5 Best Gaming Desks for Xbox Players in 2024
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5 Best Gaming Desks for Xbox Players in 2024

|Jun 9, 2021

The desk is probably the most important area of any office and even gaming setup. Regardless of what platform you prefer to play on, using the appropriate desk is important as you need to assure the most comfort during your gaming session. For that reason, today, we'll present to you five of the best gaming desk for Xbox.

Top 5 best gaming desks for Xbox

As of now, there are over 164 people in the USA that play video games. However, how many of them have an appropriate gaming desk setup where they can work properly?

1. L-shaped gaming desk

L-Shaped gaming desks are an excellent option for an Xbox gaming table. Despite being spacious, they can help you save space in the room as they can be placed in any corner without problems.

L-shaped gaming desk

If you use multiple monitors at once, this is a great opportunity for you to build the perfect Xbox controller table.

Office workers prominently use L-shaped desks due to their large surfaces. As they provide the user with more space, you have more possibilities for customization and further comfort.

2. Corner adjustable desk

The next option is another L-shaped desk, but this one allows you to adjust its height. An adjustable corner desk makes it possible for you to save space and help you find the optimal height for your needs.

People with heights above or below the average may find some problems with regular desks as they don't allow the user to modify the height. However, there are solutions, and using an adjustable corner desk as an Xbox One desk may be a great idea.

Corner adjustable desk

Furthermore, this desk comes with programmable functions, and you can choose to "customize" it according to the available color schemes. Thus, you can make it combine easily with your Xbox One desk setup.

3. Electric standing desk

The next option is another electric standing desk, similar to the previous option. However, unlike that choice, this one has the regular shape of a desk, meaning that it can be appealing to more users. Still, the company (Autonomous) allows you to pick between numerous color schemes so you can find the best color for your setup.

One of the best options for a gaming desk for Xbox is the SmartDesk Pro.

About the SmartDesk Pro

The SmartDesk Pro is a best seller from Autonomous. Although some people put it under the "premium" category, it is actually suitable for most users. It has been developed thinking of the needs of people with heights above or below the average so that you can adjust its height from 26.2 to 52 inches.

You can choose multiple color schemes, including white, grey, and black, for both the top and the frame.

About the SmartDesk Pro

This smart desk contains excellent features that make it a safe investment. Moreover, if we compare its features to other models proportioned by the same brand, we can safely say that this one has the best ones.

For instance, the motor has been greatly upgraded, so it can switch from one height to another within a few seconds and without making noise. Moreover, it is capable of lifting up to 350 lbs.

It will be very tempting to buy this product after knowing that the company offers seven years in warranty.

4. Gaming standing desk

Standing desks are not only for office workers now. It is possible to find multiple gaming standing desks that allow you to continue with your prolonged gaming sessions while you’re standing. It may sound exhausting, but it's actually pretty helpful, especially if you often suffer from back pain and other ailments related to a sedentary lifestyle.

Some standing gaming desks for Xbox are stationary, while others are height-adjustable (as explained above). Height-adjustable standing desks tend to be more expensive, although they’re an excellent investment as they often are made of top-notch materials. Thus, you can trust they will last for a long, long time.

If you want to keep gaming but would like to maintain a healthier lifestyle, perhaps a gaming standing desk can be a good option. If you don’t know which one to pick for your new gaming desk for Xbox, let us introduce you to the SmartDesk Core.

SmartDesk Core

The SmartDesk Core is another popular option for an Xbox gaming table. Two materials are involved in this desk: bamboo for the top and steel for the frame.

The bamboo top allows it to be stylish, durable, and smooth enough for you to place all your gaming desk accessories in the same place. It is a cost-effective option for those with a more adjusted budget.

SmartDesk Core

We can say that it can lift up to 290 lbs with ease within the main features, while you can adjust its height from 29.4 to 48 inches.

5. A regular gaming desk

Regular gaming desks are everywhere, and they seem to be the safe option for most gamers.  These desks often come in diverse colors and with different features, although most of them have the same similarity: they are not adjustable and may not be as spacious as you think.

A regular gaming desk

Moreover, these desks can be hugely expensive, and they don’t provide you with the same features as other options, such as an L-shaped desk or a height-adjustable standing desk.

It is possible to find gaming desks at affordable prices for your Xbox gaming setup, although their durability may not be as great as one may think. Desks are supposed to be a one-time investment, which explains the high price of certain options.


It may be “simple” to choose a gaming desk for Xbox at first, but it can become quite challenging once you learn about all the options available in the market. Thus, it is important to take into account as many options as possible before making a decision.

This list should help you find the most appropriate option for your needs based on your budget and preferences. If not, you can always rely on your old desk for a while until you make a decision you feel satisfied with

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