitor or any other electronic devices. 

Also, desk lamps are practical and inexpensive gift ideas. You can choose one with various light temperatures if you want to buy a first-class gift for your coworker.

4. ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest

Spending all day in the office can cause disgusting odor problems! However, there are some tools designed to avoid embarrassing cheesy feet moments. 

One of them is the ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest. It keeps feet cool and dry, ensuring comfort throughout the day. 

Unlike other footrests, this one is high-density and provides optimal ergonomic support. In addition, it offers chiropractic benefits to those who spend too much time at their desks. 

5. Wi-Fi Extender

Wi-Fi Extender gifts for coworker

How often do your coworkers complain about a weak internet connection? You can help them find the right solution! 

With a Wi-Fi extender, you can boost the Wi-Fi signal in any room out of range. As you may have thought, it's an amazing gift idea for both home and office workers. 

6. Flow Board

You can also help your colleagues increase their productivity with a well-thought gift for a coworker. A Flow Board allows people to perform muscle micro-movements to improve energy and muscle memory. 

With this tool, your work friends can exercise while working and take their productivity to the highest levels. The Flow Board also has a footrest feature that improves circulation and reduces the risks posed by prolonged sitting.

7. Autonomous Monitor Arm

monitor arm gifts for coworker

Are you looking for the best office gift ideas for those who work in large offices? Here's a good one: the Autonomous monitor arm

This item has been designed to provide a flexible work setup. It allows people to adapt their screens' height and rotation, guaranteeing comfort in every posture.

An arm monitor would help your coworkers fight eye and neck pain while maintaining a healthy posture, even if they spend many hours working.

8. Microfiber Vegan Leather Desk Pad

If you're using a computer, you also need a mouse. Therefore, a desk pad is another good small gift for coworkers. 

This microfiber vegan leather desk pad is a total game changer! Being designed with a non-woven technology, it's resilient and liquid repellent.

Despite being durable, it doesn't sacrifice softness. With this pad, your work friend will have a comfortable and 100% functional desk.

9. Adjustable Display Shelves

Is there a neat freak in your office? If so, adjustable display shelves are perfect for them! These handy coworker gift ideas can help you keep your belongings and office supplies organized. 

Most office desks usually have drawers and spaces to organize things. However, these adjustable display shelves are ideal for those who work from home. 

10. A Faux-leather Dotted Journal

A Faux-leather Dotted Journal

Your coworkers need some time for themselves. Therefore, a faux-leather dotted journal could be another good option if you are looking for presents for coworkers. 

Journals allow people to keep their dreams and expectations all in one place. If you choose them as gifts, you can help your work friends have everything they need and want right at their desks. 

Top 10 Customizable Gifts for Your Coworkers

Customizable items are a safe option to impress your colleagues because they mean a lot! 

Whether you choose small gifts for coworkers, office accessories, or something edible, a personalized gift can enhance your connections or simply make them happy. Find some coworker gift ideas below. 

1. Personalized Bottle Opener

Do you like to go for a few beers with your colleagues after work? If so, there's no better gift for them than a personalized bottle opener. Just pick the one you like and engrave a message or word. 

2. Personalized Christmas Ornament

Personalized Christmas Ornament

Everyone loves the holidays! Therefore, if you are trying to find the best small gift ideas for coworkers, you should consider personalized Christmas ornaments. If you include a cute message, it'd be the perfect present. 

3. Personalized Necklace

Personalized necklaces are among the best gifts for those who have found friends in their coworkers. These handmade pieces of jewelry can show your colleagues how much they mean to you. 

4. Pen Cups

Pen Cups gifts for coworker

This is one of the interesting gifts for coworkers. Besides being useful in the office, pen cups can help you immortalize what you think about your colleagues. Choose one with a fun design and personalize it with a meaningful message! 

5. Personalized Docking Station

With a personalized docking station, you can motivate your colleagues to be happier, pursue their dreams, and work harder. They include pens, key rings, glasses, pads, and more. Also, these unique gifts are customizable! 

6. Custom Street Map Sign

Do you have a new coworker? A personalized street map sign can be the perfect gift for a colleague who is new in town! Choose the kind of printing you like the most and add information to the map sign, such as their new office or home address. It's a beautiful way to welcome people to the workspace! 

7. Personalized Watch

Personalized Watch

You can also buy a handmade watch and personalize or engrave it with your own handwriting. These gifts are sure to be cherished! 

8. Personalized Nameplate

If your coworker has a new office, a personalized wooden name plate can be the best gift! This present can be especially good for people who have just been promoted. 

9. Personalized Photo Frames

Is there anyone who doesn't have their favorite photos hanging on their office walls? Personalized photo frames can be the best coworker gift ideas! 

10. Personalized Portfolio Notebook

If you know someone who needs some kind of motivation at work, a personalized portfolio notebook could be perfect! Some of your coworkers may believe that where they write is more important than what they actually produce. 

More Presents for Coworkers That'll Make Work More Bearable


If you didn't choose a gift for your coworker in the previous lists, you can also consider these ideas: 

  • Mini desk fridge
  • Temperature-controlled smart mug
  • Desk organizer
  • Mini coffee or tea gift set
  • Productivity clock
  • Portable standing desk
  • Desk cup holder
  • Desk fan
  • Personal coffee maker
  • Lunch bento box 

Final Thoughts

Do you want to find the perfect gifts for your coworkers? Choose one of the options mentioned above, let your imagination run wild, and honor your colleagues with the best presents ever! 

There are plenty of office gift ideas you can give away to surprise all your coworkers and even your boss!

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