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5 Examples of Hybrid Work Models from Big Companies

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Many leaders out there are looking forward to using hybrid work model examples from big companies. If this new work model has had success in large enterprises, it may not be that impossible for smaller companies to make it work.

The hybrid workplace model has been ongoing for several years, but it wasn’t until the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic that people started to take it seriously. Some sources even refer to it as “the new 9-to-5,” and that’s because more and more organizations have been adapting it to their goals and needs as a result of the coronavirus outbreak that is still affecting the whole world.

If you’re here, you probably are looking forward to implementing this new hybrid office model in your company. However, following the example of another organization that has already experienced success thanks to it may help you see what works better for your company and the aspects you should overlook.

Maybe you're also curious about how a hybrid environment works or looks like. Either way, here we have five hybrid work examples that you can use as the base for your company's approach to this work model.

Why would you want to change to a different work model, though?

This is a valid question, although the answer is a bit condescending. The truth is that most companies are opting for this working model for multiple reasons, such as the ones mentioned below.


Multiple surveys have demonstrated that not all employees want to go back to the office full time. In contrast to this, about 86% of managers will allow their employees to work from home during selected days.

The pandemic has changed the way we live in multiple ways. After a whole year of working from home, a major part of the workforce is now aware that they're more productive while being at home. Others prefer to go back to the office, but both scenarios are equally valid.

Thanks to this, companies are now figuring out ways to build high-performance offices where people can choose how and when to work. It’s a win-win situation where everyone gets benefits.

Generational change

The world is constantly evolving, and so are the people. So you cannot expect the new generation of workers to think like our grandparents used to. It's not valid.

Many sources have stated that Gen Z's main demands for their workplace are more flexible opportunities and trust. Hence, they expect their employers to allow them to work in less demanding schedules that allow them to keep up with other obligations while they're still able to commit to their work.

5 Enterprises that have implemented the hybrid work model within their organization

Many big enterprises out there are using this working model, and other organizations have begun to follow their lead. However, it is necessary to note that there isn't a single way of applying this working model before we start. Contrary to this, every company adapts it based on their workforce's skills and availability and their needs and goals.

1.   Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the many companies that have opted for using the hybrid working model, and now they’re aware of all its benefits.

For instance, this enterprise allows its employees to work from home at least half of the time. It is also possible for employees to work from home more time if their managers approve it.

According to Microsoft, they’re now prioritizing people outside the headquarters. This way, getting rid of this obsolete way of thinking has helped them have more productive and happier employees.

5 Enterprises that have implemented the hybrid work model within their organization

2.   Target

Target has announced that they would leave a major part of the office space they had been using for four years. Although they expect selected employees to continue working remotely, they're also "sprinkling" them around different offices throughout Minneapolis, where their headquarters are.

This way, they can reduce commuting-related problems, which has proved to be one of the biggest concerns of an employee during the pandemic.


3.   Amazon

Next up, we have one of the largest enterprises in the world.

Amazon has stated multiple times that they prefer working using an "office-centric model." However, given the current state of the world, the company has opted for allowing employees to stay at home two days a week.

Still, it is up to each team leader to decide what works best for their unit. This company believes that a person can exploit their creativity better while they're at the office. Plus, outside their hybrid model example, they allow employees to work from home or any other location for up to four weeks yearly.


4.   Citigroup

Citigroup is an excellent hybrid work model example as it has an exceptional balance. The company has started using this working model since the spring started, and since then, they have achieved an equal split between remote, hybrid, and working at the office.

Still, bear in mind that not everyone is eligible for the hybrid model. For example, certain positions like data center roles or the bank branch must go to the office full time. In contrast, other workers are allowed to work remotely for a full week.

Other excellent rules include banning virtual meetings on Fridays, a global rule for all the company.


5.   Lockheed Martin

Last but not least, we have Lockheed Martin. Before the pandemic started, only three percent of their workforce was working remotely as it was unclear for leaders how to manage people that are not present at the office.

Still, now the company expects about 45% of its workforce to go hybrid. Moreover, they're training their managers to be ready for this new working model in the post-pandemic world. The training consists of 20 hours of intensive learning.

If leadership management was an issue in your company, perhaps prioritizing it as Lockheed does may work exceptionally in your company.

Lockheed Martin


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