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5 Places to Find the Best Black Friday Deals 2018

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 28, 2018

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If you are a smart shopper you must be anxiously waiting for Black Friday. Black Friday gives shoppers an opportunity to get major deals and discounts on various items. You can, for example, get the big screen TV you have been wishing for at half the price. Upgrade your phone or laptop at a cheaper price than if you buy it days before Black Friday. The number of bargains you can have on this day are endless. 

5 Places to Find the Best Black Friday Deals 2018

If you have been leaving under a rock and don’t know about Black Friday let’s get you up to speed. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in America held on the Friday after Thanksgiving holiday. This year Black Friday will be on November 23, 2018. The event which started in the US has however become a global event with shoppers worldwide looking to grab bargains evert year. To grab the bargains you can go to a retailers store or shop online, the internet has made thing so much easier now.

So where can you get the best deals this year? To answer your questions check out our list of where the best discounts are:

Top 5 Stores for Black Friday Deals Online in 2018


This e-commerce giant had some of the best Black Friday deals in 2017 we expect they will have even better bargains this year. If you are not looking to spend a lot of time shopping around check out what Amazon has to offer. Being the largest online store in the world you can expect them to have bargains on a wide range of products. Some hot deal to expect from Amazon will be on their Alexa products such as Alexa enabled smart speakers , light bulbs etc. Smart devices from other brands were also heavily discounted last year this should be the case this time around.

To get the most of your buying experience Amazon has something called lightning deals, these are deals that are posted for limited periods of time. They come and go fast so you have to be on the look for them. Amazon usually posts new lighting deals every five minutes if you are not careful you can be on your phone or laptop all day because of this deals.  To ensure you don’t miss out on lightning deals you can download their app to check out the list of upcoming lightning deals. Am sure you can also set the app to notify you when a deal you like goes live.


After Amazon, this store had the best deals last year. This year Walmart will have great bargains on toy’s, TVs, apparel, furniture, home products and lot more products. Last year shoppers were particularly happy about their prices on toys particularly LEGO. So if you are looking to be done with the kids Christmas gifts shopping early Black Friday at Walmart will definitely do it for you.

To do your shopping you can head to your local Walmart store or shop online. Stores will open their doors at 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day and continue to remain open until the end of Black Friday. That means they will remain open all day on Friday. If you choose to shop online prepare to start at 12:01 am on Thanksgiving. Walmart has bargains throughout Thanksgiving week but the best time to shop is on Black Friday.

Best Buy

If you’re looking to buy yourself some electronics this Black Friday shop at Best Buy. Best Buy has over the years consistently offered amazing deals on electronics. Some of the hot deals that caught our attention last year included a Samsung 65" Smart TV at $750 and Sony 4k Smart TV 50" for $450. While they offer their shoppers great bargains most of their best deals may only be available in-store. Don’t despair though online shoppers still have many products at a reduced price to pick from.

Best Buy

Best Buy may not have as many offers as Walmart or Amazon but it is worth checking out this Black Friday. If you intend to shop at the store look out for their ads a few weeks to Black Friday which will tell you in advance what deals they will be giving. That will give you time to budget for your purchase.

Best Buy starts their sale in the morning on Thanksgiving Day online and store doors open at 5 pm. If you are in a hurry to shop and can’t wait for Black Friday check out the deals available online and in-store throughout Thanksgiving week. If you are a Best Buy member the retailer might grant you early access to Black Friday deals before Thanksgiving on Monday and Tuesday. They did that last year hopefully they will do it again this year.


They are one of the first stores to let customers know what deals they will have for them. Their Black Friday ad is usually released two weeks to the event. Once the ad is out you can get an idea of what other major retailers will be offering. Most of the time other stores try to match or offer better deals than those given by Target. What items can you get at a bargain at Target? Well, they are so many things that will be on reduced prices that it might be difficult for you to choose what to buy.

Target however usually has great deals on iTunes gift cards so you can take advantage of deals like buy one iTunes gift card get the second one 30% off to stock up on them. Christmas is also a few days away you can buy your holiday decorations from Target’s Wondershop.  Deals on lights, trees, stockings, gift wraps will save you some dollars. Other items to grab on the bargain include TV’s, kitchen items, smartphones and more.

If you’re hoping to get your bargains at a Target store doors will open at 6 pm on Thanksgiving and close at midnight. They will then reopen on Black Friday at 6 am.  Online shopping kicks off on Thursday morning and if you have a Target Redcard you might get early access to their Black Friday sale on Wednesday. To save more at this store also download their app. Target usually gives exclusive offers and coupons to buyers using their app.


eBay is a marketplace where you can get almost anything you think of. However, most of their best deals are on electronics like TV’s, sound systems, game consoles etc. In 2017 they had one of the best deals on the Xbox One with one with 500GB going at $170. So if you love your games check their site for what’s on offer. The great thing about shopping at eBay is that they match or offer lower price than competitors.

When buying from eBay make sure you check the quality of the product you’re purchasing. Some of the items may be open box products or refurbished. Don’t let the crazy deals lead you into buying a product that will not be worth the price.

Should You Buy In-store or Online During Black Friday?

Well, this is a difficult question to answer. Most of the stores we listed with the best deals offer them at their stores and online. Whether you shop online or in-store is up to you both have advantages and disadvantages.

Buying in-store ensures you get some of the best deals only given when you shop at a brick and mortar store. In-store only deals are common at Walmart, Best Buy, Target and many other retails shops. However going to the store could mean you have to deal with large crowds, rude people or even a stampeded. If you don’t mind any of this head for the store closest to you with the best bargains.

In-store shopping, however, isn’t as common as it was in the past. In previous years people would spend cold nights outside stores waiting for doors to open so that they can take advantage of Black Friday sales. With the internet becoming more popular most shoppers now prefer to do their purchases from the comfort of their home, office or wherever they may be. Online deals are also as good as those at the store if not better. If you want to do you’re shopping on Black Friday morning and go back to bed online shopping is most suited for you.

Whichever you chose, in-store purchases or online one thing is for sure you have to be up early to catch the best deals before they run out. Walmart, for example, will start their in-store Black Friday sale at 5 am the online sale start early too.

Our Tips to Ensure You Don’t Miss Out On the Best Black Friday Deals of 2018

Subscribe to get alerts and notifications on best deals

A lot of retailers send out emails to customers telling them what to expect during their Black Friday sales. Sign up for this service will most certainly ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

Following the retail stores online will also keep you up to date on their offers. The Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages of this stores are bound to be loaded with bargains to grab.

If you subscribe to Autonomous you will be the first to know of their Black Friday deals on some of their SmartDesks, office chairs and more. Follow the Autonomous Twitter page and like our Facebook and Instagram page to also be in the know about our great bargains.

Compare prices

If you are a true bargain hunter you know that you should weigh your option before you make a purchase. The different stores will be offering deals on different products compare what each is offering before buying. For example, all the stores will likely be having TV deals and each store will be claiming they have the best deal. Don’t just take their word for it go through the prices each store is offering and chose the one offering the lowest price for the TV you want.

Check on Stock levels

You definitely want to know the quantity available for particular products. This will ensure you put the items in your shopping basket before they run out of stock. With most online retailers you can be able to check stock level, priorities those which are in demand and those in low quantity.

Have a budget

The deals offered on Black Friday can cause you to buy things that you don’t need because the prices are too good to resist. Avoid this by deciding on how much you want to spend shopping and stay within budget. You aim is to save money not spend all your money. Also when paying ensure you secure payment methods. Using your credit card when shopping may offer you more protection than using your debit.

Check on shipping costs

Some retailers may offer awesome deals but their delivery costs may be too high taking away all your savings. Buying in-store may be one way to avoid shipping cost but if doing it online check for stores that are giving waivers on shipping. Walmart, Best Buy and Target have previously offered free ship during Black Friday.


Black Friday offers great bargains for the smart shopper

Black Friday offers great bargains for the smart shopper. We hope that our list of the 5 places to find the best Black Friday deals in 2018 will come in handy as you shop around for bargains this year. Don’t however only wait for Black Friday deals. They are lots of bargains to be had days and weeks to the big sale and after. Remember Cyber Monday come a few days later on the 28th of November. So if you haven’t started saving for Black Friday deals you still got a few weeks left to do so. Enjoy your shopping!

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