5 Bedroom Office Design Ideas of 2024
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5 Bedroom Office Design Ideas of 2024

|Apr 20, 2022

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to separate their workspace from their bedroom. On the flip side of that, some people do, but they decide they'd like to combine the two for greater convenience. In either case, coming up with a bedroom office design is a beneficial activity. 

You could just choose to get your hands on some office-type furniture and put them in random places. Some people may even ditch the furniture altogether, grab a laptop, hop on the bed, and start getting some work done. 

However, you would be surprised to know how a combination of the right layout and the right equipment can revolutionize the way you work. You may not think that there's too much you can do to a bedroom, but you would very much be mistaken if so. 

Today is all about bedroom office ideas. Of course, before you start doing a floor plan and moving anything around, it's essential to think about the equipment that's needed for your bedroom office combo

By the way, if that term sounds a bit foreign to you, it simply speaks to an office in bedrooms that doubles as a bedroom. So, whenever you hear about small bedroom office combo ideas, it is simply talking about ways you can consider setting up your bedroom home office. 

List of Office Bedroom Design Elements

1. Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair in bedroom office

Under no circumstances should you ever try to plan an office space that doesn't include a proper ergonomic chair. Standard office chairs can be very appealing because of their price and the familiarity that people have with them. 

However, the potential to start experiencing lower back pain is much higher when the proper ergonomic features are not in place. You want a chair that is built to adjust to your body type and needs, and one that keeps you in a healthy position consistently. 

Additionally, you're going to want to pay attention to the form factor of the chair that you pick up. Should you have a large bedroom office, then this probably doesn't matter to you. However, if you don't, you want to ensure you're grabbing equipment with the smallest possible footprint. 

After all, you need to be able to move around in your bedroom. If not, wouldn’t you be nothing but a hindrance to yourself? So, you might be wondering what kind of ergonomic chair you should be looking at that offers these potential adjustments while not taking up a ridiculous amount of space. 

This is where you learn about the Autonomous Autonomous Chair Ergo. For reference, Autonomous is a top-tier provider of ergonomic office equipment and accessories. The Autonomous Chair Ergo is one of the flagship products where seating is concerned. 

Its selling point is the impressive combination of ergonomic adjustability features present in the design. For example, you can adjust the seat tilt, seat height, backrest, headrest, and armrest. Additionally, to make anyone’s seated position optimal, the chair includes flexible lumbar support. 

It accommodates users up to 300 pounds, and thanks to a woven mesh back being present, you can enjoy tremendous breathability and keep cool as you work. 

If you're environmentally conscious, this unit happens to be built from 100% earth-friendly materials, so Autonomous is certainly carrying out its responsibility to the environment.  

Color can also be a consideration, especially since you don't necessarily want to throw your bedroom aesthetic off. Well, if you choose to go the route of the Autonomous Chair Ergo, you have two options. You can keep things neutral by choosing either the black, grey, or black and white colors. 

Alternatively, if you have a very specific bedroom layout that can take advantage of evergreen, red apple, or baby blue, Autonomous has these colors on offer. 

One of the best parts is based on the chair’s dimensions, you should be able to slot it even into a small bedroom office space. 

2. Standing Desk

Standing Desk in bedroom office

While no one is stopping you from constructing your bedroom office ideas with just a chair, it would be wildly inconvenient not to have a desk accompanying it. The question is, was the desk you had initially planned to choose (assuming you thought about this) a good one to compliment your ergonomic office chair? 

First, if you are considering traditional office desks today, then you may want to think twice. Sitting has been dubbed “the new smoking” after all, and research also shows that standing in place for the whole day is quite a problem for your joints and your overall comfort.

Instead, what you want is a sit-stand session routine. Here, you alternate between seated and standing positions consistently. With this interval style in place, you embrace the fact that the body is made for movement and prevent yourself from having to deal with the negative effects of being in either position too long. 

Clearly, this means you need a standing desk that can be adjusted and become a sitting one. Additionally, you don't want it to be unbelievably large. Again, if you have a larger bedroom, then the amount of space the desk consumes may not be as much of a worry. However, like the Autonomous Chair Ergo that's built for either space, there is the Autonomous Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

It is one of several Autonomous Desk variations for your bedroom office ideas. What makes this one perfect for your needs is the fact that it was built with the home office in mind. The frame size, the adjustability range, etc., make it a standout product. 

The tabletop is made of high-quality MDF wood, and the desk can bear a load of up to 270 pounds without compromising its ability to ascend or descend. On the note of adjustment, an electric dual motor is used for quiet, powerful, quick, and smooth transitioning between standing and seated positions. 

A keypad is used to adjust the height, and you can opt for one of two different keypad styles. 

There is this simple keypad that offers an up and down control in an office in bedrooms, and it gives you height adjustability between 25 inches and 45 inches. 

Alternatively, you can choose the programmable keypad that includes four configurable memory presets allowing you to easily return to heights you liked. 

The height adjustment here is 29.4 inches to 48 inches. Additionally, this variation features pre-drilled holes, and you can choose three tabletop sizes from small and compact to incredibly large. 

3. Desktop Accessories

Desktop Accessories in bedroom office

Your chair and desk are certainly the centerpieces and arguably the most important parts of your office space layout. However, you can include some accessories to provide a quality-of-life boost, making some things more convenient in your bedroom office ideas. 

Autonomous has quite a catalog of accessories including cable trays, monitor arms, filing cabinets, anti-fatigue mats, desk pads, and more. You certainly don't want to over clutter your workspace by buying every single accessory.  

Instead, consider what would make your workspace more efficient and opt for those office accessories. For example, based on your equipment load, you may wish to recapture the tabletop space that your monitor base is using. This is even more so if you have two monitors. 

By picking up a dual-arm monitor mount, you can suspend the monitors above the tabletop, allowing you to conveniently adjust their vertical, horizontal, and rotational positions. Additionally, since they are no longer on their stands, you recapture that desktop real estate. 

4. Décor

The decor is also essential. If you're going to have an office in a space as personal as your bedroom, then it needs to uniquely feel like you. This is where you start to consider color schemes, wallpaper, posters, and the like. 

Whatever causes that little office space you carve out to feel relaxing and welcoming when you walk into it is what you should be looking to acquire. 

Design Ideas to Consider

After you've acquired your accessories, decor pieces, chair, and desk for your bedroom office ideas, it's time to decide on what their placement is going to look like. This is covered below. 

Closet Office

bedroom office in Closet Office

This one is only practical for those who may have a large walk-in closet. If so, it can double as an office space, provided you can fit your chair and your desk in it. This may mean you're going to have to consider how you arrange your clothing so you can reach it easily without having to pull your entire office arrangement out. 

One of the biggest benefits here is that your bedroom doesn't need to always feel like an office. That's because once you close your equipment in the closet, then all you see is a traditional bedroom aesthetic. This is good for your ability to shift between work and relaxation mode. 

Master Bedroom Office

Master Bedroom Office

A master bedroom office is just that. It’s an office space that you’ve decided to compile in a master bedroom. Typically, when you think of a master bedroom, what comes to mind is something large and exquisite. Therefore, you would have a little bit more floor space to play around with here than those who may be working with a more compact bedroom office. 

If this applies to you, then you want to look around the room and carve out a comfortable area for the office desk setup. It may not be a bad idea to get a divider so you can achieve a form of segmentation. 

Again, this means when it's time for your bedroom to be nothing but a bedroom, you can make that transition easily enough. 

Window View Office

Window View Office

Some people are blessed to have an outstanding view through one or more windows where their bedrooms are concerned. If this sounds like you, then you don't want to deny yourself the sheer relaxation that comes from being able to glance outside, especially when you have a bit of downtime from work.  

With that said, the plan here is to arrange your desk such that you can appreciate this view. Therefore, you don't want to turn your back to the window. Typically, putting the long or short side of your standing desk against the window achieves the objective that you want.

Corner Office

Corner Office

Based on your bedroom layout, corner space may be the only thing that you can capitalize on effectively. This doesn't necessarily mean to be a problem. Though it wasn't mentioned above, the Autonomous Autonomous Desk Expanse is perfect here. 

It's an L-shaped office desk design, meaning it gives you a corner wraparound layout and allows you to take advantage of even greater tabletop space than the standard Autonomous Desk models. It features a triple motor for even greater power and more consistent adjustability. 

When you put traditional office desks in a corner, it feels like you lose a part of the real estate. That's why corner desks happen to be so convenient. 

Curtain Entrance Office

Curtain Entrance Office

You could view this one as an alternate variation of the walk-in closet office in bedrooms. Some people have a curtain arrangement that's not necessarily against a wall. If you don't have one and feel like implementing one, nothing is stopping you once you have the space to do so. 

Here, a beautiful curtain plays the role of the divider, providing segmentation and keeping the bedroom area feeling like a bedroom. 

Final Remarks

You wouldn't be the first person to consider having your office in your bedroom. Some people don't even make a conscious choice to have the bedroom double as a workspace. Instead, out of comfort and convenience, someone may lay down and start working for a day. 

After realizing how comfortable it was to do so, then it maybe becomes more of a habit. Before you know it, your bedroom is your official base of operations. The problem with working from your bedroom office is that it can put a damper on your productivity, and that comfort can begin to turn into a repetitive strain injury very quickly. 

Your body was most certainly not built for you to be laying down and working. With that in mind, it's probably a good idea for you to think about how you can make a part of your bedroom a proper office.  

This can even work out for people with small bedroom offices, provided there is enough space to fit your chair, desk, and whatever equipment you use to work.

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