4 New Workplace Technologies That Will Impact Your Business
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4 New Workplace Technologies That Will Impact Your Business

|Apr 4, 2021

The working environment is dynamically changing. New challenges that people have to face require new technology in the workplace. Technology has the power to change how people think about work and the workplace. Communication skills and styles improve, workflow patterns change, and organizations look different than they were just a few years ago.

The last decades have brought an almost unbelievable development of technologies. Technological advancement is nothing unusual nowadays, but if your company wants to keep up with the progressing world, you should keep your finger on the pulse. Global cooperation, working remotely, or even working while traveling is nothing complicated if you have technological advances in the workplace.

The Most Popular Workplace Technology Trends


Technology rapidly changes the style of working, and it does it in various ways. I can include organizing a smart office, creating a productive physical and digital workspace, implementing Artificial Intelligence, etc. Keep reading for all of the new solutions that can positively impact your business.

Virtual and Augmented Reality to Train Your Employees

Perhaps you have heard about augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) before. Those new technologies in the workplace have been used for some time in games, such as Pokémon Go, Oculus Rift, and others. Sounds fun? Yes, it is, and nowadays it's also more commonly implemented in HR processes.

Thanks to AR, your worker can see information and objects in real-world scenes. They can also add graphics generated by a computer to an environment that already exists.

Virtual and Augmented Reality to Train Your Employees

In the case of VR, you might need a special headset that allows you to completely immerse into a different dimension.

AR and VR can be used to train employees. Some companies have even implemented those technologies for the recruitment process. Thanks to them, training is more effective, especially for hands-on jobs, for example, surgeons or manufacturing experts. It's a perfect way for employees to learn and train new skills before implementing them in real life.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is new technology in the workplace today. It is a widespread form of increasing business sufficiency. It's used in the form of chatbots or process automation.

According to statistics, more than 37% of businesses have implemented some form of AI in the workplace. Thanks to AI, brands can benefit from higher efficiency and productivity.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can be helpful for managers who have to deal with various tasks. At least part of them can be automated. Reducing administrative tasks can bring a lot of advantages for all employees.

Even though AI sounds complicated, many productivity tools that are in popular use are straightforward to use. You might even know them. Think, for example, about Trello or Asana. Yes: that's what AI looks like.

Digital Workspace: In the Cloud

Perhaps you heard about storing data in the Cloud. The Cloud allows storage and access of information via the internet. That means that you don't have to put your data on a hard drive. A few years ago, the Cloud wasn't so common. However, today most data is stored in the Cloud, starting from photo storage on your smartphone to the elaborated systems that you use at work.

Digital Workspace: In the Cloud

Thanks to the Cloud, you can be sure that your files are safer than on external drives. There is a much lower risk that an important file is going to be deleted, or that you are going to lose some data. However, it's important to train workers before allowing them to store data in the Cloud. They might mistakenly use the company Cloud for their own data. That can create a severe security risk.

Smart Office for Comfort and Productivity

The sitting style of work brings a lot of problems. It can cause back pain, influence your posture, and create discomfort. Moreover, as pain causes distraction, your employees can be less effective.

Those are a few of many reasons why so many companies decide on creating a smart office. A smart office means a workplace where modern technologies are used to help employees be more efficient and more comfortable.

Creating a smart office with new technology in the workplace doesn't have to be hard. You can implement smart office furniture to boost productivity and save workspace. One of the most common solutions that helps to increase the comfort of work is an electric standing desk. Thanks to one click, you can change the height of the desk. Because of that, time spent in a sitting position is reduced. Ergonomic desks have a lot of additional features and items that are included or can be purchased separately.

Smart Office for Comfort and Productivity

For people who sit for long hours, having a proper ergonomic chair is very important. On the market, you can find countless options. They have various features and should be as adjustable as possible to be a good choice for each employee. The time with ugly, uncomfortable, gray spin office chairs is long gone. Now you can pick from stunning designs, bold colors, various sizes, and there is no need to resign from comfort.

Another smart office device that is an emerging technology in the workplace is the telepresence robot. This item can bring your videoconferences to the next level. Hyper-real communication can boost the motivation of your team, no matter where you are in the world.

Smart office furniture is not cheap. However, you can be sure that the money you invest is going to pay off very fast. If you have many employees, you can bulk order office furniture. This way you are going to get the best possible offer that's going to suit your needs.


Modern technology and new technology in the workplace provides people with amazing solutions that change how businesses look. At the moment, it's hard to even imagine how work is going to look in 10 years. There is no doubt that immersing in workplace technologies can be surprising.

The most important is to make work more comfortable yet more efficient. There is no need for the discomfort of your employees when you can reach for so many smart solutions. Starting with such a simple move as investing in ergonomic furniture for your office, you can change the way your business operates.

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