5 of the Best Accessories for an Ergonomic Office Setup
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5 of the Best Accessories for an Ergonomic Office Setup

|Jul 19, 2020

The average person spends more than half of their time sitting. In fact, the average office worker sits for about 15 hours every day. This is troubling because research shows that too much sitting offsets the health benefits of working out.

Sitting in front of your computer doesn’t seem like a “danger,” but in the long run, it can lead to discomfort and injury. Aching back/shoulders, lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, and eye fatigue are the common complaints that arise from sitting for extended periods at your desk. Stretching regularly and taking constant breaks can prevent some of these problems, but it’s not enough.

If you sit for extended periods, you should consider the ergonomic design of your office. According to the Mayo Clinic, office ergonomics means having a workstation that relates to our bodies comfortably and effectively. That entails picking strategic products that help you achieve correct chair height (knee should level with hips) to correct equipment spacing (computer screen should be an arm’s length away) and proper desk posture (your wrists should be straight and hands at elbow level). Taking this into consideration, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 ergonomic accessories to include in your office.

1. Ergonomic chair

image relates to ergo chairA typical office worker spends as much as 1700 hours per year sitting at their desk. This means sitting on the wrong chair can hurt your posture, so getting an ergonomic chair is essential.

Since we spend a significant portion of our day and our lives, sitting; it’s imperative to have a chair that helps, not hurts our bodies. A well-designed and configured ergonomic chair can be the difference between a life plagued by the nagging back pain and a life without the lower back pain.

When buying an ergonomic chair, make sure it has the following minimum features:

  • Adjustable armrests
  • Seat height perfect for your body height and workstation height
  • Lumbar support
  • A comfortable seat

These days ergonomic chairs are loaded with more features, but those are a few of the most essential ones. It’s crucial to remember that what’s comfortable for one person may not be for another, so we recommend you test out a few chairs when shopping for an ergonomic chair.

Also, configuring your chair is equally as important as choosing the right chair. Thus, you must adjust your seat and backrest to allow you to lean back to the chair.

Make sure the armrests are at a height and position that supports your arms as you type. Adjust the chair’s height until there’s minimal pressure on your thighs when your feet are flat on the ground.

The Autonomous ErgoChair 2 has a unique design that sets it apart from other office chairs. This chair offers firm support in your sitting position. Its tilt mechanism keeps your lower back straight and remains in that position for maximum support.

2. Adjustable standing desks

image relates to standing deskAs mentioned earlier, office workers spend a lot of time sitting throughout the day. Because of the health problems associated with sitting, some people refer to sitting “as the new smoking.”

Thus, researchers suggest office workers should spend half of their time standing and the other half sitting. Unfortunately, this is not possible in most traditional offices.

This is where the adjustable standing desk comes in handy. With an adjustable standing desk, you can switch seamlessly from sitting to standing without interrupting your workflow or disturbing the people around you.

The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Premium is one of the best adjustable standing desks in the market. With a better height range, this standing desk is ideal for both home and office uses. You can raise or lower this desk to the optimal height thanks to its remarkable height range from 26” up to 52”. The SmartDesk 2 Premium has a dual-motor steel frame, which can lift 300 lbs. to its maximum height effortlessly in just 20 seconds.

3. Keyboard and mouse tray 

image relates to keyboard, mouse tray

Now you have the right desk in front of you, so it makes sense to use it for your mouse and keyboard, right?

Unfortunately, most desks are too high or too low for the keyboard and mouse. So, an adjustable keyboard and mouse tray is essential, if you’re looking to improve office ergonomics. An adjustable pull-out tray attached to your desk allows you to sit with a posture that’s comfortable for your back and wrists.

Ideally, when typing or scrolling through your computer, your arms should rest comfortably with a 90-degree bend at the elbow. Using a desk that’s too high or too low will cause you to reach out for the keyboard and mouse. This can cause neck and shoulder pains in the long run. Thus, it’s essential to get a keyboard and mouse tray to create an ergonomic office setup.

4. Get an adjustable monitor arm

image relates to monitor armThe human head weighs approximately 10 pounds, but every inch you move your head forward, the weight your neck has to support increases by another ten pounds. Thus, a small period of hunching over your laptop can give you a stiff neck and shoulders.

A study by Microsoft found that the average office-based worker spends seven hours per day on their computer. So, it’s not surprising that a workday hunched over your computer can put a severe strain on your neck.

That’s why an adjustable monitor arm is an essential ergonomic accessory. An adjustable monitor arm allows you to position your monitor in the right height, such that the top line of the text is just above your eye level. Also, it makes sure the screen is approximately one-arm-length away, and it makes sure the computer screen is centered in front of your eyes but slightly tilted away.

If you’re a laptop user, you should also consider a monitor arm. Because laptop screens are smaller than regular computer monitors and it’s hard to position them in a way that discourages leaning forward. Also, there are laptop holders that can raise the height of your laptop screen to a more comfortable height. Most adjustable monitors are equipped with accessories that make it easy to lift your laptop to a more ergonomically correct position.

5. Light your desk up with a desk lamp

image relates to led lampIf you work with papers or use a computer monitor, you’re likely to strain your eyes or develop headaches. That’s because your eyes require different light levels when alternating between viewing a back-lit monitor and physical pieces of paper.

Our eyes prefer bright and clear light when reading a paper document, but require a lower or more moderate light level when working from an illuminated computer screen. This variation in optimal light levels can lead to headaches and eyestrain.

Thus, a desk lamp is an essential ergonomic accessory because it helps reduce eye strain when working. Without these lamps, you may experience headaches, eye fatigue, and other symptoms after a long day of work.

The Ultra-Wide LED Desk Lamp from Autonomous is one of the best desk lamps in the market. This desk lamp offers four light temperatures, allowing you to select your preferred light level for different purposes. This LED light also delivers a 200% wider and larger light coverage than other similar products in the market.


Office ergonomics aren’t only essential when trying to enjoy your job, but also when doing what you love outside the office. Because chronic pain from work can extend to your personal life and affect your life. So, it’s essential to have a comfortable and productive workstation both at work and at home. Incorporating these 5 ergonomic accessories in your office can boost your productivity and safety by making your office space comfortable and productive.


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