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4 Aesthetic Desk Setup Ideas for Gamers
Workplace Inspiration

4 Aesthetic Desk Setup Ideas for Gamers

|Dec 29, 2020

Gaming isn’t uncool anymore. Your desk setup doesn’t have to be, either. With an aesthetic gaming desk setup, you can feel more inspired while you game, and you might also be able to perform better. Take the time to develop your own aesthetic desk for gamer setup, and the results should definitely be worthwhile.

When you’re passionate about gaming, spending hours at the desk just seems and feels natural. This is why it’s important that your desk is ergonomic and designed to support your body and posture properly for extended periods. While it might not feel like it now, sitting for long periods can strain your body and predispose you to certain kinds of injury if you’re not careful.

Coming up with an aesthetic gaming setup for your room doesn’t have to be something tedious. It can be a good opportunity to get to know yourself while building a room that’s the perfect reflection of your personality. Most people like to decorate their gaming rooms in a very specific way as it allows them to create a safe space where they’re allowed to be themselves. You can consider it as a way of being “disconnected” from the real world – at least for a few hours.

With that being said, there are tons of ways of building an aesthetic gaming room. You can start from anywhere, from a black desk gaming setup to an ultrawide desk setup, based on your budget and preferences.

This article covers four of our favorite ideas for developing a gaming aesthetic desk setup. Some of these ideas are geared towards a setup that is more ergonomic, while others focus on the design and style element of your setup. Either if you have something in mind or if you don’t know where to start, here we have a few tips you can use to decide the best gaming aesthetic based on your tastes. By combining all of these suggestions, you can truly develop the ultimate gaming desk!

What Do You Need For Your Aesthetic Gaming Desk Setup

1. Use a Standing Desk for Aesthetic Gaming Desk Setup

Standing desk

How many of us spend 30 minutes gaming? Not many. For dedicated gamers, it’s much more typical to be at our desks for hours each day. This is why it’s so important that your desk supports your posture and keeps you from developing bad habits. You could actually think of sitting as one. Sitting for prolonged periods has been found to be dangerous because it predisposes you to a number of lifestyle conditions and health problems.

One of the best ways to address this if you game for long stretches is by investing in a standing desk for your aesthetic gaming room. A standing desk eliminates the health risks that come with sitting for too long, and it also encourages much better posture than sitting at a standard desk does. If it seems intimidating to stand at your desk all day, you can ease into it by switching between sitting and standing throughout the day until your body has adjusted.

Standing desks can often be adjusted to sit at the perfect height for you. This is another advantage of standing desks that most conventional desks lack. You don’t need to worry about fitting your desk because you can change the desk to fit you and adapt to your body. Many people find that standing desks help improve their gaming performance, and they often have a great, minimalist style.

2. Aesthetic Gaming Setup with Incorporating Desk Accessories

Incorporate desk accessories

Your desk doesn’t just have to be a place for you to display your computer and your monitor. If your desk is large enough, you can invest in a number of gaming desk accessories that can seriously enhance your gaming experience. For example, a monitor arm can make gaming much more comfortable by allowing you to adjust your monitor to the perfect angle and height for you.

Essentially, you should think of your desk as a gaming station. At your desk, you should have everything you need to ensure the perfect gaming experience. You can use devices like special gaming headphones for a more immersive experience, and a portable air purifier can improve the air quality in the room, as well as helping with the symptoms of a number of respiratory illnesses.

If you tend to get uncomfortable sitting over long periods, you might like to purchase an ergonomic cushion to improve your posture and make sitting down more comfortable in your aesthetic gaming room. You can also buy similar cushions for your hands and wrists to make using a standing desk more comfortable, which is especially helpful when your body is first getting used to it.

3. Invest in Proper Gaming Furniture

Investing in furniture

Some furniture is designed for use with gaming. If you game frequently, then investing in such furniture can really take your experience to the next level and make gaming far more comfortable, especially for longer periods. If you’re interested in developing an aesthetic gaming desk setup while you game, think about purchasing a special gaming desk.

Getting the best possible chair for gaming is crucial, too. You can purchase a gaming chair that is ergonomic, supportive, and sleek. Most gaming chairs are intended for extended use, and they are made to be as comfortable as possible. If you haven’t tried using a gaming chair before, you might like to try one out at the store before committing to buying the chair.

4. Get the Best Monitor Setup

Monitor setup

When it comes to developing an aesthetic desk for a gamer, nothing is more important than having the best possible monitor setup. Your monitor setup could consist of one or several monitors, and this should be based on the type of gaming you do, as well as the frequency with which you game. Using several monitors is often a good idea if you need the largest possible display.

A multiple-monitor display can also be ergonomic and therefore better for your back and neck. You can adjust most monitor displays now so that they’re at the perfect height and angle for your body, and this is a great way to ensure that the display you have is best suited for your body. This is a crucial part of a gaming aesthetic table setup.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your monitor setup when processing an aesthetic gaming desk for gamer. The most common way to employ multiple monitors when gaming is to have two or more monitors of the same size, but this isn’t the only way to do so. You can also try using a smaller monitor to complement your primary monitor, for example. This might not work for everyone, but it’s an aesthetic gaming desk setup idea that works fantastically for some.

Building Your Own Gaming Aesthetic

Building Your Own Gaming Aesthetic

There are many things to do when you start building your gaming aesthetic. We are here to help you bring some organization to your ideas while also giving you tips you can use to build your aesthetic gaming setup finally. You should have a better idea of how to build it yourself by the end of the article.

However, before we start diving into the depths of what it is like to build a gaming setup, let’s answer a few basic questions:

  • Where do you play games? (PC vs. Console)
  • What types of games do you usually play?

Once you figure out the answers to these questions, it should be easier for you to continue with the process. Let us tell you why in the next section.

PC Gaming vs. Console Gaming

Besides the functionality, most people don’t know the difference between PC Gaming and Console Gaming. However, if you’ve been in the gaming world for a while, you should know that there are big differences between both areas. Here we mention some of the most notable ones:

  • A new PC will likely cost you more than a console. Thus, the price of a PC can be higher in the long term. Here we include system and display costs. Although you can use a monitor for both options, it all comes down to your preferences.
  • You can upgrade PCs in the long term if you want as there are few limits. On the other hand, consoles often specify how much storage you can add to them. If you prefer a PC, things are very different. You can upgrade pretty much anything regarding your computer, and some people even prefer to build their own PCs from scratch.
  • However, consoles have an enormous advantage: accessibility. Consoles come with all the software you need to play all the games available for that platform. On the other hand, newer releases may have compatibility issues with your PC, and you may have to upgrade a few things.

We could continue talking about this topic for the rest of the post, but we can summarize the whole debate into the three areas described above: pricing, upgradability, and accessibility.

What Games Do You Like to Play and Why?

As for the second question, it is more related to the sound aspect than anything else. Hence, this section should help you figure if you should choose a headset over speakers.

  • If you’re the kind of gamer that often has friends around, perhaps a couple of speakers can help you more than a headset.
  • On the other hand, we recommend considering a headset if you’re more about competitive gaming and would like to keep the room to yourself.

Aesthetic Gaming Ideas for Every Gamer

Now that you know the essentials of a gaming room let's continue with the actual appearance of your new gaming room. There are tons of options and combinations out there you can choose from, and here we mention some of the easiest if you want to have this space ready as soon as possible.

1. RGB Gaming Setup

RGB Gaming Setup

First up, we will talk about the RGB trend. RGB aesthetic gaming setups are popular because you can include the RGB aspect everywhere, from the keyboard to the PC’s components. Thus, your options are limitless.

Another thing that makes this setup so popular is that you can opt for choosing an all-black or all-white (see below) setup, then adjust your RGB lights to your preferred color. It will not only enhance the room's atmosphere but will also help you give it a more "intimate" touch to the whole space. It's also a good choice if you're aiming for a gaming desk for multiple monitors.

2. All-Black

Opting for an “all-black" gaming setup is one of the safest choices as you won't spend that much on material, and most technological devices have this color as default. You can also combine it with RGB lights if you’d like something fancier.

3. All-White


It’s a good alternative if you’d like a cleaner setup. White is often preferred by people that use rooms with good lighting as their gaming spaces, but it can be a good choice for anyone as it also allows multiple personalization options. You can choose a white corner gaming desk if you’d like to take advantage of space as much as possible.

4. Retro Concept

The "Retro" concept is another popular choice among gamers, although it is notably more complicated to build than other options. However, if you choose to go for this one, you'll be surprised by how easy it is to build a retro concept out of old consoles or any other item you consider retro.

5. Futuristic Setup

Futuristic Setup

A futuristic setup isn't as complicated to build as many people think. There are many gaming desktops and chairs that integrate several sci-fi-like features, so you can expect tons of personalization options here.

6. Kawaii Gaming Girl

Kawaii Gaming Girl

Kawaii concepts are often combined with clean, light, or pastel colors that make everything seem more organized. Plus, they also like to include cat-ears and pink into most of the devices, for instance. There are tons of combinations you can make here as well for your kawaii gaming setup!

7. Anime Concept

This concept is very similar to the previous one, but it comes with a few modifications to make it more "gender-neutral." It consists in combining anime figures, posters, and any other item you like to make sure you get the best of both worlds.


Spending time and money on your desk setup for aesthetic gaming is worthwhile if gaming is a large part of your life. Getting the best possible layout and display can make your experience far more enjoyable and comfortable, and it can also be much better for your body in the long run. Protect your health and maintain good sitting posture, and you almost certainly shouldn’t regret it. These four tips for gaming desk setups should hopefully help!

Cover image by Trinity Nguyen via Unsplash

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