4 Things Learned from the Hybrid Working Model
Hybrid Working

4 Things Learned from the Hybrid Working Model

|Jul 11, 2021

Hybrid work has become the new standard. Multiple sources now refer to it as “the new nine-to-five model.” After a tough year where most companies were forced to switch to remote working, now most workplaces are getting ready to go back to the headquarters.

However, the fact that we're going back to the offices doesn't mean that remote work won't stop being a trend. Actually, hybrid remote working will still be one of the multiple work models that will reign in the current workforce. There are multiple factors to consider here, such as the inclusion of Generation Z in the workforce.

According to statistics, two-thirds of workers prefer the hybrid workplace model, especially the remote working part. Some of the reasons are the removal of the commute from their daily routine, reduced costs, and more time to deal with their personal issues.


However, not everything is about the benefits. It is also worth considering that multiple problems may arise, such as communication problems, the so-called Zoom fatigue, and the lack of hybrid work technology to keep up with their daily obligations.

The stigma that surrounded remote work is now disappearing faster than we thought. In fact, some sources state that the acceptance of remote work has been accelerated by about twenty years.

Besides everything we’ve described in this introduction, what else have we learned about the hybrid work model?

1. Businesses can benefit greatly from it.

According to statistics, the majority of CEOs wish to maintain onsite attendance. However, only about ten percent of employees want to keep up with such exigency.

Employees love to hybrid work in a company where they are granted more flexibility regarding the job they're completing. Although sometimes they will still be required to attend the workplace during extraordinary events, like meetings, most of the time, it won't be necessary.

Businesses can benefit greatly from it.

It is also worth considering that many people are involved in tasks that require a certain time to complete. Therefore, giving people an opportunity to choose how and where they work allows them to work whenever they feel a creativity boost instead of being forced to work at the same time on a daily basis.

These facts are not isolated – multiple companies have experienced improvements after the incorporation of a hybrid workforce, like Ford Motor Company.  Other big enterprises within the industry that engage in this innovative working model include Google and Microsoft.

2. Hybrid working isn’t as simple as you think.

It isn't about working at home during selected days and working at the office during others. Although some companies have selected what we just described as their predominant working model, there is more to it that we should consider, for instance:

  • Location – This factor is directly related to where the companies will allow employees to keep up with their work. As mentioned above, will they be required to go to the headquarters during selected days? Will they be able to commit to hybrid remote work permanently, or only when it is approved?

  • Time zone – Some companies are outsourcing to freelancers. That means that, sometimes, some of your workers may not share the same time zone as you. Therefore, it is crucial for leaders to take into account the time zone differences and what treatment they will give to people in different areas.

Hybrid working isn’t as simple as you think.

There are more factors to take into account while hybrid working, but these are based on your workplace. For instance, a creative writing company may not have a minimum number of hours to complete weekly, but they may require a certain number of words or articles that need to be completed within the same period.

Most people grew up thinking they would be committing to a rigid schedule on a daily basis, but now, it is not necessary. Times have changed, and workplaces are offering more flexible opportunities they can keep up with. It is also worth considering that many Gen Z individuals have some side hustle, and a flexible work environment or hybrid work environment may allow them to keep up with all of their obligations with ease.

3. It emphasizes culture.

In the past, supervising was all about “walking around the workplace”. It isn’t as simple as that anymore. A hybrid work culture implies multiple practices, and they are not only employee-related. It also implies management behaviors and the inclusion of reward systems, for instance. Here we also take into account how much flexibility the company is providing to the employees.

A hybrid working environment is quite different from what most people are used to, but it varies from a workplace to another.

 It emphasizes culture.

For instance, some companies are reluctant to do a full-change, and for remote workers, they demand to attend virtual meetings in time, and keeping their cameras activated is a strict requirement. Moreover, if they work within the area, they may also require them to attend the workplace during selected days. On the other hand, a different workplace may let employees take more relaxed norms.

Josh Bersin says that the industry isn't going back to the office. Instead, he suggests that it is moving forward to a new hybrid work culture.

4. The use of technology is necessary.

Nowadays, companies cannot function properly without the inclusion of proper software. Therefore, there are tons of platforms out there that focus on providing hybrid working solutions to companies. This market seems to be doing excellently, with Zoom marked as the preferred virtual meeting platform and other well-known enterprises providing hybrid working solutions, like Microsoft and Google.

One of the best hybrid working apps you can use to keep up with your work is Autonomous Hybrid Work.

The use of technology is necessary.

With this software in the hybrid workplace, it will be possible for you to map out your office within a few minutes. Then, you will be all set up to start using the new working model. It also provides the employees with self-management tools, and all of this data will be available for you in the palm of your hand. This app is compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

The transition from a working model to another can be challenging, but it is worth a try.

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