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4 Alternatives To Pricey Home Office Furniture
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4 Alternatives To Pricey Home Office Furniture

|Mar 20, 2021

When you are on a restricted budget, setting up a home office might feel overwhelming. Besides, the furniture industry has set a notion that quality and features come at a hefty price tag. In reality, it is relatively easy to set up a spacious, uncluttered, and organized home office on a budget.

In this piece, we’ll discuss four expensive home office alternatives. These home office furniture pieces will make you believe that quality is not always related to the budget. Whether you are looking for a office chair or a laptop stand on a low-budget, you'll find it here.



The first thing that you should bring to your home office is an ergonomic chair. Sitting in the bed for too long can cause spinal issues. Here is our budgeted alternative pick for chairs.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

This neutral office chair will help you to maintain a neutral posture. The lumbar support in this chair is adjustable. The mesh design of this chair allows the user to stay cool for a long. However, the price tag of this chair might not suit all.

Alternative: Autonomous ErgoChair Pro +

Kinn Chair

At just half the price, Autonomous ErgoChair Pro + can offer excellent support and comfort to the user. It is a good option for an expensive home office alternative. It is also worth mentioning that the aesthetics of this home office furniture is commendable. What's more, Autonomous is also offering a robust 5-year warranty on this chair.

What we love about this chair is that it does not pose any cleaning challenge. Moreover, it is also odor-resistant and eco-friendly. The backrest of the chair will conform to your body shape for enhanced support.


You'll find thousands of desks featuring a wide array of features. Standing desks have become quite popular after the recent debates about the health of working professionals. You can take a look at our budgeted pick computer desk alternatives below.

Solid Wood Electric Standing Desk

Solid Wood Electric Standing Desk

This walnut finish standing desk is available in three different kinds of finishes. This height-adjustable desk can bear up to 220 pounds. There’s also a programmable keypad that makes the desk to be more user-friendly. However, it is not the best computer desk alternative.

Alternative: Autonomous Smart Desk

Alternative Autonomous Smart Desk 2

When it comes to budgeted smart desks, Autonomous furniture shines as an incredible computer desk alternatives. SmartDesk offers many features at a mid-budget price tag. Like the Autonomous chair, even this desk comes with a 5-year prolonged warranty. Plus, you can choose from a range of top and frame colors.

Another reason why you should consider this alternative is because it can bear more weight. The high-quality MDF construction is one of the best choices you’ll make for your modern home office.

File Cabinets

Can you imagine organizing your home office without a filing cabinet? If you want tips for arranging your home office, then get a file cabinet right away.

Bisley Two Drawer Steel Cabinet

Bisley Two Drawer Steel Cabinet

If you like a dash of colors in your home office, then you’ll appreciate this colorful file cabinet.  It has powder-coated paint, which will not fade for years to come. We assume that it is the full-welding construction of this furniture that gives it a high price tag.

Alternative: Lorell 14341 File Cabinet

Apart from the price, the aesthetics and quality of this file cabinet will indeed impress you. It is inexpensive home office furniture which may impress you. What’s exciting is that this file cabinet mostly has positive reviews over eCommerce platforms. The size of the file cabinet is big enough to accommodate a great deal of paperwork.

The lower drawer also has a locking option. You can buy this fantastic file cabinet in two colors – black and beige. It also has a nylon roller suspension for ease of use. Moreover, the file cabinet requires minimal time for assembly. All in all, it would be a worthy investment for all buyers.

Laptop Stand

If you are a digital nomad, you’ll find the laptop stand to be very handy. Let’s have a look at how the best-budget laptop stands against a premium one.

Ergotron Workfit-T Standing Desk Converter

Ergotron Workfit-T Standing Desk Converter

In the past couple of years, you must have heard from health and ergonomic experts that sitting at the desk is not the healthiest thing. A lot of offices have standing desks for their folks. However, if you have a home office setup, you might require a laptop stand.

The two-tier design of this desk is exceptional. However, the extensive range of features in this laptop stand may not suit budget-conscious buyers. It has multiple benefits but at an eye-widening price tag.

Alternative: Avantree Neetto Height Adjustable Laptop Bed Tray

This expensive home office alternative stand has a similar appearance to a breakfast tray. The best thing is to use this laptop stand while reading a book or while eating snacks on the bed. The legs also lay flat for easier storage.

You can also adjust the height of the laptop stand from 9.5 inches to 12.6 inches. The tray is big enough to store gaming laptops and leaves space for moving the mouse around. This laptop tray from Avantree employs oak wood for a finished look and more durability.

Since it weighs only 3.4 pounds, it’s also easy to carry to and from your workplace. All these features seem like a bonus at this price point. At the quarter of a price, this Avantree laptop tray is giving the Ergontron product tough competition.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

With a little research and homework, finding out the best and inexpensive home office furniture is possible. When you are shopping for modern office furniture for your home office, you should also look beyond the price tag. You must know that a low-priced chair can also offer comfort.

With the expensive home office alternative for budgeted chairs, desks, laptop stands, and file cabinets from this list, your home office will be perfect. Budgeted furniture will not burn a hole in your pocket and also set an ergonomic workspace for you.

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