4 Office Desk Hacks to Make Your Workspace More Productive

4 Office Desk Hacks to Make Your Workspace More Productive

|Jun 16, 2021

A productive workspace is a result of many factors combined to give the best working experience. From the right ergonomic furniture to suitable lighting, a fresh mind, and a positive attitude, everything plays a major role in defining efficiency in a workplace.

If you have been bored of your workplace setup and looking for ways to spruce up your workstation, then there are several office desk hacks to organize office desks in a great way.

Office Hacks to Improve Workplace

There are many desk setup hacks you can use to improvise your workspace for the better. As suggested by studies, the environment of a working place plays a major role in impacting an employee's productivity. If you have been looking for ideas or office life hacks to elevate the office station or even set up a lovely home office setup, then here are some easy-to-go office desk hacks for a wonderful working experience.

1. Paint

A simple and clean paint job can accessorize any place without having to do much. Color psychology studies the impact of different colors on moods, and having a great choice of color around you can seriously enhance productivity.


If you want to make your workplace look smarter and prettier and instill productivity in you, then going with a light and peaceful color scheme is the best choice. You can choose the color scheme according to your workplace's furniture or maybe be a little bright with the wall beside your desk. After all, it's your little corner of motivation, and there is no harm in tweaking the ideas a bit.

2. Accessories

Office Desk accessories are important in making a workplace productive. They add to the tiny features such as comfort, usability, and a little bit of fun. Office accessories also help the user to prevent fatigue and become more efficient.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

The anti-fatigue mat for a standing desk is a good accessory. It gives comfort to your feet. Since standing desks keep you on your feet for hours, the heels and toes may start to hurt after a while, and when you don't want to sit either, an anti-fatigue mat will help you release the stress and prevent burnout.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Desk Lamp

We don't think there should be a work desk without a desk lamp. A desk lamp compensates for the poor lighting, and let's be honest, none of us have homes with lightings that don't strain our eyes during long working hours. And thanks to the modern choices, you can choose a work desk lamp with many features.

Desk Lamp

The ultra-wide LED desk lamp allows you to adjust the brightness, hue, intensity, and even the angle of the light. Moreover, as the name suggests, the Ultra-wide LED desk covers a great surface area.

Monitor Arm

For people who need a bigger working surface but don’t have enough space for the large desks, a monitor arm is a wonderful addition to your workplace. This arm can easily hold your monitor while you work on the desk and you enjoy the screen view from a safe level. Monitor arms are also great for keeping the neck straight if you have a conventional working desk rather than a standing desk.

Monitor Arm

3. New Furniture

One of the greatest office life hacks to bring back productivity in your workplace is the new furniture. Although it might not be your first choice, nor should it be, a piece of new furniture (a comfortable one) can make your workplace more effective and better at everything.

The ergonomic furniture for a workplace is the new talk of the town, and people are now shifting towards healthier sitting and even standing practices. It is one of the most basic office desk hacks to make your workplace shift for the better. If you haven't yet invested in office furniture or are confused about making the right choice, ergonomic furniture is the topmost option for your new office setup.

Standing Desk

A standing desk, more precisely known as an ergonomic standing desk, keeps the user on their feet. Since sitting is attributed to many short-term and long-term health issues in the workplace, a standing desk negates the negative impacts of sitting while working.

Standing Desk

Standing desks usually come in many forms, and one of the most common and useful types is the adjustable standing desk. Though it is a bit pricier than old sitting desks, they are worth each penny you spend.

To choose the best Feng shui office desk, make sure you consider many factors. These factors include the space, capacity, shape, material, or size of the desk you need for your workstation.

Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chairs are an integral part of the workplace and one of the most common office desk hacks. They make sitting for long hours hassle-free and provide a good posture. Ergonomic chairs maintain the body's position and take off the strain from the lower back and neck muscles. There are many kinds of ergonomic chairs in the market, depending on the type and choice of the user.

Ergonomic Chair

Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo is a chair with frameless construction for maximum movement and easy mobility. It has many features for a comfortable work experience, such as an adjustable backrest, seat, armrests, and contoured back. The Autonomous Chair Ergo has a supportive back with a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Chair Ultra has a TPE meshed back structure. The chair comes with a five-year warranty and has frameless construction. The Autonomous Chair Ultra is specifically made for long hours and to encourage mobility. It has active spine support for a perfectly cushioned seat.

4. Plants

The impact of plants in the workplace is closely related to productivity. Plant can be one of the productive office desk hacks. Plants boost the mood and give greater energy levels. They also keep the lungs fresh and clean. Plants are also very aesthetically pleasing for a work desk, and many might agree that having tiny plants on a work desk adds to the vibe of the workstation.


Importance of a Productive Workspace

To set up a productive desk has many advantages over a conventional and boring mode of working. When it comes to being both creative and productive, the environment in which you work is critical. Your workstation should be both a refuge and a continual source of inspiration if you want to be at your best. It must be a location that you desire to visit.

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