5 Effective Time Management Techniques And Games For Team Training

5 Effective Time Management Techniques And Games For Team Training

|Apr 16, 2021

Time management is a critical cog in the overall machinery of the company's operations. You cannot ignore this practice because it upholds organizational discipline. The idea behind having a team is to streamline the workflow so that short term goals can be realized in a set timeline.

When the employees do not submit their tasks on time, the entire organization suffers. In such cases, the style opted by the management makes all the difference. Time management training games are a great way to inculcate the art of time management in the employees.

The productivity of each employee adds value to the overall goal of the organization. There are many other aspects that contribute to the successful formation of an efficient team. If you are keen to learn more about these team building aspects to build a productive team, you can check this article out.

Why Are Time Management Games And Activities Better?

Why Are Time Management Games And Activities Better?

There are plenty of organizations that feel hesitant before changing their traditional courses of action. In such cases, the rigidity of the management becomes responsible for employee dissatisfaction.

These  time management activities are much better than the traditional unilateral flow of communication that comes in the form of educational seminars. One of the most prominent reasons is the avenue of involvement that these games incorporate. The employees are motivated to move out of their shells to come and interact. They also learn various life skills during these training games.

In case the activities cannot be carried out on the field, you can also use virtual team bonding sessions. There are a myriad of ways to make a virtual bonding session better, and you can have a look at some of the ideas.

Some Of The Time Management Games

some games

We have selected some of the best time management activities and time management techniques so that you can retrieve inspiration from them. You can also create your own games by keeping the essence of the activity intact.

1. The Big Picture Challenge

big picture

The Big picture challenge is an exquisite game and one of funnest  time management activities that tests the unity of the team. In the game, employees are divided into smaller units, and there are multiple canvases. Each teammate has to paint a part of the canvas without knowing what the other teammates have done.

Once a team finishes, the big picture is put to display, and that is when all the teammates see the big picture for the first time.

The employees have a limited amount of time in which they have to paint and communicate their art. The art can be anything related to the company; the key idea is to work together towards a common cause.

2. Circadian Rhythm

Circadian Rhythm is a great way to boost the efficiency of the entire team if it is adequately implemented. In this  time management group activity, employees have to share their daily schedule with respect to the amount of energy they are feeling at a given point in time.

They will have to jot down various time intervals and leave some space in front of all the ranges. Once this is done, employees will be asked some questions related to their energy levels. You will receive variable responses while collecting this data, and therefore it can be used to strike a synergy in the organization.

It serves the multiple purposes of bonding with the employees along with hiking their efficiency through purposeful team collaborations.

3. The Mayo Jar

mayo jar

The Mayo Jar is a very famous time management exercise that is used to highlight the importance of prioritizing your tasks. In this activity, all the candidates are given a glass jar that has to be filled with things that are done throughout the day.

The most important things are labeled on rocks, the next in line is indicated with sand, and the items of the lowest order are indicated with some fluid. This activity teaches the employees that they should focus on filling the jar with more and more rocks. By doing this, they will still have space for sand and water.

However, if they keep focusing on the less important things and they put the sand first, there will be very little space for rocks, and only a bit of water will be able to get filled in the jar. The results of this activity have been proven to derive phenomenal results.

4. The Furniture Activity

furniture activity

During the cycle of renovations, when your office place is undergoing a makeover, you can ask your employees some fun questions. You can ask them about their favorite piece of furniture and if there is anything that resonates with their personality?

This  time management exercise will be giving you more personal insights into the employee's life, and you can use this information to tackle your employees effectively. You can also ask them if they are bothered by any particular piece of furniture or do they want any ergonomic office furniture order. If they answer positively, you can go a step ahead and change the specific element. This activity can be a great way to unfreeze and change their traditional workstations. You can opt for some great standing desks and ergonomic chairs to give your employees the required jolt of productivity.

5. Overcooked

Overcooked is a virtual game and one of the good  time management activities in which the employees are simulating the role of a restaurant manager. The time in this game is very crucial since the player has to make swift decisions in order to save the whole place from burning down while completing orders.

This game is an excellent replica of the conditions at an office where the dynamics are highly unprecedented. It also equips the employees with quick decision making along with the quality of working together in a team.

These time management activities induce decent amounts of fun and frolic. They can be educative stress busters so that the employees are learning something unique even if they mess something up. 

Final Words

By now, you have understood the value addition that can happen through these games and  time management activities. You need to motivate your employees to surpass their own benchmarks. Once this snowball is set in motion, there is nowhere to go but up!

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