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4 Best Adjustable Intelligent Standing Electric Desks
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4 Best Adjustable Intelligent Standing Electric Desks

|May 17, 2021

Traditionally, no one has ever questioned using a desk for working either at an office or home. Perhaps they were just not aware of the hazards of sitting for too long at a desk while at work. In the last decade or more, office workers have become increasingly aware of the benefits of using a standing desk.  Apart from allowing you to interact with others, it breaks the monotony of sitting for long hours and keeps you healthy.  Employers are offering you more than just a desk; they have a choice of an office standing desk.  If you are working independently, a home office standing desk offers you similar benefits. 

What is an adjustable intelligent standing electric desk?

What is an adjustable intelligent standing electric desk?

A desk that allows you to work on your laptop, or Ipad as you stand, is a standing desk. At the very basic level, these desks are now powered by electric motors, giving the users an adjustable height electric desk. Many high-end models of standing desks are configured to screens or monitors for a virtual connection for meetings etc., and hence the name adjustable intelligent standing electric desk. Isn’t that wonderful?  

What is the best adjustable standing desk? As you ponder over this question, it is important to know the features of an adjustable standing desk.

Features of an adjustable intelligent standing electric desk

An adjustable intelligent standing electric desk enables you with a lot of features. Here are the top three:

Adjustable height

Adjustable height

Employers are offering adjustable workstations so that they have healthy employees. This feature allows employees of different heights to use the same workstation, removing the need for different set-ups.

Motor powered adjustments

Users can easily manage the settings by pressing simple to operate buttons.  You can save time otherwise spent in getting tools and adjusting them manually.

Quick restoration

After the user leaves, either the office staff or the user can quickly restore the setting as they were upon initial use. This leaves the desk fresh for the next user.

Benefits of an intelligent standing electric desk Vs. a regular desk

Put simply, an adjustable standing electric desk avoids lower backache, neck pains, or any health concerns arising out of bad body posture while at work.  You can lower the height to sit down and work; or if you choose to stand up, raise the height of the work desk to manage your blood flow and reduce body stiffness.  This alerts your mind and freshens it too. Overall, it benefits you, the user, to have a healthy body.

Benefits of an intelligent standing electric desk Vs. a regular desk

Most normal office desks are made of plastic or other synthetic material, but rarely pure wood. Studies show that human beings prefer to connect to nature, and these features of the form are built into the design of homes or offices. For example, when you use a reclaimed wood adjustable desk, you have better mental and physical health.  The physical appeal and touch of wood can increase your productivity.  For more details on what is the best adjustable standing desk,

Best adjustable intelligent standing electric desks

Here are the four best adjustable intelligent standing electric desks. However, for your home office, we invite you to read through in-depth reviews at the best standing desk for home office.

1. SmartDesk Pro

SmartDesk Pro

One of the best options for your office or home office is the SmartDesk Pro.  It is noiseless when operated with a powerful motor that operates at less than 40 dB. You can lower the desk height to 26.2 inches to a high of 52 inches. The strong frames of the desk ensure that the desk is sturdy as you work long hours. The standing electric desk can take up to 350 lbs (or approximately 158 kilograms).  It comes with a seven-year warranty and has natural wood top and a classic finish.  Should you need, you can even get this desk in an extra-large size. Thoughtful for the architects or anyone else needing large workspaces, isn't it?

2. SmartDesk Core

SmartDesk Core

For those who require an intelligent standing desk for heavy-duty office work, the SmartDesk Core is your destination.  It can take a load of up to 290 lbs (about 131 kilograms).  The sturdy metal frame body is equipped with a dual-lifting motor to manage height adjustments between 29.4 inches to 48 inches conveniently.  Enjoy your work as you manage the height; lower the desk if you get tired or raise it when you need a change.  Stay healthy!

3. SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner

The SmartDesk Corner is your claim to fame of power, position, or simply the functional use of the corner space.   Making the best use of space, the Smart Desk Corner gives you extra workspace.  This is managed effortlessly and noiselessly by a triple motor to give you height adjustments between 29.4 inches to 48 inches.  Multiple employees can connect for work by merely turning in at their seats for a quick catch-up.

4. SmartDesk Core Duo

SmartDesk Core Duo

If you are considering collaborative workspaces, you must look at the SmartDesk Core Duo. Giving you economies of scale, this unit has wires that can reach both work desks from a single point of origin on the floor. It also has independent motors to customize the height for each user.  A sturdy frame encourages a weight load of up to 300 lbs or (approximately 137 kilograms).

Assembling an adjustable Intelligent Standing Electric Desk

Most intelligent standing electric desks will require you or someone in the office to assemble them before you use the desk.  When you compare the time and effort of assembly versus office work you could accomplish, perhaps you may be right in saving your time.  However, have you considered that you are spending time exercising your body and mind when you assemble the work desk? Apart from saving costs for assembly, you have exercised your body and freshened your mind to a one-time activity of assembling.  To build an adjustable standing desk, you must read up the instruction manual for your convenience.

Here's wishing you success and good health with your own adjustable intelligent standing electric desk!

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