5 Modern Home Garden Office Ideas for 2023
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5 Modern Home Garden Office Ideas for 2023

Autonomous|Feb 19, 2022

Working for home and remote work has become more popular thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as we settle into life around the pandemic, more companies and workers are leaning into the work-from-home life. Many of those remote workers have invested in a home garden office. 

This list will go over five of the best modern home garden office ideas for 2022. 

What Is a Home Garden Office?


A home garden office is exactly like it sounds. It is an outdoor home office separate from your main house. An outdoor home office can be small, large, attached, or detached, depending on your preference. These unique office spaces are a craze that doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. 

There are numerous options for a great home garden office, including doing it yourself, professional builds, conversion builds, and a prefab garden office

What Are the Benefits of a Home Garden Office?

What Are the Benefits of a Home Garden Office

There are many benefits to choosing to add a modern garden office to your home. They can change your work life, home life, and add value to your home. 

Experts say that an important part of the work from home balance is keeping home and work separately. That includes having dedicated space for your office. Many people have in home offices, set up a desk in a quiet corner, or clear off the kitchen table to work each day. These options are fine; however, there are undoubtedly other people or animals running around, distractions tempt you, or your space just isn't properly designed for efficiently completing at home work. That is where the home garden office comes in handy. 

Having a space separate from the main house gives you the perfect designated workspace. Your brain becomes trained that this is a space for work and nothing else. It is also less likely to have unwanted visits from the kids or pets if you are in a separate building. 

A garden office is helpful to your home life as well. When one works inside their home and is constantly in one place, it can be hard to turn off that thinking. Even after it is time to clock out for the day, it can be difficult to switch your brain from work mode to home mode when you're in the same environment. Many people claim it can be hard to stop working even when it’s time to clock out. 

When you separate the two, your brain can relax because the visual cues of your work life aren't screaming in your face. You no longer must look over and see the stack of papers waiting for you to complete. As a result, the chances of having anxiety about the next day decrease, and you can enjoy your home life. 

Finally, having a separate home office space can add value to your home. Studies show that 4.7 million people work from home in the United States. This means that when you're looking to sell your home, there is a good chance that many of the people looking to buy your home are also remote workers, appealing to a modern garden office even better. Plus, your home office can be used for things like a she-shed or a man cave that would entice any buyer to pay top dollar for your home. 

How Much Does a Home Garden Office Cost?

How Much Does a Home Garden Office Cost?

Okay, you're sold. You love the idea of a small garden office and you’re already picturing yourself in there working your long days away and coming back into your home to live a fulfilled night. Moreover, you may already be looking for new furniture for your dream office. However, then the thought occurs, how much will this cost me? 

Unfortunately, there is no direct answer to this question. The simplest answer is it will cost you however much you’re willing to spend. Depending on your needs and wants, your home garden office can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want. 

Before diving into your newest project, it's best to make a list of the things you need and the things you want, plus an estimated budget. 

Build it Yourself

Build home garden office Yourself

One option for your new office in the garden is to build it from scratch yourself. If you or someone you know is a builder and planner, you can design the blueprint yourself. However, if you’re not that hand you can also buy a garden office plan online. 

These plans include everything you'll need including building materials, tools, and how to construct your modern garden office. Everything is laid out for you in these plans. All you must do is gather the materials, find the right helper, and get to work building the perfect space for your work. 

One major benefit to building your own space from scratch is the amount of customization you'll be offered. Even when buying your plans, you can easily change them without much effort. If you're looking to go completely modern or more stylized, building your own home office setup from the ground up can come in handy. 

You can also choose the materials that go into making your home office. If you're eco-conscience, then being able to choose the most sustainable materials might be a great option. When building your own office, you’re able to control how much waste you create. 

A downside to building your own garden office is the lack of reassurance. Unless you’re a well-versed builder, your home office won't have the guarantee of being completely stable. You also might not be able to add other upgrade options such as electricity or plumbing to your office if you aren't as handy. 


  • Customizable
  • Affordable
  • The benefit of choosing your materials 


  • You do not have the guarantee of a professional build
  • You may be limited to what you can do 

Convert an Already Existing Space

Convert an Already Existing home garden office

Many people likely already have a structure in their garden that could make the perfect outdoor home office. One might have a shed, gazebo, or a greenhouse that is perfect to be turned into the office of your dreams. 

If you have a structure like that already in your possession, it might be a cost-effective option to use your already standing building as your new home garden office. 

Converting a small building like a shed can be much easier than building a new one from the ground up. You won't have to spend as much on materials with a converting option. Also, you won't have to come up with a new structure idea or buy garden office plans off the internet. 

However, converting a space meant for one thing into another can be tricky. It requires some out-of-the-box thinking to turn your old gazebo into an office space; however, not impossible. 

Using something that is already there has the added benefit of looking unique and being functional. If you can turn a rundown greenhouse into a vibrant office space, you'll have an office that makes everyone around you jealous. 

Finally, for those trying to be more eco-friendly, upcycling is a huge win for the planet. Inside of using raw materials, you can use the ones already there and save a few trees along the way. 

However, you'll want to think about the integrity and size of the structure. If it's too small to be used properly, it doesn't make sense to put the time and money into it. Also, if there is a lot of damage to the structure, it might not be salvageable or safe. 

A conversion space is a great option for those on a budget who don't want to build a whole new structure. 


  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • A bit easier than building from scratch
  • Less raw materials used 


  • Limited it what you can do
  • Possible damage that can be unsafe 

Hire a Professional to Build Your Office

Hire a Professional to Build Your Office

A home garden office is a huge undertaking. There is a ton of time, planning, and organizing that goes into this type of project. It can also be overwhelming. If you aren’t much of a DIY enthusiast, then hiring a professional to do it might be a great option. 

With a well-researched professional company, you are guaranteed quality work. In addition, a contractor can help build a great space for you with all the bells and whistles. 

Contractors can get plumbers and electricians to do all your plumbing and electrical needs. It can help turn your space from an outdoor home office to the modern garden office of your dreams. 

However, hiring someone to do the job will always be your most expensive option; not only do you have to pay for materials, but you also must pay for someone else’s time. Time is money, and you will have to pay for a decent amount of time for a professional job. 


  • Professional, safe, and sturdy work
  • You can have all the features you’re looking for
  • If you have clients visiting your space, a high-quality office comes off as extremely professional. 


  • Expensive
  • You have no control over what they do or use 

Choose an Open-Air Space Outside

 Chose an Open-Air Space Outside

If you only work part-time or aren't looking to build an entire home garden office in your backyard, choosing a small garden table as an outdoor desk might be a great option. 

You can easily find a shady area, a table, and an extension cord that can help make a little outdoor desk visible. Furthermore, you may even opt into building an awning to sit under while you work outside on nice days. 

This might not be an office technically, but it can provide that change of pace you need to break up your days. 

An open-air space is also the lowest cost on this list. It would take very little time and money to turn a spot in your garden into a great area to work your days away. 


  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • It can easily be removable 


  • Not permanent
  • It can't be used in any weather 

Buy a Prefab Work Pod

Buy a Prefab Work Pod

One of the most unique options you can choose is getting a garden office pod. These awesome structures come in a box, and you build it yourself with all the instructions and materials right there. A home office pod is your quickest way to a modern garden office. 

The Autonomous Pod is one of the best options on the market. Coming to you with easy step-by-step instructions, this pod has several great features making it an excellent choice. 

Autonomous' pods come already pre-wired. This means that you won't have to fiddle with wiring your new office. It is a great, safe way to ensure that your new outdoor home office is equipped for all your business needs.

Another great feature that these modern garden office pods offer is their factory-tested weatherproof materials. They are tested to exceed factory standards. The pods are also insulated, so you can get your work done comfortably and safely no matter what the weather. 

Finally, your Autonomous Pod comes with a fuss-free foundation. The structure has four adjustable feet, making setting up your pod on any surface easy.

A modern prefab studio shed that can be set up in your very own backyard in as little as 1-2 days. StudioPod is a dream backyard studio where you can work, play, create, and live in. Fully fitted out with a desk, wardrobe, shelves, electrical cabinet, tv stand, coffee table, and even a sofa bed. This free standing unit is quality defined, with 7 layer walls that protects against the elements, insulates, and blocks out the noise all year round. Fully wired, just plug your assembled StudioPod to a power source and you’re ready to move in.

These pods are not cheap and start at about $19,000. However, to make sure you're making the right choice, Autonomous offers pod tours, so you can see exactly what you're buying before you make your decision. You can book an Autonomous Pod tour on their site. 


  • Convenient
  • Stylish
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Insulated and weather tested 


  • Expensive 



No matter what your need is, you can be sure that if you work from home, a home garden office is an excellent choice for you. You'll appreciate the separation from your home life, and it will even help you be more productive at work. 

Whether you choose to build it yourself, have someone else do it, or order a prefab garden office, your new outdoor home office is just around the corner!

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