5 Bedroom Furniture Layout Ideas To Organize Your Space
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5 Bedroom Furniture Layout Ideas To Organize Your Space

|Dec 16, 2022

Your bedroom should be a space where you can take a break from your responsibilities and let your body rest and prepare for the next day. You can consider diverse bedroom furniture layouts to make your space more comfortable and welcoming once you’re done with your responsibilities and would like to wind off for a while after having a busy day.

There are tons of design choices you can make, depending on the size of your room and its shape. Today, we'll be exploring some of the best bedroom room organization ideas you can take into account to build the most relaxing bedroom. 

5 Bedroom Furniture Arranging Ideas

1.  Bedroom And Home Office

Most people recommend separating your workspace from your bedroom. However, that's not possible for some individuals. If that's your case, then this small bedroom furniture layout is the best choice for you due to how convenient and minimalistic it is.

You can find a small computer desk for the bedroom that you can include in your current layout without necessarily taking up too much space. You can create a work area in a bay window (if you have one) to take advantage of natural light. If not, try to include some form of illumination.

We also recommend placing your desk beside your bed. This way, it’ll be useful as a nightstand, too, making it quite beneficial for those with enclosed spaces. We also recommend you take a look at some bedroom layout ideas with desks for more inspiration.

Bedroom And Home Office

2.  Double Nightstand

The “double nightstand” layout is quite common, especially for people who have plenty of space. However, it can also work for people with little space available.

Both nightstands can help you bring a bit more organization to your bedroom. For instance, if you’re often reading and forgetting where you place the books, these nightstands will make it easier for you to remember where you place them. You can apply the same thing to any item you may have in mind, such as your glasses or perhaps mugs.

The double-nightstand layout is also an excellent opportunity to play around with the design. It can be an excellent way to turn this room of your home into a minimalistic but welcoming space.

Double Nightstand - bedroom furniture layout

3.  Bedroom And Clothing Storage

Here is another bedroom furniture layout you can consider. Not everyone has the privilege of owning a bedroom big enough to place a wardrobe. However, the good news is that you can take advantage of armories to bring up some storage space into your bedroom and make it easier to store all your belongings.

Plus, you may also be able to build a bedroom desk using certain surfaces. This way, you’ll maximize the space usage in your bedroom and will make it easier for you to accustom your space to what you need at the moment. All you need is a bit of creativity.

It's recommended to place the armor against a blank wall that's beside the bed, so it takes as little space as possible. It'll make the room look more spacious and will allow you to play around with the layout a bit more. Placing it in front of your bed will make you sacrifice a lot of space.

Bedroom And Clothing Storage

4.  Bedroom And Preparation Area

Many people take very seriously the way they look. If you're one of those people who spend a couple of hours preparing their outfits for the day before they leave home, this bedroom layout is perfect for you. You won't need to travel from one room to another to get ready, as you’ll have everything you need in the same room.

You can place this "get-ready station" anywhere you think is convenient. For instance, it could be in a corner or beside your bed. If you have little space available, you can also use it as a nightstand, like what we've mentioned above with the home office area.

Make sure to include a good mirror and enough lighting if you want to make sure that you look your best once it’s time to get ready for the day. You can also take a look at some bedroom desk ideas to make this layout a reality.

Bedroom And Preparation Area

5.  Bedroom Plus A Reading Nook

Reading is a very common hobby. However, it can get pretty uncomfortable to read from your bed, and it can also make you fall asleep from time to time. For this layout, there are tons of bedroom furniture layout ideas you can take into account. It doesn’t matter if you have little space.

All you need to do is look for a way to include a seating area. You may include a work chair and perhaps a side table (if possible). Alternatively, you may also take into account a home office desk and turn it into a mix of a bedroom office and a reading area. You can even take advantage of your nightstand and make it your reading table to maximize your space usage.

It’s also recommended to place your reading area as near to a window as possible so you can take advantage of the natural light while you’re reading throughout the day. This way, you might be able to improve your mood and make it possible for you to enjoy your reading even further. 

Bedroom Plus A Reading Nook

The Bottom Line

There are different ways to build a comfortable bedroom, even if you have little space available. You can even include a small office space or reading area if you’re creative enough. It can take a while to come up with the perfect layout, but if you take the time to explore different ideas, you’ll be able to build the bedroom of your dreams.

The ideas we've presented here are excellent to get started. You can vary them as much as you want. After all, your bedroom should be an intimate space where you can find everything you need to be comfortable during the night or any other time you prefer to be resting. What layout would you use?

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