5 Mesh Conference Chairs you’ll Love for your Meeting Room
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5 Mesh Conference Chairs you’ll Love for your Meeting Room

|Jun 2, 2021

The use of mesh for chair upholstery has become hugely popular in the latest years. This is because this material is affordable, functional, and durable, allowing the user to feel comfortable for prolonged periods while assuring that their new mesh conference chair lasts for a long time.

It’s not a secret that ergonomic office chairs are an investment. They were designed to provide a long-lasting ergonomic solution; thus, purchasing one can become difficult for some people.

Still, how do you know you’re making a safe purchase?

Today, we'll help you get to know the factors that make a mesh chair actually good for long-term use. In the second part of the article, we'll explain the top five mesh conference room chairs you can choose.

What is mesh?

Mesh is a material that consists of knitted fabric. Its most remarkable characteristic is the numerous holes they have throughout the whole area, ensuring more breathability than other materials. The fashion world has been using mesh for many years, especially for jerseys and lingerie.

What is mesh?

It wasn’t until not long ago that mesh office chairs became so popular. It is because of the factors mentioned above – affordability, durability, and comfort.

What aspects make mesh conference chairs so distinctive from other options?

Mesh back conference room chairs are now one of the top options selected by office workers and gamers around the globe. But what is it exactly that makes them so special and wanted?

1. They provide the user with better ventilation.

As it was mentioned above, mesh meeting room chairs solve the heat absorption problem that other materials – especially leather – have. The tiny holes that the upholstery contains will make sure that your body receives enough air even if you spend prolonged periods sitting in the same position.

2. Mesh conference chairs often have better aesthetics.

The tiny holes comply with aesthetic and functional aspects. Thus, it will be easier for you to find a stylish mesh office chair with back support that goes in accordance with the style you’ve established throughout the whole room. These chairs suit perfectly in any gaming setup, conference room, or regular office.

Mesh conference chairs often have better aesthetics.

3. Their resistance is noteworthy.

Unlike other materials, the mesh is more durable and is known for being long-lasting. Moreover, it is less likely to receive damage either from spilling beverages or even by wear and tear. It's a safe investment you won't regret completing in the long term.

4. They provide you with better ergonomics.

There are strong contenders for the best ergonomic chair within the mesh category, and that's because they were designed to help the user correct their posture. Some people may last a long time trying to get used to the padding as it may seem uncomfortable. Still, in the end, the effort will be worth it as you'll have selected the right ergonomic chair to help you solve ailments like back and neck pain while allowing you enough movement.

Mesh Conference Chairs – Top Five Options

Are you already convinced about the use of mesh as chair upholstery? Now let’s see some of the best options you can choose for your next mesh conference chair.

1. Autonomous Chair Recline

The Autonomous Chair Recline has been one of the most popular chairs within the Autonomous catalog. It’s an affordable option that will help you enjoy everything you may be looking for in an ergonomic chair. Thus, it’s a safe investment – especially if you’re looking forward to changing the chairs in your conference rooms.

Despite being highly affordable, it contains a footrest and an excellent reclining feature. It will be easy to adapt this chair to what your body needs.

Autonomous Chair Recline

As an additional fact – the Autonomous Chair Recline is excellent for those who suffer from lower back pain often. The backrest has been designed to emphasize that area. Thus, if you tend to spend long periods sitting while working, this chair will make sure you remain supported at all times.

2. Autonomous Chair Ultra

The Autonomous Chair Ultra is another popular model from Autonomous. If you want a premium chair, perhaps this is your best option.

This model has another name, the “Kinn Chair,” and has been designed to provide a solution for those who suffer from back pain too often. As the chair is made of mesh, it will also make sure that the user’s body remains as fresh as possible.

Autonomous Chair Ultra

Besides that, it provides the user with numerous adjustability features that will make it possible for you to find the best settings for your body.

3. Autonomous Chair Ergo

If you want to enjoy most of the Kinn Chair's benefits, you can opt for purchasing the Autonomous Chair Ergo. It is a more affordable version of the chair mentioned above. Thus, you will enjoy all its benefits – including durability, comfort, and breathability.

Autonomous Chair Ergo

4. AvoChair

The AvoChair is a good alternative to the Autonomous Chair Recline. It is even more affordable than the latter, and it's extremely effective for back pain.

The chair features a semi-bucked design that will help your legs remain in the same position for long hours. Plus, the chair is made of recycled materials, so this is your call for an eco-friendly chair. Don’t let this fact fool you – it is still as durable as the models described above, but it’s more affordable.


Despite that, the main drawback is that it doesn't contain as many adjustabilities as the premium counterparts can offer. It is still a good option if you're looking for something more "budget-friendly."

5. IKEA Markus

The IKEA Markus has an airy mesh fabric that keeps you fresh during long work sessions and gives the chair a neat look. It’s a suitable chair for taller people because of its high back, and its foam seat guarantees a comfortable sitting experience. It is such a good option for a mesh conference chair in your workspace.

IKEA Markus

The built-in lumbar support and the adjustable features allow you to adapt the chair to your measures, complementing the chair’s overall coziness and your wellbeing.

Autonomous Chair Ultra - First 3D-Printed Chair

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