Top 5 Home Office Hacks to Help You Enjoy Remote Working
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Top 5 Home Office Hacks to Help You Enjoy Remote Working

|Sep 30, 2021

Most employees have always dreamt of a work-from-home policy, and the pandemic fulfilled this desire of many.  Studies suggest that employees have reported that they have been productive when working remotely as much as they were in the office, if not more.  According to many employees, though a remote working office offers you a work-life balance, it has its ups and downs.  As you transform from a central office to remote working, you move from a structured environment to a lesser structured one.  As you manage the distractions of home, you could have many challenges to overcome.  Such challenges were easily manageable at the office.

Here are some cool home office hacks that can help you enjoy your remote working time. 

Top Five Home Office Hacks for You To Enjoy Remote Working


Striking a balance between office and personal life can pose challenges. As the lines between personal time and office time blurs, you may find yourself working long hours.  Don't be surprised to miss the office environment as you start to miss a quick chat, take a view on the latest design you created for a client, or catch up on the coffee conversations.  These are the easier ones to manage. For some folks, the tougher challenges could be about simple logistics like cable management tray or managing a photocopier, while for others, it is about furniture that is available to work from.

Here are some common hacks. Ensure that you practice these office safety tips.

1.  Storage

storage for home office hack

Getting tired of seeing the clutter of so many cables around your desk? Well, remote working does not have the best of everything in terms of infrastructure. So as you work from an office desk, get yourself a cable tray that you can install easily under your desk’s top.  This cable tray comes finished with anti-rust paint and is made from solid steel. So quick and easy to install, it does not require any drilling.  No more accidents as cables and adaptors remain in place.   Remember, a tidy workplace helps you work effectively.

Short of a filing cabinet to store? Get yourself a filing cabinet, or for a home hack, join several envelopes at the base to get yourself a piano file.  Easily place your papers and stay organized as you DIY home office. Easy and innovative, isn’t it? 

2.  Wrist rest

home office hacks for wrist rest

If you are missing the wrist rest provided at the office, go ahead to roll a small hand towel or an old piece of cloth to rest your wrists on.  With this in place, you can easily type, and you have just helped your body remain fit for a longer time. As you type for long periods, your hands need an ergonomic work area to give you maximum comfort. Be a work from home genius as you share these simple office desk hacks with your colleagues.

3.  Aches and Pains of Neck or Back

home office hack for neck or back

Hre is one of the must-have home office hacks in your home office. If you have aches and pains of the back, neck, and lower back, it is time to switch to an ergonomic chair. Why? Because ergonomic chairs offer you the best comfort. How? Ergonomic chairs are designed with the maxim that each user’s body has a different shape. And hence, following Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s sitting posture guidelines can help you minimize or escape from any such pains or discomfort. With an adjustable seat, back recline, armrests, footrests, your body gets the right amount of support as you sit upright to read the screen or recline to read a document or ponder.

Until you get yourself an ergonomic chair, prop up a cushion or pillow to support your back as you sit upright to use your system.

Enquire with your office to see if they support any employee purchase program tie-ups with service providers that can help you get the right furniture at the best price. 

Some offices are looking to equip their employees to stay healthy as they buy bulk office furniture. As a result, they get better deals, and employees stay healthy.

4.  Mobility & Movement

mobility and movement

Moving cables and all equipment isn't easy when you switch to your home office from your living room or the outdoors or another work area. Best thing? Get yourself another one of the charging cables that you may need.  If you think they are expensive, don't hesitate to ask a group of friends, work colleagues, or your neighborhood.  They can easily go through their things to help you with one, should they have one.

Another aspect, avoid sitting in one position for too long. Why? As your muscles relax and don't work out, they don't take energy (blood glucose) which then piles up as extra in your body. This could lead to health concerns like diabetes, obesity, and more. So, plan to move around every thirty to forty-five minutes.

5.  Bringing in the Nature in

bringing in nature

Here is the final home office hack for you. Try and see sources of natural light that are available to you. For example, you may want to put your work desk by the window to have as much natural light as possible. How does that help?  Natural light helps you in many ways, including vitamin D from direct sunlight.  Studies show that nature brightens up your room, enhances your mood, and makes you happy.  Should the weather turn cold, switch on yellow lights in your study; yellow lights give your body a sense of warmth. If you stay in a warm and arid zone, get white lights for a sense of cool ambiance.

Don't have a window in your home office setup? No worries, Get hold of some drawing paper or make a collage of a beautiful, bright, and sunny morning. Then, put it up on the wall where you are working or close by to get a feel of nature.

Adding a potted plant on your work desk or a larger one in your room can brighten and freshen your eyes between work. As you work long hours on your systems, it is important to ensure your eyes don't dry up with the bright light emitted by computer screens. Don't miss looking at any object placed at least 20 feet away for twenty seconds.  Repeat this every twenty minutes to relax and freshen your eyes.  Some folks also prefer to use cold water to splash their face and eyes to cool the eyes.

With such wonderful work from home hacks, you are sure to enjoy remote working. 

Wrap Up

Stay joyful and relaxed as you work remotely. After all, isn't that all about managing the work-life balance?  Enjoy your remote working time with these easy home office hacks.

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