How to Choose a Velvet Office Chair for Stylish Workspace
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How to Choose a Velvet Office Chair for Stylish Workspace

Autonomous|Jan 22, 2023

While design and features are essential when looking for a new office chair, the chair’s material is something you can’t pick carelessly either. All chair materials offer different benefits that can either help you or not depending on your needs. We are here to help you buy a velvet office chair.  

Although many office workers think velvet’s main strength is how appealing and sophisticated it looks, this material has many other perks to offer. Velvet chairs are highly durable and easy to maintain.  

Regardless of that, the variety of velvet desk chair designs on the market makes it difficult to pick one. Are you looking forward to buying a velvet computer chair? This is the page for you! Here, you can find a guide on how to pick the best product for your office.  

We also made a list of the 20 best velvet chairs online in case you want to get one straight away.  

Velvet Office Chairs Buying Guide

Whether you want a velvet task chair or a velvet rolling chair, there are some features office chairs can’t miss. Knowing those features makes it easier to find the right choice for you. 

Business owners and office employees can’t take advantage of everything velvet chairs offer if they buy a subpar chair. We want to help you make the best choice you can, so here are some of the things you should keep in mind when looking for a velvet computer chair: 

Focus on Comfort

Office work can be highly stressful, but sitting in a comfortable chair can help you stay in a better mood. You can become more productive just by sitting on a velvet office chair that is more comfortable than the one you have now.  

We understand it’s difficult to know if a chair is comfortable if you are buying it from an online store, but checking the materials the chair is made of can give you an idea of how comfortable the chair is. Velvet is a soft material that makes chairs comfier. 

However, if you are still hesitant to buy products online, you can either look at what reviewers have to say about the chair or get products with a satisfaction warranty. If you go for the latter, you will be able to return chairs that don’t meet your expectations.  

Try Ergonomic Chairs

Do you slouch in your chair often or want to reduce back pain? You should buy an ergonomic chair! The main goal of ergonomic chairs is to support your back and make you adopt a better posture, which is ideal for office workers, programmers, and even games.  

Sitting on a chair for long periods causes back and neck pain, but it’s difficult to reduce the time you sit on a chair if you need to adapt to your work schedule. This is not a problem when getting ergonomic chairs since they allow you to sit on them all the time you need without causing any physical pain or health issues. 

Ergonomic chairs assure you of a comfortable work session since their design also focuses on preventing discomfort. These products also include features such as headrests and armrests.  

Reclining Office Chairs

Don’t Forget About Aesthetics

If you want to get a product that makes working easier and less stressful, you can’t take aesthetics for granted. Many office workers tend to get a comfortable velvet office chair with all the ergonomic features they need but forget about getting an option that fits their office design.  

Chair design is not meaningless since it can help you improve creativity and productivity while working. The reason for that is that getting appealing office furniture improves your workplace vibe and helps you get in a better mood.  

Why does that happen? Because working in a place you visually like leads your brain to believe that working is an enjoyable experience. There are many colorful office ideas you can try, so go for the one you like best!  

Try to Get a Chair with a Wide Range of Adjustments

Adjustability is something you can’t miss on a velvet desk chair since it’s what helps you adapt the chair to your taste and your work needs. Even if the product you want to buy has all the features you would need in a velvet computer chair, you won’t enjoy sitting on it if it doesn’t fit your size or if you need to change anything about it.  

Reclining chairs are an excellent example of that due to how much you can adjust their reclining angle. You can benefit from the standard reclining settings of your velvet task chair, but adapting the chair to your taste will boost how comfortable you feel while working even more.  

Most modern ergonomic chairs allow you to adjust most of their features, but you shouldn’t forget to check the range of adjustments of your chairs before buying them. These are some of the main features office chairs allow you to customize: 

  • Seat height 
  • Lumbar support
  • Armrest
  • Headrest 
  • Seat depth 
  • Reclining angle  

Pick a Resistant and Durable Chair

While durability or resistance won’t affect your working experience directly, buying a standard chair or velvet rolling chair that only lasts some months will only make you lose the money you invested in it.  

Getting a high-quality chair is an investment that will pay off in the future due to how much it can boost your productivity and work performance, so the best you can do is get a durable one.  

Fortunately for office workers buying a velvet office chair, velvet is a difficult-to-snag durable material. You don’t have to worry about loose threads or raised weaves getting caught on zips, and many velvet chairs are stain-resistant, too.  

Regardless of that, not all velvet office chairs are equally resistant, so you should still keep an eye on how durable and resistant the velvet computer chair you want to buy is.  

20 Best Velvet Office Chairs

Even if you already know all the things you should look for in a velvet office chair, there are many different chair models available on the market, which makes it difficult for someone with a tight schedule to look for the right one.  

We understand that and are here to help you, so below are the 20 best velvet office chairs you can buy online. You should watch out for companies offering products made of alternative velvet-looking materials that are not actually velvet.  

If you just want a chair that looks velvet-made, you can go for materials such as velour or vegan leather. However, all the products listed on this page are real velvet chairs.    

1. Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

The Autonomous ErgoChair Pro is one of the Autonomous’ finest products due to all the ergonomic features it offers. This velvet desk chair is fully adjustable and has flexible lumbar support regardless of the position you are in while working.  

Dimensions 29”L x 29”W x 46” - 50”H
Seat height

18” - 20”

Materials Polyester fabric with molded foam interior and durable nylon plastic frame; PU handrest pads
Colors Cool Gray, Evergreen, All Black
Red Apple, Black & White, Baby Blue
Weight capacity 300 lbs
Warranty 2 years

2. Skyline Décor Home and Office Mid-Back Chair: Swivel Seat

The mid-back vs. high-back chair debate makes many office workers wonder which option is better for them. You should go for the former if you want a chair that supports your lower and middle back while adapting to your spine’s natural curve. Do you need a chair that does that? This Skyline Décor model is what you are looking for!  

Dimensions 25"W x 25"D x 33.5" - 38.5"H
Seat height 16.5" - 21.5"
Materials Foam Leather/Faux Leather Metal Plastic
Colors White, Gray, Brown, Black
Weight capacity 250 lbs
Warranty 1 month

3. Trio Supply House Distinct Tufted Swivel Velvet Chair

Office workers trying a vintage aesthetic often go for a mid-century modern office chair, but it’s difficult to find one as comfortable as chairs with an ergonomic design. The Trio Supply House Distinct Chair addresses that problem by offering a vintage design and off-the-charts comfort.  

Assembly is required when getting this velvet rolling chair, though.

Dimensions 23”L x 20.5”W x 32”H
Materials Bentwood, high density foam,  Yuhua velvet fabric, polyester
Colors Gold Teal, Gold Navy, Gold Gray, Gold Ivory
Weight capacity 220 lbs
Warranty 1 month

4. Skyline Décor Mid-Back: Task Office Chair

If you want a durable office chair, you should think about getting the Skyline Décor Mid-Back: Task Office Chair. This chair features a heavy-duty chrome base and fire-retardant foam.

Dimensions 24"W x 24"D x 32.5" - 36.5"H
Seat height 17.5" - 21.5"
Materials Chrome, Fabric, Foam, Metal, Plywood
Colors Pink, Brown, Blue, Black, Light Gray, Dark Gray
Weight capacity 250 lbs
Warranty 1 month

5. Trio Supply House Loft Office Chair Red

Keeping the Trio Supply House Loft Office Chair Red clean is as simple as wiping it with a soft damp cloth. You can also trust this chair to support your back and prevent back pain.

Dimensions 24”W x 27.2”D x 32.7” - 35.2”H
Seat height 19.7” - 22.4”
Materials Electroplated Steel, MDF, Polyester
Colors Red
Weight capacity 250 lbs
Warranty 1 month

6. Trio Supply House Velvet Office Chair

The Trio Supply House Velvet Office Chair is available in six colors, so you should buy it if you want a colorful office chair. Stain resistance and tilt tension control are also among this chair’s features.

Dimensions 26.5”L x 21.5”W x 33.5” - 37”H
Colors White, Teal, Navy, Gray, Emerald, Dusty Rose
Weight capacity 287 lbs
Warranty 1 month

7. Trio Supply House Tufted Performance Velvet Office Chair

Similar to other products from the Trio Supply House lineup, the Tufted Performance Chair offers tilt-tension control and a gold metal base. What makes this chair different from the others? Its sophisticated design, which makes it an excellent conference chair.

Dimensions 27”L x 22”W x 35” - 38.5”H
Colors White, Teal, Navy, Gray, Green
Weight capacity 287 lbs
Warranty 1 month

8. Mainstays White Plush Velvet Office Chair

You should try the Mainstays White Plush Velvet Chair if you need a durable and sturdy velvet office chair for a small workstation.  

9. Tina Home Velvet Task Chair

The Tina Home Velvet Task Chair is one of the most elegant and stylish chairs on the list. Apart from boosting your office aesthetics, this chair’s curved backrest can reduce back pain.  

10. Mojay Pink Velvet Desk Chair

Although it’s a small chair, the Mojay Pink Velvet Desk Chair can lift more weight than others on the list. This chair is also a decent fit for people working on a budget. 

11. Goujxcy Desk Chair

Assembling this floral-designed chair will only take a few minutes, so don’t worry about spending hours on it. The Goujxcy Desk Chair is durable thanks to its metal frame and composite wood construction.  

12. SP Velvet Office Chair

The SP Velvet Office Chair looks different from most velvet chairs, and it’s bigger than them. This chair has an ergonomic design and an extra-padded seat cushion to boost comfort.  

13. Duhome Velvet Vanity Chair with Wheels

Apart from being cost-effective, the Duhome Velvet Vanity Chair offers an SGS-certified gas lift system, so adjusting the chair’s height is a safe, noiseless, and straightforward process.  

14. KERMS Velvet Office Chair

You should know the KERMS Velvet Office Chair is expensive. However, buying it helps you forget back pain and slouching since this chair is designed to adapt to your spinal cord’s natural curvature. 

15. GIA Mid-Back Adjustable Swivel Vanity Chair

The GIA Mid-Back Adjustable Swivel Vanity Chair can make you feel amazingly comfortable while working thanks to its built-in high resilient cushion.  

16. Yamasoro Ergonomic Office Chair

If you enjoy taking breaks without standing up from your chair, you will love sitting on the Yamasoro Ergonomic Office Chair. This velvet task chair will also help you stay in a healthy posture while working.  

17. Duhome Grey Office Chair

The Duhome Grey Office Chair is one of the most sophisticated chairs you can find on the market, and getting it will make you stand out from others in your office.  

Office Chairs

18. Recaceik Velvet Home Office Chair

Although the Recaceik Velvet Home Office Chair doesn’t look like most ergonomic chairs, it’s as comfortable as them and has an ergonomically curved backrest.  

19. Modway Empower Channel Tufted Performance Velvet Office Chair

Moving through your office is the easiest it has ever been with this Modway chair thanks to its single-ball hooded casters. Using this chair won’t damage carpeted or hardwood floors.  

20. Amazon Brand Rivet Sheena Velvet Shell Chair

The Amazon Brand Rivet Sheena Velvet Shell Chair has sturdy metal legs and durable construction. This chair also avoids moisture.  

Bottom Line

Buying a velvet desk chair will bring you many benefits in the long run, as long as you pick a high-quality product. You can go for any of the chairs listed on this page since all of them are safe choices. 

The first seven products in the list are available on the Autonomous website, so we recommend you go for them if you want to benefit from the deals or special programs this company offers business owners and office workers.

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