DIY Chair Covers: Inspiring and Creative Ideas for 2024
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DIY Chair Covers: Inspiring and Creative Ideas for 2024

|Feb 28, 2023

Is your new office chair already getting stained and dirty? Are you worried that it might not even look new in a while? Is it already worn from use? An office chair cover will solve all these problems.

Office chair covers are a great way to update the look of your furniture without replacing your chairs. Such covers for your office chairs are readily available for purchase or can be created. However, if you make your own, you get to choose the fabric, design, and style and save money over buying ready-made covers.

Therefore, we have combined DIY seat cover tricks below so you can safeguard your office chairs from all sorts of dirt and stains. So let’s learn about them by reading on!

Why Should You Go For a Seat Cover?

Here are some benefits of an office seat cover:

It Keeps Your Chair Clean

Covering your office chair with a seat cover is the perfect way to keep it clean for longer. You won't have to worry about spilling water or tea on your office chair anymore. To be sure, you can get office seat covers made of waterproof material so no liquid can damage your chair.

It Can Be Used To Style Your Chair

Is your office chair too simple? Does it not fit in with the aesthetic of the rest of your office? Worry not, for you can just get a beautiful office chair cover to decorate it. These covers come in various colors, materials, and designs. You can also get them customized.

It Can Be Used To Style Your Chair

How to Create Your Own Office Seat Cover

If you don’t want to spend too much on seat covers for office desk chairs, you can just create your seat cover. It is simple and affordable and requires only a couple of supplies, most of which you might already have at home.

To create a DIY best office chair cover, you will need

  • A fabric
  • A stapler
  • A screwdriver
  • A pair of scissors

Styling your chair has never been so easy! Here is how you can make a DIY office seat cover:

You can start by disassembling your office chair. Then, you will need to take measurements of each part of the chair and cut your fabric according to them. Cut the fabric while keeping some extra inches, as they will be needed in the stapling.

The next step will be to staple the fabric to the chair. You should try and ensure that you have stretched the fabric as tightly as possible because it is bound to get loose with use. Lastly, you will need to assemble your chair again. 

How to Create Your Own Office Seat Cover

4 Ideas for Seat Covers of Office Chairs

1. Removable, Easy DIY Seat Covers

The idea behind removable office seat covers is that you can remove or change them without much hassle. You can use different patterns, colors, and fabrics to make as many variations as you want. Then, you can change the covers according to your mood and preference.

The keys to these DIY seat covers for office chairs are simple stitching and buttons for easy removal. 

2. DIY Seat Covers Using Sheets

This idea revolves around the concept of using sheets as a desk chair cover. You can use any sheet from your home or buy a new one to create this cover. The best part about this DIY cover idea is that it does not require stitching. You can easily make this cover using some safety pins and ribbons. The cherry on top is that this cover won't cost you much. 

3. Seat Covers Made From Scarves

If the main aim behind getting a computer chair cover is to make your chairs look prettier, this DIY idea is perfect for you. This is a really simple idea and involves no sewing. All you need is to be able to tie a knot, and this would work for you. The best part is that despite the simplicity of this DIY seat cover, you can still manage to make it formal enough for a workplace setting. 

Seat Covers Made From Scarves

4. Glue on Seat Covers

This is another idea for DIY seat cover that do not need stitching. You can take your preferred piece of fabric and just glue or staple it to your chair.  An important drawback to consider is that these covers will be difficult to remove or replace.

Some Thought Starters

1. Use Pillow Covers

Investing in desk chair covers can be costly, especially if you need to cover many chairs. The good news is that they're easy to make on your own and won't cost you a fortune. You can sew a one-piece covering for a desk chair cushion and decorate the backs and seats of your office chairs with pillowcases.2. Diy Spandex Chair Covers

Spandex is the elastic material that allows a slipcover to wrap snugly around your chair without requiring intricate fitting. You can quickly stitch it according to your office chair, and these computer chair covers are easily interchangeable, allowing for regular cleaning.

3. Stick-on Seat Covers

This is another choice for a DIY seat cover you can make if you need to learn how to stitch. Glue or staple the cloth of your choice to make cute desk chairs. However, one drawback of this is to know how challenging it is to remove or replace these coverings.

4. Cotton Bedsheet for Seat and Back Cover

Cotton can be found in various colors and designs, is simple to work with, and won't break the bank. Inexpensive cotton for DIY seat covers can be found in used bed sheets, which can easily be sewn into chair covers. However, be mindful that cotton covers might not work best for leather office chairs.

Top 10 Office Chair Covers in 2023

1. CAVEEN Office Chair Seat Covers Computer Universal Boss Covers

This is one of Amazon's best-selling desk chair covers to shield your chair from time, pet nails, and dust.

CAVEEN Office Chair Seat Cover

CAVEEN Office Chair Seat Cover

Product Dimensions8cm D x 15cm W x 3cm H
Closure TypeZipper
The cover is adaptable to numerous types of chairs.It might not fit oversized chairs.
High-quality material is used.
Superb air-permeability.
Safe for machine washing.

2. H.CERSAILTEX Office Chair Cover

This computer chair seat cover's elastic, high-quality fabric ensures a snug fit on most standard office chairs.

H.CERSAILTEX Office Chair Cover

H.CERSAILTEX Office Chair Cover

Product Dimensions12"D x 15"W x 2"H
MaterialPolyester, Polyester Blend
High-stretchable material.It may not fit big and tall office chairs.
Eco-friendly product.
Wrinkle-free and easy maintenance.

3. Deisy Dee Computer Office Chair Cover

The Daisy Dee Computer Office Seat Cover justifiably sits atop the heap, with its 1,800+ five-star reviews and various styles suitable for everyone.

Deisy Dee Computer Office Chair Cover

Deisy Dee Computer Office Chair Cover

Back height23.6" - 27.1"
Back width17.7" - 21.6"
Seat cushion length16.5" - 20.5"
Seat cushion width17.7" - 21.6"
Special FeatureAnti Slip, Stretch Fit
Closure TypeElasticity, Zippers
Many positive customer reviews.It may only fit some office chairs.
Available in different colors and designs.
Durable and long-lasting cover material.

4. Jinzio Computer Office Chair Cover

Many people are fond of the Jinzio Computer Chair Covers since they are inexpensive and come in various attractive patterns.

Jinzio Computer Office Chair Cover

Jinzio Computer Office Chair Cover

Product Dimensions17"D x 17"W x 17"H
ColorBlack Brown
Special FeatureStretch Fit
High-quality polyester is used.Difficult to choose from many designs.
Various designs are available.
Stretchable and flexible chair cover.

5. WOMACO Waterproof Office Chair Cover

The WOMACO Waterproof desk chair cover can safeguard brand-new seating or breathe new life into your rolling desk chair that has seen better days.

WOMACO Waterproof Office Chair Cover

WOMACO Waterproof Office Chair Cover

Product Dimensions21.6"D x 23.6"W x 31.5"H
Material85% Polyester, 15% Spandex
Special FeatureDurable, Waterproof
Highly flexible and sturdy cover.Only available in solid colors.
Reusable and washable.
Multiple colors are available.

6. Smiry Stretch Jacquard Office Computer Chair Seat Covers

Ideal for office workers, students, and pet families, this mesh jacquard fabric design will give your unattractive leather or velvet office chair a new look while protecting it from scratches, spills, and mishaps.

Smiry Stretch Jacquard Seat Cover

Smiry Stretch Jacquard Seat Cover

Product Dimensions22"D x 22"W x 2.5"H
MaterialPolyester + Spandex
Special FeatureAnti Dust, Anti Slip, Washable
Highly adjustable and stretchable.It quickly gets out of stock.
Made from anti-slip material.
Reusable and easily washable.
Multiple color options.


It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to purchase an office chair cover or make your own. Chair covers can help you save a lot by extending the life of your office chairs. Thus, select the best ones for yourself and protect your chairs.

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