30 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas
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30 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

|Dec 7, 2020

Concepts, such as employee engagement and job satisfaction, are important for good working relations and the best in productivity. Christmas parties go a long way in laying the foundation for such a positive work experience. A trend that seems to be taking root more than ever is that of a virtual Christmas party. 

How does something like this even work? What can you do to make it interesting? It just so happens that there's a collection of 30 ideas below that should answer that question quite effectively. And do not forget to check out Autonomous Christmas Holiday Sale 2021.

1. Guess the Gift

The premise of this one is simple, and it can make a great addition to your Christmas party online. It only works if gifts are a part of the party, but you can have people try to guess what a gift is based on the package's shape and size.  

2. Guess the Song

Here's another guessing game to liven up the party. Have each participant either hum a melody or mute their microphones as they sing a Christmas song. Everyone else must guess the song based on either the tune or by reading lips.  

3. Chubby Elf

This is one of those virtual Christmas party ideas that can get very funny very fast. Have a storyteller choose a classic Christmas story and tell it with a mouthful of marshmallows. Everyone else must guess which story it is.  

4. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

The items in the scavenger hunt can either be around the house, character traits, etc. You can decide what kind of creative spin you want to put on things.  

5. Mystery Holiday Theatre

Choose a classic Christmas country, and have the team discuss and comment on it using real-life logic. Who knew laughing at plot holes together could be so much fun?  

6. Team Building Games

Team building games

It's never a bad time to throw some team building games into The Christmas office party online mix. Games, such as charades, work well here.  

7. Kindness Quest

Have the team answer trivia questions to win prizes for charitable purposes. It's fun and leaves a fuzzy feeling inside.

8. Virtual Secret Santa

Put a spin on the traditional gift exchange by sending the presents and having everyone open them over a Zoom meeting.  

9. Make Your Drink

Make your drink

The team is going to need an ingredient list beforehand. A host can then walk everyone through fun recipes to create amazing cocktails.  

10. The Naughty List

The naughty list requires everyone to hold up 10 fingers. Go through a list of statements starting with, "you are on the naughty list if…" Team members must put down fingers for everything they have done. The last team member standing wins.  

11. Virtual Party

Virtual Party

This is one of those Christmas activities online that is exactly what it sounds like. Have a host play music and run a party in the traditional sense. Everyone else can join through Zoom and dance the night away.  

12. Virtual Christmas Bingo

Throw a virtual bingo into the mix. Customize the items present to fit the experiences of your team.  

13. Ski Chalet

You need to send everyone pre-built kits for this to work. Everyone can then join via Zoom, enjoy hot chocolate, marshmallows, tell stories, etc.  

14. Dress-up

Dress up

Give your virtual Christmas party a theme of your choice, and have everyone put on their best costumes to support it.  

15. The Holiday Music

If streaming is a part of your event, your music needs to be on point. Use Spotify or YouTube to create the perfect Christmas playlist that you don't need to attend to on the day.  

16. Virtual Card Competition

Choose a service online and have employees design hilarious custom cards. Everyone can then look through and vote to decide which cards won the day.  

17. Company Carols

Company Carlos

Get everyone involved in some entertaining singing by modifying Christmas carols to fit the company.  

18. Real or Fake Tradition?

Gather a list of your team's most bizarre Christmas traditions. Throw them out along with some fake ones and have everyone guess if they are real or not.  

19. Christmas Karaoke

Spice things up by having your team put on a show with Christmas karaoke. You can project YouTube videos designed for karaoke purposes with lyrics present while people sing.  

20. Team Dinnertime

Team dinnertime

Provide reimbursements to the team and have them buy various meals to eat together virtually on the day.  

21. Team Slideshow

Delight in various memories that the team had throughout the year during your virtual Christmas party. Put together a big slide show with some of the most memorable and hilariously embarrassing moments. 

22. Dub a Film

Watch a popular movie with the sound muted. Some improved skills are needed here, as team members are going to be speaking their lines throughout the presentation. 

23. Build a Story

Build a story

Assign each virtual Christmas event attendee a number before beginning. Select a theme, and begin with the person who has the first number. That person must speak a single sentence to start the story, and each team member adds a subsequent one for some interesting fun.  

24. Christmas Bake-off

Use a simple and affordable recipe, and have team members clash in a head-to-head battle to see who can do it best. The audience can do commentary and laugh about the fails.  

25. Movie Night

This one isn't very hard to set up. Have someone with a good internet connection play and stream the movie over a Zoom call. Everyone else can watch and throw their commentary in the chat.  

26. Storytime

Enjoy listening to fondly remembered experiences, as team members recount some of their best and funniest Christmas happenings for everyone else to listen to.  

27. Wine and Cheese Tasting

This is going to require deliveries to everyone who is going to be involved. Choose a small selection of wines or cheese varieties, and allow team members to go through a tasting and commentary experience.  

28. Murder Mystery Theme

The host of the game announces that a popular character, such as the Grinch, has been murdered. Using clues, discussion, and intuition, the team must work together throughout the event to identify who did it.  

29. Dance Party

Not everyone is comfortable with their "fancy footwork," but you can always play some music and have team members show off their best moves.  

30. Talent Show

This is where the attendees of your virtual Christmas party get to show off what they're made of. People can choose common and unique talents to provide entertainment to everyone else.

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