5 Reasons Why People Are Obsessed with Outdoor Work Pod
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5 Reasons Why People Are Obsessed with Outdoor Work Pod

|Jul 16, 2021

If you have used a work pod for your work time, then chances are you are obsessed with it. Especially for an outdoor work pod, the obsession further increases. An outdoor office pod has many advantages for mental and physical health as far as working is concerned.

Due to the removal of office walls, employees are taking refuge in closet-sized "pods" for privacy and quiet. Are you retreating from the open office or moving forward with it? In the open office, many American workers spend the majority of their waking hours during the weekdays; one of the most chaotic vessels they occupy is an outdoor office pod.

Autonomous Home Office Pod

The user is essentially designed to dislike everything about them. In order to restore the privacy of closed-plan offices without adding additional space, businesses are looking for ways to restore privacy. They're doing it by buying personal phone booths, called an outdoor work pod, which act as mini-isolation chambers.

Since a work pod is portable, you can easily place it anywhere you want, and it can be used for multiple locations. For mobile offices, or if your startup business is always on the go, then there is no better purchase for you than an outside office pod. So if you are going go and forth about your decision to set up an outdoor home office outdoor pod or get yourself a backward work pod, here are some factors to consider why you should take a leap and make this purchase.

What is an Outdoor Office Pod?

Outdoor workpod

Office pods have long been a valuable resource for those who work from home. People who work from home are usually self-employed or business owners who want a separate workspace. Many major companies have adopted a more contemporary management strategy in recent years, allowing employees to hybrid work from home more frequently. In such practices a work pod is a great choice.  

Benefits of a Work Pod for Your Work

Having an outdoor pod to work from in their yard is a great advantage for those who spend a lot of time working from home. The majority of people who work from home on a daily basis will have some office setup. It's expected that a rise of individuals working from home would occur now that companies have proven that employees don't need to be on the premises to accomplish a decent job.

As a result, huge office buildings will become obsolete, and individuals will be increasingly inclined to invest in a home office.



One of the best inventions for remote workers, the work pod, has changed the work dynamics. Especially for people who are frustrated working from home because of the loud noises and day-to-day life happening in the home, an outdoor office pod is a solution. Lucky for you, if you have a backyard, you could enjoy working and get pleased with the pretty view.

It is one of the most productive ways to set up a private working space.


Some people love quiet working spaces and might not appreciate a lot of noise. A work pod offers a quiet corner for better focus. Our mind thinks the best in the relaxed state, which is why work pods are revealed to improve productivity.

More happiness and better moods

More happiness and better moods with outdoor office pod

Sun and fresh air can positively affect your mood when you spend time outside. The natural environment can also reduce your anxiety levels. You may feel happier if you take a walk or work outside during times when you are feeling negative or overwhelmed. Allow the fresh air and smells of nature to fill your lungs when working in a home office outdoor pod. Your mood will be boosted after a short break.

Much more energy

Your cells can generate energy when exposed to fresh air, helping you feel more focused and productive throughout the day. In outside office pods, you can improve your oxygen intake by escaping the artificial air that is found indoors. Improved energy levels will allow you to focus on challenging assignments more clearly and energy.

Lowered stress on the job

Lowered stress on the job with outdoor office pod

You will also feel less stressed when you get plenty of oxygen and fresh air outdoors in a backyard work pod. When you breathe fresh air, you are likely to have a more positive attitude and be less overwhelmed as you are typically lowering cortisol levels and other stress-inducing hormones. When you feel overburdened by work or discouraged, open a window to let in more fresh air. Also, you can meditate or perform yoga poses outside during your breaks or early mornings.

Relaxes tired brains and eyes

By taking regular breaks and observing other objects around you for a few seconds, you can increase your productivity and focus. Relax your eye muscles by looking at different objects in nature at a distance while working outside. Taking a mental break from your work also benefits your brain. Taking effective breaktime to look around in nature is important for your brain and eyes, which is why the outdoors has many visually appealing objects.

Improved memory

Improved memory

With the sun and fresh air energizing and relaxing your body, your cognitive abilities will improve too. Your short-term memory may benefit from spending time in nature. Spend time outside studying vital facts or talking points if you prepare a presentation and intend to remember them.

Improvement in health over time

Physical and mental health can both benefit from time spent outdoors. Vitamin D is a nutrient your body creates from sunlight, which may aid in treating a wide array of conditions and illnesses. Avoid getting sick by consuming vitamin D. Sitting on your office chair for long periods of time and taking breaks outdoors can also give your back a break and relieve body aches from sitting for so long.

Social Distancing

Not many people are up to go back to work and get all close again. Social distancing has to be maintained at all times, and the 6 feet rule is the new standard now. If someone feels a little sick, they can get themselves a backyard work pod. Or for people who think they could use a little distance to get away from the germs, a work pod is a good idea.

No Disturbance

No disturbance

If your work involves a lot of call making and speaking with clients over the phone, then chances are your colleague who sits beside you hates you. No personal grudge, but a constant noise during the work annoys everyone. However, it is not possible to get yourself or the loud person a separate room considering the limitations in the workplace, but a work pod can get the job done.

Work pods are an inexpensive option to get due privacy and make working in crowded spaces easier.

Why Do People Love Outdoor Work Pods?

The biggest challenge encountered while working from home is not the limited technology, it isn't the noise, but it is the no change in scenery. People who have been working from home for a while now are tired of those same four walls and the boring computer desk. We all miss how we moved around in our offices while chatting with colleagues at the water cooler.

Outdoor office pods have addressed this concern in a very creative way. The change of scenery to a great upgrade has a lot more impact on the minds than one would imagine. Outdoor office pods are a new addition for remote workers, and it is a very popular one.

1. Close to Nature

Close to nature

Who doesn't love nature? We all do. Our surroundings have a great impact on our minds, and sitting with nature makes a person more positive and happy. Outdoor work pods can be placed anywhere you like, and if you live near a green area, you are in luck. Enjoy working in open nature since many work pods are made of glass, so the view from outside gives you amazing feelings.

2. Improved Creativity

While you could easily get frustrated behind closed doors and limited room space, may hate kids' cry and would also like to get a peaceful moment, work pods give you all of that. They keep you away from the noise and clutter, making the creative juices in your mind readily flow. An outdoor office pod will also put you in a better mood because of the closeness with nature and open air.

3. More Focus

More focus

Work is all about focus and not being able to focus properly results in frustration. Whether it's the internal stress or external factors, the focus while working makes everyone feel more productive and great about themselves. An outdoor work pod gives a similar feeling.

Even If you are proceeding with meetings all day, you will have a better time dealing with clients and focusing on the positive points if you work remotely. Outdoor office pods are also a great way to impress clients who love the proximity to nature.

4. Controlled Weather

How many times have we wanted to work while sitting on the balcony, but the weather stopped us? We all ran inside with our expensive laptops and productivity gadgets just because it started raining. Outdoor office pods are a great way to work outside while you remain protected from direct sunlight, heat, rain, or other weather changes.

5. Simple

We all spend hundreds of dollars to make our workplaces smart and more hospitable. With work pods, you could get the best environment without much ado. The open air, blue sky, and nice atmosphere make up for a wonderful exterior.

What You Need to Know When Choosing a Work Pod for Outdoor


However, the outdoor office pod is also very sturdy, even though it is very easy to assemble. The foundation is made based on solid steel beams and six M300 cement blocks. The foundation can support four tons.


The WorkPod is water-resistant and can resist wind, rain, and snow. As a result, six different layers of wood, foam insulation, and bitumen are used to construct its walls.

Does it have the right tools?

Does it have the right tools for outdoor office pod?

In addition to having all the right tools, the wood pod WorkPod is also easy to construct. Since it is a prefabricated office, only a screwdriver and ladder are required for assembly. Construction is similar to assembling a Lego set.

Along with a desk, the WorkPod also has an adjustable SmartDesk Pro and ergonomic office chairs. The WorkPod's 11.2 feet allow it to stand clear of trees and other obstructions. With an adjustable base, it stands solidly on uneven ground as well. Surfaces like dirt, brick, concrete, grass, and gravel make up the majority of backyard surfaces.

Fit and installation

Furthermore, it is completely freestanding. As long as there's a nearby power source and enough space in the backyard, the office pod for home can be installed there. 

Trees or other obstacles are not a problem for the WorkPod because it stands 11.2 feet tall. Additionally, it has a base that can be adjusted, standing firm on uneven surfaces. In the backyard, most surfaces, for example, soil, bricks, concrete, grass, and gravel, are considered.

Outdoor Office Pod Products

1. Autonomous WorkPod

Autonomous WorkPod outdoor office pod

The WorkPod is pre-wired with plentiful outlets for all your gadgets and appliances, as well as air conditioning and warm lighting. Whenever you want to use it, you need only plug it in. There is no preparation required. Its fuss-free foundation allows the uneven ground to be accommodated. The mat will easily sit for years on concrete, grass, gravel, and brick surfaces, even if the weight is up to 4 tons.

2. YARDADU Outdoor Prefab Office Shed

YARDADU Outdoor Prefab Office Shed

With 104 square feet and a lounge area of 13 feet x 8 feet, the outdoor office pod has dimensions of 13 feet x 8 feet. As a result, you can enjoy comfort, quality construction, soundproofing, insulation, and waterproofing. Most installations take between eight and twelve weeks to complete.

3. YR Pod

YR Pod

You get a traditional design and modern materials simultaneously with the Classic Pod. If you want windows, doors, and cladding made of UPVC, you can choose from different colors and styles. As standard, this outdoor office pod has plug sockets and LED lighting. It is fully insulated and is completely weatherproof. Our highly skilled installation team can deliver the Classic Pod in a complete or flatpack form (and assemble it on-site).

So, Should You Invest in A Work Pod?

Invest in a workpod

Purchasing a work pod is an investment on your health. You deserve it. Your health deserves it. Your body is bound to thank you as you get older. If you wish to take care of yourself in the office environment, it is time to take charge and get the space that works for you. Autonomous WorkPod is absolutely an adorable option for your garden. It offers you not only the aesthetic look for your home office, but also the means to improve work performance at home. Please have a look at our WorkPod terms and conditions over here to find out more details.

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