35+ Home Office Must-Haves to Work Like a Pro
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35+ Home Office Must-Haves to Work Like a Pro

|Jan 4, 2022

Remote workers often question the home office must-haves they should add to their workstation. Sometimes, the right decision is obvious – you need a computer and a desk. However, other times, you might need to evaluate your alternatives before spending money to guarantee you're making smart buying choices. 

The following list is divided into five different categories, and it includes the best 36 items that you should buy to have the ideal workspace.  

Furniture and Other Basic Items

1. Desk

Desk home office must haves

One of the primary work-from-home must-haves is your desk. You can't work without a high-quality piece of furniture where you can sit comfortably and organize all your items, so a fantastic standing desk is crucial. 

2. Chair

Chair home office must haves

A desk and an office chair are equally important. Without a place to sit, your neck, back, shoulders, and legs might suffer the consequences. 

3. Bookshelf

Even though some workers don't think about bookshelves when they're choosing their home office items, it's crucial since it lets you quickly organize your books and documents. 

4. Adequate Lighting

Adequate Lighting home office must haves

Having adequate lighting is one of the most basic home office necessities. It helps you protect your eyesight and guarantee that you're doing your job correctly, as it lets you see everything clearly. 

5. A Surge Protector

In most cases, you might have multiple devices that you need to plug into power outlets. If you want to make things easier, getting a surge protector may be the best idea. 


6. Computer

Computer home office must haves

A computer is the most important item that remote workers have. Getting a laptop is always the best idea, and you can boost its functions or get different accessories that help you work faster and more comfortably. 

7. Monitor

An extra monitor, for example, is a fantastic addition to your workspace. You can quickly arrange your tabs in both monitors and guarantee that you're not missing anything. 

8. High-speed Internet

Without high-speed internet, it might be close to impossible for you to complete your daily tasks. Get the best-quality Wi-Fi device you can and start working! 

9. Headset

Headset home office must haves

Working from home means you might have people around you. If you don't want them peeking into your Zoom meetings or conversations with others, a high-quality work-from-home headset might be one of the most important home office must-haves. 

10. A Printer

As a remote worker, you probably need to print many different documents. Therefore, a printer (preferably a laser one) is a fantastic addition to your workspace, and it's one of the most important home office essentials. 

11. An Uninterruptible Power Supply

Another item that belongs to the home office necessities list is an Uninterruptible Power Supply, also known as UPS. If there's a power outage, you don't have to lose your progress. 

12. A Mouse

A Mouse home office must haves

When you're looking for things for a home office setup, a mouse is an essential addition to keep in mind. It lets you quickly navigate and click on different tabs, so you should also add it to your workstation. 

13. A Keyboard

Keyboards let you type much faster than the regular ones you have on your laptop. Therefore, you should get one, especially if writing is part of your daily job. 

14. A Microphone

Many remote workers have different online meetings through voice calls, and when that occurs, a high-quality microphone might be your best friend.  

15. Sound-blocking Headphones

Although working from home is an ideal option for many, distractions might make your workday very challenging. Thus, sound-blocking headphones are a fantastic addition to your desk since they eliminate all noise around you. 

16. Speakers

Speakers home office must haves

Workers who love listening to music out loud might consider speakers one of the essential home office must-haves. 

Even if you don't like listening to music, you can play calming sounds or put on a playlist that helps you focus. Having speakers is a great addition to your workspace, regardless of whether or not you have a headset too. 

17. Bluetooth Speakers

Here is another thing for a home office, Sometimes you need an office with movable items, especially if you travel a lot. Bluetooth speakers are also part of your home office necessities since you can use them to listen to the music you love, and if you need to quickly move them, you can do so. 

Desk Accessories

18. Lamp

lamp home office must haves

Having a LED desk lamp is ideal – you need proper lighting while you're working. The best thing about having a lamp is that you can adjust its settings to fit your needs and change its position to guarantee that its light reaches all the important spots in your desk, such as your keyboard or any essential document you have around. 

19. Desk Pad

Desk Pad home office must haves

Surprisingly, most home office items lists don't include a cork desk pad, but it's as important as your mouse pad or other similar accessories. In this case, it protects your desk and improves your mouse performance.

20. Standing Mat

Standing Mat home office must haves

Even though there are many must-have desk accessories, a standing mat is one of the most crucial ones you should keep in mind because it helps you protect yourself from fatigue if you're using a standing desk.  

A standing mat helps you prevent leg fatigue and pain, and it can be very useful if you're already experiencing some discomfort. 

21. Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm home office must haves

Having an extra monitor is a fantastic idea, and many people consider it part of the home office necessities you should add to your workstation. However, to make it work, you also need a monitor arm to keep your screen steady. 

With a monitor arm, you can position your screen and adjust it until it has the angle that fits your needs best. To sit comfortably and prevent neck strain, take advantage of your monitor arm! 

Office Accessories

22. Air Purifier

Air Purifier home office must haves

This is one of the home office essentials you cannot miss. You probably don't know how much you can enjoy your work days unless you get an Airdog air purifier. It can completely change your experience since it lets you breathe clean air at all times. 

A high-quality air purifier is part of any home office must-haves list because it guarantees that you're always breathing pure air. Thus, it helps you prevent many diseases and destroys different air pollutants. 

23. Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet

Remote workers like you often have multiple documents they have to organize while they're working. With a high-quality filing cabinet, you can arrange your items and make sure you never lose anything. 

A useful filing cabinet must fit under your desk or near your work area. Otherwise, it might be too far away from you to serve its purpose. Therefore, you have to examine different models and choose the one with the perfect size. 

24. Desk Treadmill

Desk Treadmill

If you're working from home, you might want to add different items to your list of home office necessities, especially considering that your schedule may be flexible. 

Getting a Treadly office treadmill is a fantastic idea, for example, since it's one of the home office essentials you must have if you want to stay healthy while you're working.  

25. Storage Bins

Among all home office essentials you should keep in mind, storage bins should always be on top of your list. Workers who need to sort out different documents might particularly benefit from storage bins since they let you organize various items. 

Storage bins come in different shapes and sizes, so you can often match them to the rest of your standing desk accessories

26. Paper Shredder

Having numerous documents means you probably have paper all around you while you’re working. However, on many occasions, you may want to get rid of it.

A paper shredder can become your best friend, especially if you have mountains of paper sheets that you don't need. Instead of cluttering your trash bin, use the shredder to cut the paper into smaller pieces. 

27. A Planner or Organizer

A Planner or Organizer

Planners and organizers are always considered as home office must-haves. In many cases, working from home means that you have to stay organized and decide your own schedules, and things might get tricky if you don't have the right tools to do so. 

Organizers and planners are ideal items for remote workers – you can make daily to-do lists, write down your goals for the week, and decide how you're going to organize your tasks. 

28. A Water Chiller

You need to stay hydrated while you're working, so a water chiller is one of the essential home office items you must buy. 

A water chiller keeps your water at the ideal temperature for you to drink it, and that helps you stay healthy, even if you have to spend hours in front of the computer. 

29. Blue Light Blocking Lamp

Blue Light Blocking Lamp

There are several home office items and home office must-haves you might want to add to your list, and they help you guarantee that your workstation is the ideal place for you to complete your daily to-dos. 

However, a blue-light-blocking lamp is always one of the most crucial ones. If you work from home, you're exposed to blue light all the time, so protecting your eyesight is vital. 

Buying a blue-light-blocking lamp means you can adjust it so it's always protecting your eyesight from the blue light that your monitors project. Therefore, it's an incredible addition to your workstation. 

Decorations and Extras

30. Plants!


Plants are also home office necessities, even though many workers don't see them that way. Experts say that having plants around can reduce your stress levels and calm you down, so they may be a fantastic way to feel better while you're working. 

Furthermore, plants are a great way to decorate your surroundings. They're beautiful no matter what style you choose to go for, which means that they can match your workstation regardless of the rest of the accessories you have. 

31. A Corkboard

Have you ever thought of this work from home must-have for your workspace?Staying organized and motivated while you're completing your daily to-dos might be a challenge sometimes, but corkboards can make it easier.  

A corkboard, for example, could be a fun way to decorate your workspace if you pin pictures and motivating phrases to it. You can also include your weekly schedule, especially if you need to stay on top of things! 

32. Candles


Decorating your workstation can be very fun, and if you want to go for a classic look with some romantic features, candles might be the perfect way to achieve that. 

The good thing about these home office must-haves is that you don't need to add hundreds of them to create the desired effect. If you want, you can simply buy a couple of them! 

33. A Snack Box

Even though the basic home office necessities are always your computer, desk, and chair, other home office items might be just as important, particularly if you have to work for hours. 

Adding a snack box, for example, might help you stay focused. Each time you complete a to-do from your list, you can eat a snack and get an energy boost. 

34. An Espresso Machine

Some workers don't enjoy snacks so much. Instead, you might prefer something simple, like a cup of coffee. 

Thus, your home office necessities list should include an espresso machine. In a couple of minutes, you can quickly make coffee and enjoy its flavor while you're on your computer. 

35. A Coffee Warmer

A Coffee Warmer

If you're having coffee, you probably want to guarantee that your mug stays warm as long as possible. A coffee warmer lets you put your cup on top of it and maintain its heat, so it's a fantastic item for coffee lovers! 

36. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The last items on this list are blue-light-blocking glasses, which are a great accessory to wear. There are many different models, and you can wear them to protect your eyesight and make sure you don't suffer from eye strain. 

Keynote Takeaways

When you're assembling a home office, there are some essential home office must-haves you should add to your workstation to take it to a different level. The suggestions on this guide help you create the workspace of your dreams, so get started today and buy all the items you need!

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