5 Core Stability Exercises To Do While WFH
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5 Core Stability Exercises To Do While WFH

|Jul 9, 2022

We spend more than a third of our day sitting at our office chairs during WFH, so the posture that we adopt here is a depiction of how we move about elsewhere. If one does not work on their posture with the help of seated stretches and a proper desk ab workout, their posture becomes worse with time. You might be unaware, but it is your core that plays a key role in maintaining a proper posture. Therefore, it is important for you to incorporate some core stability exercises in your routine when you WFH.

A core stability workout includes exercises that target your core muscles. With stronger abs, maintaining a proper posture becomes much easier. So, this may explain to you the connection between our stress on core stability workout and a better posture at work. But why should you have a proper posture?

The answer is simple. A proper posture helps you stay active and perform better at work. Imagine how easier your office tasks would get if you were more productive. We know you would love to have that. That means having a proper posture becomes inevitable for better performance at work.

We understand that you wish to know the best core stability exercises to get remarkable results soon. That’s why we have shared a list of the ideal ones below. The list includes some basic core stability exercises as well so that it becomes easier for you to incorporate them into your routine. So, let's check them out!

5 Easy Core Stability Exercises You Can Do

Basic Plank Exercise

Basic Plank Exercise core stability exercises

The plank exercise is one of the basic core stability exercises that you can easily begin with. If you are new, you should perform the basic planks by resting your forearms against the floor and your elbows underneath your shoulders directly, such that they form a right angle with the forearms.

You should extend your legs backward in a way that your body appears as one single line while your head and neck are in a neutral position.

Plank exercise targets your core, abs, back, and glutes, so it improves your posture notably. You should hold yourself in this position for at least forty seconds in a day to get ideal results. 

Russian Twists

Russian Twists core stability exercises

The Russian twist is a great core exercise that mainly targets oblique muscles and core. This exercise engages your spine too, so it effectively improves your posture and brings more stability.

To perform this exercise, you must sit in a position where your knees bend in front of you while your heels rest on the floor.

Next, hold your hands close to your chest and lean your core in a way that your abs engage. Next, you must twist your torso from left to right and repeat it at least fifteen times. 

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches core stability exercises

The bicycle crunch is an exercise that you can conveniently perform while sitting on your chair too. In fact, it is one of the most effective seated crunches for engaging abs and increasing core stability.

To perform this standing core stability exercise, you must lean your torso backward and tighten your abs while your legs are straight in front of you. Place your hands beside your ears, and then bend one of your legs and the opposite side’s elbow towards each other so that they can come in touch while warming up your abs.

Once done so, get back into the initial position and repeat for the other side. Minimum of 20 crunches should be a part of your daily exercise routine

Bird Dog

Bird Dog core stability exercises

Bird dogs are an exercise that engages your core effectively. To perform this exercise, you must get on your knees and have your back in a tabletop position. You should ensure that your arms are straight while your hands rest flat on the floor.

Next, kick one of your legs backward and extend the alternate arm in line with your back simultaneously. Once done, get back in the initial position and repeat it for the other side. It is ideal for performing bird dog at least 15 – 20 times during your workout sessions. 


Skaters are an effective exercise for improving stability. The basic power for performing this exercise is generated from the core, so it won't be wrong if we say it will engage your cores as well. However, it effectively engages your leg muscles and abs too. The exercise is overall quite simple. Initially, you are supposed to lean forward and ensure your back is straight.

Your back should be straight throughout the entire exercise. While leaning forward, you must bend one knee while bringing the other foot behind you. Similarly, bring one arm forward and the other backward, the way you do while skating or running.

Once done so, you are required to jump sideways onto the other side and repeat this exercise. Repeat skaters exercise at least 20 times during your workout sessions, and you will be good to go. 

Wrapping It Up


Throughout the article, we shared some of the targeted core stability exercises to help you plan the best workout. Going through this core stability workout routine, you would have noticed how swiftly you can add these exercises to your workout sessions that you do for around 3 – 4 days every week.

Nevertheless, you will need some home gym equipment for performing a few exercises too. Some exercises may require desk exercise equipment as well. So, you must be looking for them.

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