Looking at 4 Best Wireless Numeric Keypads in 2024
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Looking at 4 Best Wireless Numeric Keypads in 2024

|Sep 9, 2022

Do you run into daily obstacles when typing in the middle sentences? The lack of an extra number pad on recently released laptops may make your work uncomfortably difficult and add to your work pressure. To draw one such convenience to your attention, we have a comprehensive list of wireless number pads prepared, which will make your work easier.

However, it is important to understand several factors to consider when selecting the best wireless number pad. Following the thorough study, we've chosen our top Bluetooth number pads and created a quick shopping guide to assist you in making your decision. So read the full post and choose your favorite numeric keypad right away!

What is a Wireless Number Pad? - Pros and Cons

What is a Wireless Number Pad? - Pros and Cons

A basic computer keypad is a palm-sized, often 17-key numeric keypad, also known as either a number pad, num-pad, or ten key, and is typically located on the far right side of a keyboard. It makes inputting numbers efficient in the manner of a calculator.

Numeral keypads often have two distinct functions. Whenever the Num-Lock is disabled, keys 7, 9, 3, and 1 function as Home, Pg-Up, Pg-Dn, and End, correspondingly. Keys 8, 6, 2, and 4 function as arrow/navigation control up, right, down, or left. Numeric keys output the matching digit while Num-Lock is enabled. 

Calculators, as well as cash drawers, are the sources of the placement of the numerals on numerical keypads, with 7-8-9 keys and two lines just above 1-2-3 keys. It differs noticeably from telephony Touch-Tone keyboard layouts, which include the 1-2-3 keys stop and also the 7-8-9 keys on the bottom.

In worksheets, accounting software, and calculations, wireless numeric keypads are handy for efficiently recording lengthy series of numbers. This type of input is comparable to that of an automated machine or a calculator. Other than that, here are a few pros and cons of wireless number pads which you should know.

Pros of Wireless Number Pad

Faster numerical input is one benefit of wireless number pads because; 

  • Strongly linked characters' close vicinity (i.e., numerals)
  • Simpler for using one hand only.
  • The finger travels less distance with every keystroke or key push.
  • The input device is also presented compactly.

Cons of Wireless Number Pad

The drawbacks include:

  • Possible key duplication, greater production costs, and expansion of numbers (for instance, the numerals 1–9 show twice on such a 101 Button US English Keypad).
  • There will be two common layouts (the layouts of the telephone as well as the keyboard, for example), which might cause misunderstanding.
  • Several keypad demonstrations are only suited to right-handed people.

What is a Wireless Mechanical Number Pad?

What is a Wireless Mechanical Number Pad?

Moving from your surface keypad to a mechanical one can be worthwhile if you devote your business (or leisure) time writing on a PC computer. Some manufacturers produce mechanical switch keyboards similar to the vintage IBM Model M. A wireless mechanical number pad can last considerably longer than a typical PC pack-in keyboard and might even assist you in typing more swiftly and correctly based on just what you will be using on your PC for.

When a key is pressed, a mechanical keypad detects it using real, tactile switches below the keys. When you push a button, a switch is depressed. When you depress the switch, your keyboard notifies the computer that you have hit that key. However, this layout does not initially sound all that amazing.

When you already possess a keypad, you can identify when you hit a key since a letter appears on your monitor after you depress it. But pause for a moment to consider how you recognize that you've pushed a key: you likely see anything happening on your computer only after you've depressed the key. The majority of keyboards are constructed of three sets of plastic separators with buttons in the form of silicone domes beneath each key.

When you press a key, the silicone switch connects the top and bottom membranes by pushing through a gap in the central membrane. This circuit breaker enables the keyboard to deliver the information to your computer. While it is affordable and spill-proof, this keyboard's lack of tactile or aural stimulation when you touch a key may cause you to type differently.

Best Wireless Numeric Keypad Suggestions

Even though you may like your keyboard, it doesn't feature a keypad appropriate for entering and encoding quantitative information, paychecks, and other business-related information. Consequently, adding a decent number pad to your pc may make all the difference in terms of making typing these numbers simpler and speedier.

Therefore, at various pricing points on the market, our specialists examined a wide range of wireless numeric keypads, which you can place on a keyboard and mouse tray.

1. Cloud-9 ErgoTKL Split Mechanical Keyboard

Cloud-9 ErgoTKL Split Mechanical Keyboard

With the aid of this small, ten-keyless ergonomic split mechanical keyboard, you may modify the split, elevation, as well as inclination in countless ways to suit your preferred typing position. Keeping your hands at a suitable distance from one another makes you feel comfortable.

2. Gaming Keyboard by Royal Kludge Redragon-K617

Gaming keyboard by Royal Kludge Redragon-K617

The Redragon K617, like the RK61 keyboard, is a brand-new 60% configuration wired keyboard with a modern design and an appealing price. Mini 61 buttons with carefully chosen keycaps designed for FPS gamers. This is one of the quietest mechanical switches, and the smooth and gentle keystroke makes it simple to record each click.

3. Ergonomic Wireless Numeric Keypad by R-Go-Tools

You may type with the greatest amount of flexibility using this keypad. This numbered keypad can be positioned anywhere near your office accessories and may be used with either your right or left hand. This numerical keypad's very thin construction enables you to type with your wrists in a neutral, proper alignment.

4. Bluetooth Targus Numerical Keypad

Bluetooth Targus Numerical Keypad

There are just 10 keys on the Targus keypad, and there are two significant deviations from the norm. The additional key of this keypad has also been resized to its original size. The negative key has now been lowered to create a place for a backward key, which functions similarly to a reversing tab key.

Furthermore, you should browse the Autonomous site if you desire to purchase a Bluetooth number pad or perhaps the greatest ergonomic stand-up desk at a discounted price. Anyone can take advantage of the brand's excellent savings through its employee purchase program.

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