From Quirky to Bizarre: The Weird Gadgets of 2024
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From Quirky to Bizarre: The Weird Gadgets of 2024

|May 1, 2024

Gadgets for home offices are quite common nowadays, and these gadgets are designed to reduce human effort and make the tasks you do more efficient and effective. According to a recent study by Oberio, over 60.4 million US households use tech gadgets daily.

However, productive computer gadgets are quite common in any household. But have you ever wondered what weird gadgets look like? The world is a funny place, as are some of the inventions. In this article, we will talk about 10 of the most weird desk accessories and funny tech gadgets that will blow your mind and leave a smile on your face.

What Are Weird Gadgets All About?

Weird gadgets are all about unleashing out-of-the-box inventions that are different from the conventional inventions of the world. Sometimes they strike big, catch some laughs and disappear into the crowd.

A useful invention that we use in our everyday lives, provided that we could not imagine our lives without it, was ridiculed when it was invented. This invention is the light bulb by Edison, which was met with disdain and ridiculed as a useless invention.

Overall, weird gadgets are not much about practicality. Most of them are meant to entertain us or make a statement, and they allow us to be surprised by what a human brain can create through its unique brain.

Do Weird Tech Gadgets Work?

Weird gadgets do work. However, their functionality and reliability greatly depend on what problem they are willing to solve. If they are trying to solve a problem that has already been solved adequately, it might fail. However, if a problem is big, a weird invention can help effectively solve it.

Believe it or not, weird inventions are presented to the mainstream after immense research. They are made with the intent of changing the world. However, not all of them turn out to be that successful.

Weird Gadgets of the Year

Almost everyone relies on some kind of electronic device on a daily basis. These days, it’s hard to imagine our lives without phones, computers, washing machines, and even smartwatches.

On the other hand, alongside practical and brilliant innovations, we occasionally come across a technological marvel that leaves us wondering: "But why?" Reading about these things can be a lot of fun and occasionally even humorous.

As a result, we have compiled a list of weird gadgets in 2024. Keep reading, If you want to have your mind blown or confused.

1. Gnu Electric Kids Suitcase

There are many innovative suitcases, but none quite like the Gnu. This electric tricycle can be controlled with the front horns, has a front light, and a Bluetooth speaker up front so you can enjoy your favorite music. A hidden compartment beneath the Gnu’s seat provides ample space for storage. You won’t have to worry about your little one running away from you too quickly because the Gnu can only go up to 5 miles per hour.

The suitcases, according to Gyroor’s website, will retail for $199 and be ready in May. Hopefully, at that point, this weird tech gadget won’t be old.

2. Avegant Glyph

Wearing the Avegant Glyph makes the phrase “glued to the TV” more appropriate than ever before. Visuals and video are physically beamed into your eyes by the headgear, which looks like a pair of large headphones that have slipped over your eyes. According to the manufacturer, these $700 spectacles mimic the experience of seeing a 60-inch TV from 10 feet away by utilizing mirrors to generate a virtual screen that appears before the user.

3. Artly Robot Barista

This is what truly makes Java Java. The mechanical arm known as the Artly Robot Barista is capable of making foamy beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and even decent latte art.

Just use the Artly app to submit your request, and the machine will get to work: From the grinder to the espresso machine and the milk frother, the arm glides around the coffee station, assembling all the necessary components as a projected image shows you the time remaining till your brew is ready.

The entire process of making a coffee takes approximately three minutes, so baristas shouldn’t be threatened by this weird technology gadget anytime soon. With one in New York City, six in San Francisco, and three in Seattle, Artly now has approximately ten sites across the country.

4. Vibe by Thync

Picture yourself wearing a small device that might instantly infuse you with energy or soothe your nerves. Wii Vitality Sensor, Thync claims their $199 'Vibe' may change your mood by stimulating nerves in your head and neck with low-level electrical pulses. Thync refers to these pulses as “vibes,” and the user manages them with a companion app. Critics have claimed that this weird gadget falls short of its claims of being a viable substitute for coffee and alcohol.

5. Kohler PureWash E930 Bidet Seat

Tired of using the restroom by yourself? Have no fear; your toilet may now respond to your spoken commands.

The PureWash e930 Bidet Seat from Kohler is now compatible with voice commands from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can program the toilet seat to do things like clean itself, activate the bidet spray, or turn on the dryer. This weird but useful gadget has left us thinking if it’s worth the experience or not.

6. MouthPad

WordPad, Established in San Francisco, unveiled its MouthPad, a smart mouthpiece, in 2024. This dental-grade raisin 3D-printed device is put on top of your mouth and turns your tongue into a mouse for electronic devices. The primary use of this weird gadget is to facilitate the use of Apple's Assistive Touch for navigating the iOS UI. In addition to that, it doubles as a Bluetooth mouse for PCs, Macs, and Android smartphones.

We still couldn't wrap our heads around this concept, though.

7. Ballie

Samsung, a well-known South Korean tech company, produces a wide range of products beyond smartphones and household appliances. The new Ballie robot, which can function as a basic mobile projector, caught many people’s attention. From what we can tell, this weird tech gadget will follow you everywhere you go.

We recommend keeping your distance, but Samsung’s Ballie won't appreciate that. With its built-in projector, it can display YouTube clips anywhere, even on the ceiling, detecting your sitting position and even monitor your sleep with cameras. Lastly, this AI robot looks a lot like the character from Among Us.

8. InvoxiaMinitailz smart pet collar

The InvoxiaMinitailz boasts the ability to enable your pet to wear a fitness tracker just like you can. With this weird but useful gadget, you can learn a lot about your pets' health and wellness for just $100. Although this device could aid in the early detection of issues, wouldn't traditional veterinarian care also be quite accurate?

Additionally, this bulky device serves dual purposes as a GPS tracker, allowing you to monitor your dogs' locations. However, the company won't be responsible if your furry friend chews and throws off its smart collar.

The Minitailz has won seven honors on a global scale, yet we still have our doubts about its accuracy. 

9. TheButter

We can spend time arguing over whether or not it's worthwhile to train a dog to play the piano or even if they have the requisite intelligence. Unfortunately, it's already too late because a Hong Kong-based startup has created a device that can accomplish that in Las Vegas. Zoo Gears just released the Butter; it's a four-key toy with LED pads that your dog can "play with."

The basic idea is that your pet has to dance to the beat of the music you’ve programmed into it by following the light sequence. When they’ve finished, give them a treat or say something encouraging to show how much you appreciate their effort.

10. Clicks

There are moments when sending a text message on an iPhone is a real pain. You miss the good old BlackBerry days and the wonderful typing experience they provided when you’re irritated with your iPhone. Introducing Clicks, a product of Clicks Technology. Attached to the underside of your iPhone, this cover creates a physical QWERTY keyboard with illuminated keys.

11. Dyson Zone Air-Purifying Headphones

Normal headphones are boring, right? Ever thought about Air-purifying headphones? These headphones seem like a COVID mask at first glance. However, it is a personal air filter with nothing to do with protecting you from Coronavirus. In fact, the propellers of this fan help maximize the chance of you getting Covid-19.

Dyson Zone Air-Purifying Headphones

12. Selfie Toaster

This is one of those unusual tech gadgets that the world goes crazy after. The selfie toaster is capable of searing your face on the toast. It looks creepy, but on the toast as it does not resemble how a person would look. It uses laser technology, like a printer, to print your face onto the toast. The selfie toaster is available for a whopping $70.

Selfie Toaster - weird gadgets

13. Pepe Pet Dryer

Pepe Pet Dryer is one of the funny tech gadgets that can prove to be a nightmare for your fluffy friend. This dryer requires you to toss your small-sized pet into its chambers, where it will throw hot gusts of wind at it. This toaster received a lot of backlash from pet owners, describing it as a harmful device.

Pepe Pet Dryer - weird gadgets

14. SoloWheel

The SoloWheel was a very interesting invention. The company minimized the hardware and built a moving device with only a wheel. This device was fanatically known as the "people mover." This wheel can be one of the cool office gadgets allowing you to move without walking.

SoloWheel - weird gadgets

15. HapiFork

HapiFork is a valuable invention for overeaters, or it's what they say. This smart fork vibrates every time you start eating your food quickly. It is programmed to allow you to eat your meal in over 20 minutes, and it detects fast movements and restricts you not to eat faster. However, people stopped using a fork after this invention.

HapiFork - weird gadgets

16. MoodMetric Smart Ring

MoodMetric is a gadget that identifies and measures what mood you are in. It connects with a mobile application that gives you a real-time analysis of your current mood. It can also help you identify your emotions. However, who on earth wants to know how they feel when they know how they feel?

MoodMetric Smart Ring

17. Hushme

Talking about unusual tech gadgets, presenting to you is Hushme. This gadget is for the immensely tech-savvy person who wants a gadget for everything. It allows you to be mute in workplaces where you are under constant threat of speaking when you are not supposed to.

Hushme - weird gadgets

18. Calculator Watch

This crazy invention is nothing but a calculator embedded in a watch. It doesn't tell the time but will help you calculate your taxes. This is one of those computer accessories that allow you to calculate things at your fingertips (if you really need it). It also comes with some advanced modes.

Calculator Watch

19. Belty

Belty was a futuristic innovation that was basically a smart belt. This belt adjusts on your waist according to your activities and will adjust if you ate a meal or are sitting. It also has a built-in power bank attached to it and adjusts according to any activity you tell it to.

Belty weird gadgets

20. Somnox 2

This is one incredible sleep aid and one of the weird gadgets this year! The Somnox 2 uses a combination of sound, vibration, and breathing exercises to help you relax and fall asleep more easily. The gentle vibrations and calming sounds create a soothing environment that helps you drift off into a deep, restful sleep. And with the ability to customize the settings to your own preferences, you can be sure that you'll get the perfect sleep experience every time.

These tech devices are certainly strange. However, they also demonstrate that technology can now be involved in nearly every part of our lives. If you have the means, you may fully automate every aspect of your life, from making coffee to using the toilet and even teaching your dog to play the piano. It doesn't stop here; we may see even more fascinating and weird gadgets in the future, too.


If you are tech-savvy, you would have enjoyed this list of the most unusual and weird gadgets of all time. Note that this article only contains a minute fraction of the world's most unusual and weird inventions. There are thousands, if not millions, of other such inventions, and the items listed in this post are among the most popular.

Check out some cool office gadgets if you wish to find technical products that greatly help you perform daily activities and tasks. Share this post with your loved ones. Thanks for reading!

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