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4 Promotion Criteria For Employees That Any Manager Should Know

4 Promotion Criteria For Employees That Any Manager Should Know

|May 1, 2021

One of the most prominent challenges managers face is determining promotion criteria. Many of your employees might be feeling that they are ready for promotion. As a manager, it is your responsibility to zero down on an employee remote work promotion checklist to ensure equality.

So, how do you cross this managerial hurdle? Most organizations find it easier to promote their old hard-working employees than hiring a new professional.

Moreover, no matter how fair managers are, they will claim that the management plays favorites. For the vast majority of employees, the promotion criteria are a secret. In this piece, we’ll help you to define the checklist for supportive organizational culture and much more!

How to Know When Your Employee is Ready for Promotion

It can be challenging to understand when an employee is ready for promotion. Even though they are responsible and hard-working, it doesn’t ensure their suitability for the new role. Employee promotion is a process that requires the manager to perform a careful analysis and creative productive work environment.

When do you know that an employee can satisfy the new position? Take a cue from these five indicators:

They Are Good Leaders

They Are Good Leaders

Because your employees do not offer direct reports, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be good leaders. There might be other employees in the team who resort to the specific employees for guidance and help.

If there's any such employee, considering him/her for the new position might be a good idea. Since the person can already guide the team and establish leadership, they would blend in with the role.

Curious Employees

Curious Employees

If there are certain members of staff who keenly take an interest in the bigger picture, they might be eligible for the higher position. Curiosity can drive an individual to be a better worker. Moreover, if the employee is curious, they’ll find innovative solutions for every task.

Employee Asks for Feedback

Employee Asks for Feedback

Most professionals despise performance reviews. Although constructive criticism aims to enhance employee skills, some might find it offensive. It’s a rarity that the employees are asking for effective feedback.

However, if the employee asks for feedback and positively acts upon receiving it, it’s a good sign.

Great Managerial Abilities

Great Managerial Abilities

A couple of employees in the organization don’t need much instruction to bring success to their delegated tasks. Along with their personal development, the individual might also be considerate about his/her fellow team members.

If an employee possesses such skills, you can consider promoting them for a new position. An employee who can work with minimum instructions can be a great candidate.

They Ask For Promotion

Even if your employees are asking for a promotion, that is not a guarantee of their abilities. Understandably, most of the employees desire a promotion. However, if they ask for a promotion, it can be a sign that they might be ready for the new position.

A person is more aware of his abilities and competencies better than anyone else. If the employee thinks that they can take up the role, you can consider the person.

Criteria For Employee Promotion

In this section, you can understand the four most important employees promotion criteria. These criteria account for all the aspects of employee contribution to the company.

When you are considering an employee for promotion, make sure to take a combination of these criterias for promotion. Simply considering one measure cannot judge the overall suitability of the professional. Let’s know how you should qualify an employee for promotion!

Superior Performance

Superior Performance

One of the most obvious promotion criteria is an exceptional performance. The top performers offer the best results for the organization. They can save your organization time and money. Moreover, employee incentive ideas for a higher position can be a better contributor.

The professional should identify the importance of performance benchmarks. You also have to consider how the employee maintains a relationship with fellow workers. When considering the performance of the employee, consider overall attributes.

Significant Duration in Position

Significant Duration in Position

Another promotion criteria is how long the employee has been occupying the position. If the employee has a longer duration in the company, they are entitled and should prioritize promotion.

When the employee fulfills all the necessary duties and reaches the position’s benchmark, promotion should be the next step. If they are a senior employee in terms of duration, they’ll be better off the company’s requirements.



Managers can also consider attendance at work as another promotion criterion. Firstly, you should consider whether the employee chronically arrives late or leaves early. You also have to assess the number of days the employee applies for leaves in a month.

If the employee takes sick leaves frequently, you might have to reconsider the person for promotion. A lot of leaves are a red flag from employee promotion. The attendance pattern of an employee speaks volumes about their dedication and willingness.

Also, if the employee schedules many days of leave during busy months, it is not a good sign. An employee who rarely calls sick and is always punctual makes better candidates for promotion.  You know that you can trust such employees for responsibilities. This criteria for promotion is very easy to measure and very popular.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Promoting within the organization has ample benefits. Laying out promotion criteria will help your employees to feel equal. You should also know that employee promotion can be a great determiner of employee satisfaction. You can purchase bulk office furniture orders as well.

With the best employee promotion criteria in place, you can also combat attrition retention. You can take all the pointers mentioned above for your promotion checklist. It would be best if you promoted hard-working and deserving employees in regular intervals.

Promoting equal progress is a win-win situation for both the employee and the business. Also, make sure that all your employees are aware of promotion criteria. Harmony and equality should be the basis of our promotion criteria. 

Hopefully, you can now chalk out a precise employee promotion checklist!

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